custom violin

imagine trans boy sherlock dropping violin in high school to take up guitar because it’s more “manly” and jim knows but doesn’t say anything until their one-year anniversary when he gets sherlock a customized violin that has a more “masculine” feel and makes sherlock much more comfortable being seen playing, not that he’d admit it

That violin is still available

I am willing to work with whomever wants it. I will give it a custom paint job and will cover shipping but I would want to be paid for the paint and the violin.

Seeing as how the violin was from when I was a kid I think $15 for it alone is fair.

The final price will depend on how intricate of a paint job you’d like.

Simple symbols like on the guitar I just did would be about $20-40 depending on how many symbols you’d like on it.

Intricate designs or Character art would be more obviously, from $40+

I am willing to discuss prices on everything but it’s looking at a minimum of $35.