custom magic card

so when Mark started to pitch Zendikar (Landsapalooza, as he said he called it in a recent ask), it wasn’t an instant hit with the rest of R&D. He had to sell it. DFCs also had naysayers within the company–change the card back? Are you nuts?!

But these were both hugely successful. Obviously DFCs are a bigger shift than a mechanical focus on lands, but they are both pretty unprecedented things Magic hadn’t done before.

Consider for a moment your wildest dream. The thing Magic would never do but which would be so cool. If you were Mark Rosewater and had this idea, you’d have to spend weeks convincing others just to give it a try. What is it?


Magicwatch Anniversary!

I thought it’d be fun to celebrate the game’s birthday by making promos of my Magicwatch cards. Look at that pretty art.

Honestly this game has meant a lot to me and has been a great comfort in an otherwise rough year. Honestly it’s so nice for there to finally be a Blizz game I can bond with other’s over, and I feel like it’s made me closer to my friends in general. The characters are wonderful and it’s the first ever game to really bring out the competitive streak in me. Thanks Blizz, you really hit it out of the park with this one. So then, here’s to another year!


Planeswalkers never fail to impress their friends with the gear they bring with them from other worlds.

Roleplay as one of your favorite planeswalkers and show us something cool, be it a weapon, a piece of enchanted clothing, or even your Etherium arm!


  • Design a noncreature artifact. The subtype, color(if any) is up to you. Anything goes!
  • If an item you want to design already exists, you can design your own version of it!


1. Best Design
2. Best Overall Flavor
3. Dealer’s Choice! - Unusual Suspect (Given to the design that features something of a new/less popular character.)

Good luck everyone and have fun designing! I will announce the winner on Friday 3PM Central time!