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Converted an old fic snippet into this dribble drabble. ^u^ Fugitive life & fluff(?). Jay and Anders have a closed an opening to the Deep Roads, and deal with lack of soft&warm beds, mana-deficiency, and the Taint. ~730 words.

Somewhere in Ferelden; 9:38 Dragon

Hawke shifted uncomfortably on his bedroll and Anders, whose arms had been wrapped around his shoulder, tightened his grip and pressed his forehead harder against Hawke’s chest with a frown and some mumbled incomprehensible words that sounded vaguely like begging.
      “Shhhh, it’s okay, I’m not going anywhere. I need to move. My back hurts,” Hawke muttered, and shifted again, trying to alleviate the ache and the soreness. There had been a time when he had been able to sleep on cold hard ground like this without much discomfort, but years were finally catching up to him - and the years when he’d gotten used to mostly spending his nights in his comfortable, warm bed in Hightown. At least they were sheltered from the freezing autumn rain in the cave that remained of the much larger one they’d collapsed on a darkspawn tunnel. Being soaking wet on top of everything else would have made trying to sleep ever so much more miserable.

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