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WikiLeaks is billing its latest document dump as the largest leak of CIA material in the history of the spy agency, and it describes cutting-edge ways to hack into phones, computers and even televisions connected to the Internet.

The thousands of documents, many of which are highly technical, are said to be internal CIA guides on how to create and use cyber-spying tools — from turning smart TVs into bugs to designing customized USB drives to extract information from computers. The CIA has refused to comment on their authenticity.

But there are significant differences between this set of documents and those revealed by Snowden four years ago. 

The CIA Document Dump Isn’t Exactly Snowden 2.0. Here’s Why

Photo: Ariel Zambelich/NPR


Modern Worshippers: Klio

Pile after pile of papers, scrolls, books. Megabytes of data on elegant, customized USB drives. There are files on the history of the world in all the languages there have ever been both living and dead. They look at different country records of the same event; bias is as important to know as fact. They have cans and holders and drawers of pens of different kinds. Some spend extra money for calligraphy pens and ink wells. Just as they read about the past they keep record in diaries and journals because the now will become the past in just a moment or two.

Sometimes they wake up from a long night at their desk or computer with ink fingerprints on their cheek from Her hands.