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ormarko  asked:

Hi! What's the deal with young people wearing overall pants which have various logos on them? Some sort of advertising?

haha no! they’re university students. 

Finnish/Nordic universities have this tradition of student overalls. It is kind of a student uniform worn in various parties and happenings (such as during vappu/1st of May). Buying them is optional and the price depends on how large your faculty/major is and the number of sponsors (=company logos printed on the overalls). Each faculty/major have different coloured overalls. Like medicine students have white overalls, law students burgundy, and so on so forth. There’s actually a list of the colours on Wikipedia, but unfortunately it is in Finnish. I could make an English edition, though. Some majors/faculties have same colours (for example, both social scientists and math students @ University of Helsinki have red overalls) but the symbol on the back of the overalls (and the sponsor logos) differentiates them from each other. 

Some wear the overalls “properly” but usually students wear them like pants and tie the sleeves on their waist.

Students decorate their overalls with various overall patches: the patches can be obtained e.g. by attending various student events (then you can sow the patch on your overalls and kind of show that you have been there) or you can simply buy them from stores/vendors/online. Quite often the patches are humorous, revolving around political(ly incorrect) jokes and student life. They can also be related to your faculty/major/political stance/favourite musicians or tv shows/really whatever you like. 

There are some rules regarding student overalls. For example, you are not supposed to wash them ever no matter how dirty they get. It is also a custom to switch one trouser leg with your partner. 

more fine stud lexa headcanons

- L O N G B O A R D S for fun when the weather is good

- when dressing casually wears beanies and backwards snapbacks

- own a motherfucking pocketwatch bc why the hell not

- is in love with vests

- own like 15 pairs of custom tailored trousers bc she knows clarke loves the way they make her ass look

- wears ties all the fucking time

- loves when clarke pulls her tie to get her to kiss her

- rolls up all her button down shirts to her elbows bc she lowkey loves how it makes her muscles look