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Mercy Protection Squad now has an Official tm youtube channel, and first highlight reel’s now up! 

 If we hit 500 subs I can nab mercyprotectionsquad as a custom url and I’ll figure out some kind of giveaway, or something. 

anonymous asked:

hello ^^ I was wondering how you got ur tk domain to link to tumblr :)

Hello anon! I’m assuming you already made your account at so I’ll just show you what to do on tumblr. Ok so you have to go to the account settings in tumblr where you change your url and then you click “use a custom domain name" and type the .tk domain that you want to use, click the test your domain button, and then save it.

If however your .tk domain isn’t pointing to tumblr, it gives you a set of numbers.

You then have to take those numbers to the .tk site’s domain panel and change your preferences there to make it point to tumblr. You do this by clicking modify and then selecting the Dot TK Free DNS Service bubble and then pasting the numbers tumblr gave you into the IP Address space.

Save your changes and finally come back to tumblr and try it again. It might take a few minutes (or even hours) for it to point to tumblr but it will work eventually. c:

Hope this helped! (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥


i made my own rp blog theme a while back and a few people asked for it so i cleaned up the code and here it is lol. it’s designed specifically for dangan ronpa rp but you can use it for whatever you like!


  • every color is customizable except for literally 2 things! even the background gradient!
    • the circle part of the background design is transparent so it should match whatever background colors u pick anyway! and tumblr only lets u do 3 colors on the like and reblog buttons :V
  • neat background thingy that kinda looks like a DR intro card!
  • fill out your OC’s student ID in the sidebar!
  • u got a sidebar image there too w no size limit! try not to make it too tall though or you’ll push the bottom of the sidebar off the screen :”D
  • 500px posts that resize sprites and images sensibly without squishing them, even on long threads!
  • 4 icons under sidebar that link to home, relationships, inbox, and an info page respectively (uses /relationships and /info for the page urls by default)
  • 5 custom links on the right side!
  • clean and easy to read!
  • should fit most screen sizes!



lost girl ✗ multifemale ✗ motherfucker like me

new video because i miss my fav ladies and to celebrate the fact that youtube finally let me change my custom url to match all my other social media accounts. Please like/comment/subscribe/reblog, it takes 2 seconds and makes my day to know my work is appreciated!

Rachel Skarsten Birthday Project


A Ska cover of All Star by Smash Mouth

If you like this, subscribe to my channel! I wanna make a custom URL and need 100 subscribers yo. I’ll very soon start covering all of your favorite songs as SKA


My first video is up! Although the quality is a lil strange bc its just my iphone and it’s a little rough because I’ve never done video editing before, I had a lot of fun with this! Thanks to everyone who encouraged me :’) I’m working on more videos and on getting a camera soon so subscribe or give some feedback maybe? Enjoy my easter adventures and my doggo !

ps my youtube is under Sarah Elisabeth and if I get enough subscribers I can get a custom url so i can be found easier!


If the TF2 mercs had Tumblr
  • Scout: Doesn't tag anything, blog is 50% bikini women, fast expensive cars and baseball, 50% shirtless instagram selfies
  • Soldier: Anything related to war of any era, pictures of soupcans, detailed text posts chronicling his (fake) war stories, angry responds to anon asks that claim he's not a real soldier
  • Pyro: Only replies with text emoticons, blog fontsize is set to 8 and constantly reblogs pastel punk/saturated color images and animal videos. Maintains three "Ask [fancharacter]" sideblogs
  • Demoman: Scottish scenery and personal tips and tricks on bombs, intertwined with drunken shitposting
  • Heavy: English/Russian blog full of anything Russian, constantly hits post limit via dozens of pictures of Sasha
  • Engineer: Everything and anything mechanical, calls out misinformed posts, carefully arranged WIPs and finished inventions, has a custom URL
  • Medic: Reblogs posts with incorrect medical advice, uploads pictures of medical procedures (in real time, on the field) and Archimedes, never stops reblogging pictures and videos of birds
  • Sniper: Default theme and icon, has never made a post
  • Spy: None, frequently hacks Scout's

anonymous asked:

Why did you choose Hiveworks? What are the pros/cons for you? Thank you!

Well, we didn’t “choose” exactly.

We were approached by Symbol’s author (who works for Hiveworks) if we were interested in collaborating on a comic, for a page rate. That’s a different starting point then most people who have comics hosted there. We’re extremely aware that we’re being paid to draw something that could represent Hiveworks as a whole, so there’s a little more pressure on us to produce something that’s really good.

That said, I feel that Hiveworks is a great goal and reference for anyone doing their own webcomic.

They help set up a lot of the groundwork that otherwise you’d have to do yourself (custom website, url, ads etc). That’s all part of the deal when you get a comic hosted with them, Any of those things can be a tedious process if you’ve never done it before.

And because Hiveworks is already well known, it boosts the potential for people to see you then a comic starting from the ground up (mostly because people that read comics regularly on the site will see ads for the new comic and might check it out, as opposed to relying solely on your ability to advertise)

I can’t even think of any cons to Hiveworks. Some people might think their selectively is a con (you can’t just host on Hiveworks, you have to be picked during their application period, and they only pick a few out of the many, many comics submitted) but that just makes sense to me, given what services they provide.

hey do u like dungeons and dragons podcasts? do you also want more diverse players? ive got a new group for you. 

  • Hannah-the DM- is a lesbian and a “half girl half genderless being of pure light”
  • Rory-the half-orc bard- is a genderfluid panromantic ace person, who plays all the player’s fav character!
  • Ska-the half-elf fighter- is a nonbinary polysexual polyamorous person, who founded this group! (its me).
  • Lily-the elf ranger-is queer.
  • Anna-the human cleric- is reppin’ the ladies (she’s the Token Straight)
  • Grace-the elf druid-is 12 please leave her alone.

Basements & Basilisks is on youtube and patreon and we need your help to get to 200 subscribers on youtube (so we can get a custom url)! 

so if u could check us out that would be fantastic!

a new episode goes up tomorrow (12/21/16)!

In the midst of collecting content and links, we’re working behind the scenes to get our social media/web presence(s) all set up and rolling.  That way, when we have great stuff to bring you- we’ll have all the platforms you know and love ready to share it on!


Now is a great time to follow and subscribe, so that when things start popping- you’ll be the very first to know!  We’re shooting for a July1st launch of our official website, but we’ll start offering some youtube videos soon (at least an introduction and 1 review coming!), 


Subscribing and following now on the platforms you use can help us shift to custom urls too, instead of messy ones!  So, where *can* you find us? Check out the list below and add us to your bookmarks, friends, subscriptions, follows etc!


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Day 54 So I finally have a custom url for my art channel!
in other news, I finished the next token for my pack, which i will not show for the sake of it going up on a store. but!

I finished my Mom’s birthday gift!
This is really different from how I usually do things and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (for now.)
Went out to a local meetup tonight in which I drew in my sketch book with some cool local artist dudes. I think this was a good day, got some little victories that I think I really needed, let’s try to keep this wind in our sails for a while!

Guild Pride Cursors

The code and steps to upload these to your tumblr theme are below.

Copy and paste this code:

</script> <style> body, a, a:hover {cursor:url(IMAGE URL HERE), auto }</style>

1) Open your customize page in a new tab (
2) Click “Edit HTML”
3) Paste the code above at the very top of your HTML (like shown)

4) Choose one of the above images and copy its url (right click the cursor, and select “copy image address”)
5) Paste the url where it says “IMG URL HERE” in parentheses
6) Click “Update Preview”
7) If you like the cursor then click “Save”

And voila you’ve got yourself an awesome new Fairy Tail cursor!

The Pride Colored Themed Cursors are below the read more…ENJOY! Please provide credit when in use :D

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headshct ---> sharpshcts

tumblr had completely fucked over my url. no matter what i did, it would redirect my blog to a custom url that did not exist. the only solution i could make work is to change my url permanently (trying to change it back had the same results.)

anonymous asked:

This is not related with ballet but can you tell us how you made up your user name melmoth?

I didn’t change my username. On tumblr, I still publish under @tsiskaridze and the URL of this blog is, but I’m also now using a custom URL (

You can set up a custom URL in the “Edit Appearances” section of your tumblr. Of course, you’ll need to purchase a custom domain name first.


As a few people have helpfully pointed out, the anon was probably referring to the origins of my username, rather than the technical side of things.. But hey, you now know how to set up a custom blog name / URL! Silver lining!

Anyway, “melmoth” is a nod to Oscar Wilde and, to a lesser extent, to the great Gothic novel “Melmoth the Wandered” (written, incidentally, by Wilde’s great-uncle by marriage, Charles Robert Maturin). There was a period in my life, when I was obsessed with both Oscar Wilde and gothic novels. By the way, Maturin’s “Melmoth the Wandered” prominently features a demonic portrait of the main character, so Wilde basically stole the idea for “A Portrait of Dorian Grey” from his great-uncle.

Sebastian Melmoth was the pseudonym used by Wilde upon his release from prison. There is also a fantastic graphic novel called “Melmoth” (part of the Cerebus comic series) which focuses, in part, on Wilde’s final days. 

d i s c l a i m e r