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A brilliant barn find ‘39 Ford | Treasure this valuable deserves the best treatment, that’s why #low_n_slow_os chose #eLevel to bring this truck back to life | #jgdesign_fab • 📸: #jam9k • #AccuAir • #AirSuspension • #ZeroCompromise


“I think wood — the appreciation of it and the ability to work with it — is in my family’s blood.” A longtime dream of reclaiming barns inspired this designer to launch a custom barn wood furniture and home goods business with his family. Read Eric’s story

Regular Customer

Fandom: Marvel Avengers

Word count: 1431

Characters: Steve x reader, Bucky

Warnings: swearing, sexual harassment, attempted assault

Summary: Steve and Bucky sort out a customer who won’t leave the reader alone at the bar where she works.

You let out a long sigh, leaning against the back of the bar and brushing your hand over your face. The noise in the crowded room was almost overwhelming, and definitely more than you could deal with after four hours of working here.  And it was only half past eleven. You had another three hours to go.

Another drunk guy approached the bar and slammed his glass down on it. He leered at you as you stood in front of him, and you had to fight the urge to cross your arms over your chest. You were dressed simply- a black t-shirt and black jeans, both tight fitting –but these men were all the same, and they all seemed to take it as an invitation to ogle you. You really needed a new job.

Well, maybe not all of them were the same. There were two sat right in the corner of the bar, one dark-haired, one blonde, and just seeing them made your heart flutter. Not them, you admitted. Him. Steve.

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