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@ Home Workout

So since my love is at work, I’ve decided to post a custom home program I designed and just did

1. 35 push ups - 3 sets

2. 35 full sit ups (includes lifting legs and hands to where body makes a V shape) - 3 sets

3. 35 dumbbell lunges - 3 sets

4. 25 triceps dips - 4 sets

5. 30 second plank - 3 sets

6. 30 second mountain climbers - 3 sets

Then a good 20 minutes of stretching to finish up.

Beginner Starter Pack

New to health and fitness? Not sure exactly what you’re doing? We’ve got you covered. This post contains links to a handful of posts that you can use to help educate yourself about the proper way to go about health and fitness. We’ve even included some beginner workouts to get you started!



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I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about workout plans, meal plans, etc. and if anyone is interested yesaccasey4 and I are willing to make custom meal plans and workout plans for anyone who would like one for $25 (cheap as hell for a custom fitness program). It would include a custom meal plan, workout plan, we would figure up your daily caloric expenditure and what your daily intake needs to be to reach your desired goals, and my personal cell phone number would be yours to harass me with your fitness questions 24/7. Even if you don’t have access to a gym there are plenty of body weight exercises that will work just as well. Send me a message if you’re interested 💪🏻


If you’re going to quit anything, quit being lazy, quit making excuses and quit waiting for the perfect time. COMMIT! Find something that motivates you to stay on track. Read it, look at it, watch it, or listen to it EVERYDAY! ANYTHING is hard before it gets easy but you must COMMIT to wanting better. Creativity follows COMMITMENT! Take ACTION one baby step at a time in the right direction and before you know it you’re an overnight success
Today was a Hypertrophy day. 225x12x4 for my back squats. The quad pump was real 😅
Do you go to the gym but have no idea what you’re doing? Email or DM me and We will customize a workout program and meal plan for building lean muscle and shedding stubborn belly fat. I work closely with you to ensure you hit your goals
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shenkuchan  asked:

Hey Jax I was thinking in the NewYEAR to hire you as my Online Personal Trainer. I was wondering what type of results could I get from training with you and do you have an email I can reach you at?

Since I’ve gotten 4 people messaging me on Tumblr about Hiring me as their Personal Trainer or for a customized workout routine for the New Year sure. 

You can ALWAYS EMAIL me here. 

where we cover rates and find out what you can do, what you cant do and what type of routine would work best for your body type.

AND yea I’ll get ya on POINT but ya gotta remember its a TEAM EFFORT so I cant do all the work. You gotta put in some effort as well and you can get results just as great as these folks

And of course I transformed myself ;)

Workin with me I’ll make ya SUPER JUST SAIYAN ;) and 

So just shoot me an email and you can be on your way to GAINZVILLE :)

New Year's is coming, though you look fine to me, I know you’ve been wanting to improve your body

If you’ve been following me you know i’m all about fitness and motivating people to make a change and transform how they see themselves through diet and exercise. What you may not know is that I offer 8 Week Training Plans for my followers who may not be close by for me to train them in person, yet still want an accurate, clear, simple fitness plan to help get them on track!

It comes with:

⭕ Customized Diet/Macro Plan
⭕ Carb Smart Recipes
⭕ Personal Carb Cycling Diet
⭕ Clean Eating Grocery List (Now Vegan Friendly!)

⭕ Recommended Supplement List
⭕ Top 10 Recommended Foods
⭕ NewDay Simple Fitness Guide 
⭕ Customized Workout Program (4 Phases)

⭕ Effective Home/Bodyweight Exercises
⭕ Ab Shred Program
⭕ Video Link References
⭕ Workout Log

I’ll also personally check in on you once a week however you’d like to see how you’re doing and answer any questions you have at any time!

You only get one body in this life. One. Why not start investing in it finally? Why not have a plan going into the gym? Be more confident. See yourself like you’ve never seen yourself. Let me help you get started!

Click or inbox me for more info!

Shredz on Shredz✂️✂️ 🆘Looking for a programme especially designed for you to do in your own gym? 👉Talk to me about my custom made nutrition and workout programmes to get you looking like a world champ 🏆🏆💪
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Here is part 2 of my new years healthy living handbook! I set out to make a comprehensive guide to creating a healthy lifestyle for 2014 but realized there was so much I wanted to share that I broke it down into 3 parts! Last night was the healthy eating guide and tomorrow will be a healthy lifestyle guide but tonight is the fitness handbook!

In this post you’ll find guides for creating your own custom at home workouts and HIIT style workouts, ways to spend your rest days (no skipping rest days!), a few sample workouts & challenges to get you started and more! I hope it helps you find the way that works FOR YOU to be active and love what you do every day! :)



My Healthy Living Binder! 

I find being organized really helps me keep on track and keep track of everything. I am so dedicated to make a serious change and sticking with it this time around. 

First I have my goals and inspirations section. I did put a picture of this up because well its personal. In here I’ll also post my starting measurements and track progress. 

Next is Fitness which is where I have my current workout plan (a custom one) from the lovely imgonnamakeachange.

Onto my Nutrition tab. This includes my custom calorie and macronutrient breakdown from imgonnamakeachange. I’ve also included some nutrient charts for fruits and veggies. 

Food Tracker: This my custom tracking chart for keeping up with my intake. 

Finally currently empty sections for recipes and meal ideas and another for other workouts and past plans. 

anonymous asked:

What do u think about zyzz brah ?? Just ur point of view on him.."we're all gonna make it" -ZYZZ

Great inspiration brah. The guy literally motivated thousands of people (probably millions) to get in the gym.

For those who don’t know Aziz Shavershian a.k.a Zyzz, check his transformation

The guy went from 0 to hero with hard work and dedication. Unfortunately, he died in 2011 in Thailand at the age of 22.

He was very popular in the fitness industry and people liked him for his strong personality. His mindset was:

“Everybody, one day will die, and be forgetton. Act and behave in a way that will make life interesting and fun, fuck a mundane predictable life working monday to friday with something you derive no pleasure from; just living life out till you grow old and wither away.

Find a passion, form relationships, dont be afraid to get out there and fuck what everyone else thinks, trust me its alot more fun that way.

Dont ever pay people out or put people down. Instead just put yourself up and let the haters do their thing. Id rather be a person thats hated on, than a person that does the hating. A wise man one said.. Haters gonna hate!”

I personally didn’t know the guy when I started lifting, I was more inspired by fitness models/bodybuilders like Greg Plitt, Arnold…

But when I discovered him, I really liked his mindset: “Do you thing and fuck what others think”. I enjoyed his videos when he was flexing and dancing on, that was fun. I also often use some term he made popular, such as: “fuark”, “u mirin brah”, “why u mad brah”, “we’re all gonna make it”

However, I’ve heard and read on forums that when he was starting to become popular he sold custom nutrition/workouts plan to clients but never sent them. Not hating or anything, the only thing I “didn’t like” is that he said he was natural while he was using (but a lot of people do it these days ..)

Check our motivation section and search for ‘zyzz’ ->

RIP - Forever mirin brah

So this happened Monday night. In considering it I think there are a lot more new skaters out there who could bear to hear it as well.

Yes - your coaches all love you this much.  Yes, we are going to punish you physically, and push you into working out days you aren’t on skates, some of even will make custom workout plans as we know you are coming from a place of complacency and need some help to get your bodies fortitude to match that strength of mind, or help figuring out diet plans.

We are also going to do our very damndest to keep you safe mentally and emotionally.  We know this is hard.  As long as you are willing to show up, we are going to invest ourselves in your betterment.

And it kills us when you dont show up. 

One of my lovely clients shared this with me this morning - this is her results after just ONE WEEK of following my custom meal/workout plan! She’s lost 6 pounds in a week, 1.5 inches from her waist and 2 inches from her hips! If you are interested in getting healthy results like this, email me at! Descriptions of my packages can be found here: