OK, so sometimes I come up with quips, and google them to see if anyone’s thought of them before.  Often they have, and I get some good stuff.

This time it was “If libertariainism is so good, why hasn’t it outcompeted all other economic systems?“  So, there are a few things you can find with that.  One of them is this salon article, and this reply from the C4SS.

That C4SS reply was basically missing the entire point.  They need to read more Polanyi.

But this one was a reply from Moldbug’s site by the man himself. It was a reply to this comment:

As you’ve pointed out, the hereditary oligarchies of the past may have had customer complaints from time to time (e.g. that awful Hungarian who used to bathe in her servants’ blood), but they had nothing like the wholesale customer service catastrophes of SovieCo or 3rdReichCo. Didn’t the feudal/kingdom companies have trouble turning a big profit though? Didn’t they just get outcompeted, more or less?

To which Moldbug replied:

No, they were defeated militarily - by revolution and war.  There’s quite a big difference.  HapsburgCo, for example, was a very pleasant place to live and doing just fine, in an economic sense.

Dude??? DUDE!!!!! What do you think out-competed means? You are building a plan for a political system!  How on earth would you think that doesn’t count?  Not counting war I could maybe get but revolution?

Fuck it, if anyone deserves being aggressively mocked, it’s Moldbug.