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custom state air plant magnets by happybrands

these customizable state magnets have a teeny little tillandsia attached to it for an earthy look — just let happybrands know your desired state and you’re set!


It feels so weird to finally be posting about this because it’s been so long since I first started working on these guys, but basically, a while ago I got really inspired to make these little custom cat magnets! I just thought it’d be so much fun to paint tiny cat portraits and make something that was a bit more personal.

So if you’re interested in a magnet like this that looks like your cat, I have all the info here in my shop! ^^
Splatoon Inkling Baby Squid Squishie Magnetic Plush CUSTOMS

// Tadaaa!!!! Splatoon squishie customs!! Get ‘em in any colour ya like!

Handmade with lots of love, you can get your own custom baby squid plushie. They’re magnetic and the big ones even squeak.

Since these are customs, paint jobs and hair tufts can be done! If you’re interested, please send a PM to me over on etsy and I’ll get back to you asap.

Thank you for taking a look! Stay fresh!!


New Video! Made DIY Smart Cookie Magnets! 🍪💕

chiaroscuros-void  asked:

Someone (an amazing aunt, that's who) gave Eclipse and Steelstorm fridge magnets and dry erase markers to decorate each other and their father. She even made custom magnets shaped like Cybertronian letters and symbols.

And Steel is immediately inspecting the new gifts.  The minute he discovers the markers make colors! he’s chirping loudly to his brother.  He shuffles through them to find a red, like his Da’s optics.  And his first victim is his not so little brother, Steel chortling as he colors on his brother’s back.  Eclipse has found a silver marker, and is happily doodling on the floor.  

When Megatron peers around the corner at them, several hours later, he quirks an optic ridge at the sight that greets him.  Both sparklings are covered in a whirl of bright colors, and the floor, part of one wall, and the bottom of one shelf are similarly decorated.  They look ridiculous, and the ex Decepticon smirks slightly.  <<Terra, come here. Quietly.>>  He passes the message along their bond, still grinning.

My second Edge Sans from the Underfell AU commission for @kimiwillsintonight Not for sale. <33 Made by me HappyKittyShop. Please do not remove.

Custom sexy voice by @crashboombanger

He has a custom voice, cigar with magnet and mustard bottle with velcro. Clothes and shoes were store bought in toddler sizes.


also new in thecritterhole:  these snails are made in the colors of the trans flag.  each one has a golden heart<3  choose between a bauble or a magnet!

custom commissions are open again, so if you don’t see a snail you love, let me know!  any snail is possible<3  i will also add shipping location options, just message me.  ^^


Chapter: 1/8
Rating: PG-16 | M
Words Chapter: >3.000
Words Story: >28.000
Warnings: Violence, Blood, Emotional Trauma, Depression, Implied Sexual Content
Category: Reunion, Healing, Romance, Happy End
Characters: Shion, Nezumi, Karan, Inukashi, Rikiga, Renka, Lili, Shionn, Rashi, Elyurias, OC’s, mentions of: Safu, Getsuyaku, Kalan, Rico, Shion’s father, Tsukiyo
Parings: Nezumi x Shion

Six years have passed after Nezumi’s departure. Even though the progress of the Restructural Committee is like an untamed wave of changes and improvements, some people are unsatisfied and more than tired Shion thinks he has failed. Will he ever be able to look in these beautiful grey eyes again? Or will his guilt consume him?

If you want to know the answers to these questions, you can read the story on AO3 | | or right here!

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My second Edge Sans from the Underfell AU commission for @kimiwillsintonight. Not for sale. <33 Made by me HappyKittyShop. Please do not remove.

He has a custom voice, cigar with magnet and mustard bottle with velcro. Clothes and shoes were store bought in toddler sizes.

Custom sexy voice by @crashboombanger here:

I am getting to all my commissions as much as I can. I appreciate everyone who ordered to be patient with me.

"It isn't like that!" - Zen x Jumin

He doesn’t love him, does he? Zen grits his teeth as he punches multiple buttons into the coffee machine,letting his gaze follows the soothing flow of the dark latte.

He doesn’t love that trust fund kid. God, he isn’t even into dicks, let alone that piece of utterly annoying, egotistical piece of-

“Zen, I would suggest focusing on the coffee, instead of whatever you have been thinking about.” His boss’s voice is firm, a little teasing, but Zen couldn’t quite help the yelp that slipped out of his mouth. Quickly, with skillful fingers, he turns the knobs and successfully prevents the cup of coffee - which he is preparing - from overflowing.

Zen hums while he squeezes ample amount of cream onto the rich, black liquid, and then proceeds to lavish the cream with strips of think, honey-like caramel. Sweet. Whoever ordered this must have a sweet tooth, the silver-haired man muses.

“Caramel latte!” Zen sings and slides the cup toward the counter, already used to being a barista; there is still a month of worth of break left, and he don’t see why couldn’t he make use of his free time meaningfully. He is always attracted to the warm aroma of coffee, not unlike bears to honey, and being a barista is like a dream comes true. Also, his beautiful face is like a customer-magnet, so he is pretty confident of not being sacked even if he proved to be bad at coffee making.

Ah, the life of being the God of Beauty is sure fulfilling.

Fulfilling, until the frigging trust fund kid finds his workplace and makes it a habit to visit him.

Deep in thought, he fails to notice the tall, otherworldly figure before him. “Back to earth, Zen.” Jumin’s voice is deliciously deep, and Zen feels the strangest urge to eat dark chocolate. Wait what?

Scowling, Zen snapped, with voice as sharp as whip, “why are you here again?!” He doesn’t, and couldn’t understand; what is the reason as to Jumin’s frequent visits? Does he, said trust fund kid, finds pleasure in making his life hell?

“Do I need a reason to enjoy coffee?” Jumin raises one of his delicate eyebrows, god, he is so beautifu-, and Zen rushes off, heart hammering against his ribs while cheeks burning with bright crimson.

What is this feeling?

He curses. It isn’t like that; he doesn’t like Jumin, at all!

… Or does he?

Packaging details have finally been revealed…

Here’s a first look at The Wonder Years Complete Series limited-edition metal locker – just like those featured at Kennedy Junior High!

The locker will include a replica yearbook with signatures from cast members, behind-the-scenes photos and classic show memorabilia.

Also included are two notebooks like those carried by Kevin and Winnie, each featuring detailed episode information, production photos, all 115 episodes plus over 15 hours of bonus features on 26 DVDs. You’ll even get custom Wonder Years magnets to decorate your locker!