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So first Barnes and Noble shuts down in the UK and transfers “most” books to Sainsbury’s Entertainment and now they’re shutting down and the only book it will transfer to Kobo’s store  (NOT Nook compatible) is the one I purchased via Sainsbury’s. None of the books obtained at B&N.

And no way to archive/delete B&N books from my Nook since these exist independently of the file storage where you can add your own files to the Nook.

I mostly transfer books I’ve converted/fanfic I’ve downloaded to the Nook and there’s only maybe 1-2 books on the B&N side that are on my Nook that I care about re-reading but that isn’t the point. I have a kindle fire but that doesn’t replace the e-ink screen of an ereader which can be read more easily outdoors/is better at night than a tablet screen.

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Okay so I'm gonna take a second to brag and say that I now own a physical copy of bullets!!!!!! but it also made me think about how soft and sweet basement gee must have been so you don't even have to write on this if you don't want to but imagine being a frequent customer at the Barnes and Noble where Mikey worked and sitting at the Starbucks inside when Gee comes in to pick up Mikey and gets you coffee and you end up dating

That is so awesome! I really want one! and yes!!! Let’s just take a minute to really think about how great that would be!

So you walk into Barnes and Noble in the hopes of finding a new book after you finished the one the nice employee recommended. When you get there the employee, Mikey you finally read the name tag, greets you by name (to which you feel really bad about just now realizing his name) and asks you if you liked the book.

“Already finished it.” You reply with a smirk.

Mikey laughs and says that it has a sequel, pointing it out. You quickly buy and sit down at Starbucks, too excited to wait the twenty minute drive back to your house.

Three chapters in a guy sits at the table with you with two cups of coffee. You look up at him, totally confused but then you realize that it’s really busy and there are no empty tables (even though there were only six to begin with).

“I’m Mikey’s brother. He said I could wait out the end of his shift with you.” He gives you one of the coffees and you start talking about the book, Mikey, life, and everything in between.

You’re sad when Mikey gets off, but you and Gerard exchange numbers and the rest is history!

Thank you so much for this adorableness, sweetie! You’re the best!