The heat of summer has officially arrived! There is nothing quite as luxurious as a custom pool in the privacy of your own backyard! No crowds and no closing times to abide by! For more designer pool inspiration (or just plain day dreaming!) visit:

Custom Pool Ideas

The best backyards for socializing have pools and spas as the center attraction. If you are planning on spending a lot of time around the pool, it is worth it to look into customizing it so you are happy with the looks and functionality of it for years to come. There are unlimited custom designs and ideas you can choose from but these ideas will make your pool standout from the rest.

  • Energy Efficient: The economy is tough and cutting costs by installing an energy efficient pool is a great idea that you need to plan ahead for when building a custom pool. You can purchase an energy efficient pump, use a pool cover to keep in heat, a solar cover to produce additional heat, use landscaping around the pool to prevent wind from blowing water out of the pool, and limit the amount of electrical heating you use to heat the pool. Heating is the most expensive aspect of running a pool so when you install it, make sure that it is located where the sun will shine on it the majority of the day.
  • Stone Accents: Even a simple pool can look extravagant with the addition of some stone and rock accents. Stone steps leading up to the pool and spa, large boulders strategically placed around the pool, and even a stone ledge around the pool are easy to add without dramatically increasing the cost of the pool.
  • Waterfalls: Custom pool builders have a lot of experience with different types of waterfalls in the pool and spa. You can have large rock waterfalls with multiple levels or just a simple waterfall overflowing from the spa into the pool. Ask your local San Diego pool builders for suggestions on what type of waterfalls would work well in your backyard.
  • Custom Spa: Spa design is just as important as the custom pool design. A lot of custom pools have a spacious spa located at a higher level than the pool so a tall waterfall can be included in the design. Other aspects include custom lighting, jets, and even a custom fireplace nearby. The spa is just as important in the design process and could really set your pool apart from others.
  • Safety Pool: If you are building a pool for a family that will constantly have kids around, building in safety aspects is extremely important. While it may not have the same extravagant look as other custom pools, you will ensure the safety of your children. A secure fence around the pool area is the first level of safety, but considering the depth of the pool, building material used, slip resistant surfaces, and a strong pool cover will also be needed for a safe pool environment. 

Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” ~ Joplin, Janis

In some areas of life compromise may be essential, and actually good; marriage, and friendships flourish under compromise.  When it comes to your artistic expression, your external projection of what bubbles from your soul, compromise should be tamed.

Urban Landscape pushes to project both the soul of the homeowner’s artistic vision while infusing every element – each line, color, or acoustic – with the Urban Landscape uncompromising Culture.   This dedication to producing only the absolute best product for each customer is the cornerstone of our success.  

When one looks over the portfolio hundreds of custom projects Urban Landscape has designed and implemented the consistency cries out.  The uncompromising dedication to excellence, originality and incredible attention to detail are the hallmarks of our work, and should be what every homeowner demands.

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