Newcrest Indoor and Outdoor Swimming pool 

Pool building with big indoor pool and smaller outdoor pool. A playground, shop and eating area. 

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Download all the CC below. I hope I did not forget anything! If so, let me know so I can add it to the list. Enjoy playing Simmers <3 


White Bricks: @ K-Hippie
Wood wall: @ KiwiSims4
Indoor pool wall: @ Pralinesims
Bathroom tiles: @ Lina-Cherie


Outside concrete: @ Pralinesims
Inside pool tiles:Dani-Sims

Windows & Doors

Glass wand: @ Christine1000
Glass Double door: @ Menaceman44 (MTS)
Green wooden doors: @ K-Hippie
Glass gate: @ NotEgain
Windows: @ Mutske

Interior CC

Decorative concrete post and stone wall: @ Plasticbox (MTS)
Pool Stickers: @ Budgie2Budgie
Bathroom stickers: @ Budgie2Budgie
WIFI sticker: @ Budgie2Budgie
Creditcards sticker: @ Budgie2Budgie
Paintings: ??
Octoplushies: @ Lina-Cherie
Unicorns: @ Lina-Cherie
Suncream, beachball, cocktail, pineapple, towels, hat, sunbed, umbrella, coffie table, deckchair: @ Severinka
Wall display, sink: @ BuffSumm
Sunspray: @ ATS4
Tables, chairs, Condiment tray, napkin holder: @ ATS4
Bar stool: @ ATS4
Snacks: @ Mio-Sims
Hippo: @ Mio-Sims
Spa-Bottles: @ Mio-Sims
Wooden sova: @ MangoSims (Set Boston)
Fan: @ Sweetmint
Vintage phone: @ Sweet Mint
Counter chair, laundry hamper, child swimming pool: @ Lindseeeyx
Counter clock, food: @ MSTEAQUEEN1   MSTEAQUEEN2
White selve: @ Simscredible
Candybars: @ [BLACK]
Donut Pillow: @ 2T4 Database
All Freezer Bunny Ice Cream stuff: @ Simsdoughnut
Yoga poster, gym signs: @ Martine’s Simblr
Babycare products: @ Sims4Fun
Simple Shower: @ DasMatze (MTS)
Wall clock: @ Veranka
Glass chairs: @ Sims Fans
Rubber ducky: @ BuffSumm Color1(i used 1) or Color2
Play area: @ SG5150
Icecream: @ Noir and Dark Sims
Slushi, Grill, juicebottles: @ Noir and Dark Sims
Coca Cola Vending machine: @ KeyLeeLeeKey
Bob’s Burgers Set: @ SerialSimmer
Pizza: @ Kardofe


⛵  Relax On A Boat Pose ⛵

  • Works with Andrews Poseplayer and you also need Teleport Mod
  • Read instructions under the cut
  • 10 Poses (4-Adult1,3-Adult2, 3-Child)
  • 1 Boat (2 colours), Thanks to @helen-sims for being super sweet for letting me edit her mesh!
  • For the 3th pose you need @inabadromances lumix camera, here
  • Please dont re-upload or claim as your own. Thank you!
  • If you use my pose, please tag me: #simtrovart or @simtrovart, I would love to see your game screens or photoshoots! hope you like it!
  • I’m sorry if there are some issues, I tried my best
  • If something wrong do not be afraid to write me


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Ocean view estate in Rancho Santa Fe |

High ceilings, wide hallways, exquisite details with purity of materials and super-refined finishes make this a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  The woods, granite and stone used throughout the home blend to a timeless design with Smart Home technology.


Pool Jumping Ladder

I really dislike the existing diving boards, the generic one is all sorts of fugly, and the clay/stone ones aren’t that bad, but very situational. And they’re all incredibly clunky. So, I give you a regular basic jumping ladder. Meshed out of the basegame pool ladder, so they look nice together, and share the same exact swatches.

Comes in 8 colours. Requires Get Together. Custom thumbnail. I make all my CC with S4S.


Info: Please check out my ToU page. Feel free to tag me (#jools simming, #jools-simming or #joolssimming) if you use my creations, I’d love to see what you’ve done with them. <3

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The heat of summer has officially arrived! There is nothing quite as luxurious as a custom pool in the privacy of your own backyard! No crowds and no closing times to abide by! For more designer pool inspiration (or just plain day dreaming!) visit:

Custom Pool Ideas

The best backyards for socializing have pools and spas as the center attraction. If you are planning on spending a lot of time around the pool, it is worth it to look into customizing it so you are happy with the looks and functionality of it for years to come. There are unlimited custom designs and ideas you can choose from but these ideas will make your pool standout from the rest.

  • Energy Efficient: The economy is tough and cutting costs by installing an energy efficient pool is a great idea that you need to plan ahead for when building a custom pool. You can purchase an energy efficient pump, use a pool cover to keep in heat, a solar cover to produce additional heat, use landscaping around the pool to prevent wind from blowing water out of the pool, and limit the amount of electrical heating you use to heat the pool. Heating is the most expensive aspect of running a pool so when you install it, make sure that it is located where the sun will shine on it the majority of the day.
  • Stone Accents: Even a simple pool can look extravagant with the addition of some stone and rock accents. Stone steps leading up to the pool and spa, large boulders strategically placed around the pool, and even a stone ledge around the pool are easy to add without dramatically increasing the cost of the pool.
  • Waterfalls: Custom pool builders have a lot of experience with different types of waterfalls in the pool and spa. You can have large rock waterfalls with multiple levels or just a simple waterfall overflowing from the spa into the pool. Ask your local San Diego pool builders for suggestions on what type of waterfalls would work well in your backyard.
  • Custom Spa: Spa design is just as important as the custom pool design. A lot of custom pools have a spacious spa located at a higher level than the pool so a tall waterfall can be included in the design. Other aspects include custom lighting, jets, and even a custom fireplace nearby. The spa is just as important in the design process and could really set your pool apart from others.
  • Safety Pool: If you are building a pool for a family that will constantly have kids around, building in safety aspects is extremely important. While it may not have the same extravagant look as other custom pools, you will ensure the safety of your children. A secure fence around the pool area is the first level of safety, but considering the depth of the pool, building material used, slip resistant surfaces, and a strong pool cover will also be needed for a safe pool environment.