Student Government Masterpost by sorryneedtostudy

I know a lot of you are in student government, as am I, so I thought I’d share some of the resources that help me.

  • Image Market has lots of customizable templates for class t-shirts and student council t-shirts. This is helpful if you usually have a hard time finding or making a shirt that everyone will wear.
  • Stump’s Party Supplies has everything you could ever need for a school event. They have custom banners, custom temporary tattoos, and more. The pricing is not half bad either.
  • Donation Town I know that lots of schools have coat drives and it is sometimes difficult to find time to get all of the donations to the charity. Donation Town picks up all of your donations for free, all you have to do is enter your zip code, choose a charity, and schedule a pick up!
  • Host a Blood Drive Hosting a blood drive at your school is a great way to help others and yourselves. If you work or donate a certain number of times at a drive, you will recieve a cord at your graduation, but helping others is also a great thing. You have to be 16 to donate.
  • 100 Ideas For Your Student Council This is a PDF document with a bunch of ideas for simple things you can do with your council.
  • Campaign Poster Ideas Here are some funny (and a little corny) posters to use for your campaign.

I know it’s short, but it helps. Trust me.

How to make your own banner!

Since I get a lot of requests for banners on my main blog, I figured I’d make a tutorial for people to make their own banners!

  • Go to and create an account or log in. \
  • At the top of the home page, hover over the Create link and click Set in the drop down menu.

  • Then you can add anything you want to your set!!! Start with finding your favorite font, and add it with your url or blog title. 
  • Now you can add anything you want!
  • Here are the main areas you can find things to add to your banner/set:

Like this if you found this tutorial helpful!


How to Make a Banner

So making a youtube banner w/o photoshop or anything is actually really really easy once you learn the basics.

So, You Need

The Channel Art Template (for youtube banners - but you can still use the tutorials for any other kind of banner)

and then I have a video on making a youtube banner aaand a blog post if you don’t like watching videos or w/e.

hope this helps!!