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i work retail at a dollar "store" and we have to card every single customer for tobacco products, every time, no exceptions. at least twice a week i get some 80 year old customer that loses their shit. i once told a guy it was policy and he freaked out, saying it was all obama's fault. 💀 so now i just tell everyone they don't look a day over 17 and that's why i need their id.


Tobacco is no joke

There’s nothing funny about the addictive qualities of menthol cigarettes. The menthol helps hide the harsh taste of nicotine so smokers can get hooked without even noticing.

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Tobacco is no joke

Smoking menthol cigarettes is more common between 12 to 17 year olds when compared to older age groups.(1) The cooling minty flavor makes it easier to start smoking… and harder to quit.(2)(3)

Right now, cigarettes are more addictive than ever.(4) The nicotine from tobacco is super addictive on its own.(5) And Big Tobacco adds chemicals, including menthol, to make cigarettes even more addictive.

Not so fresh after all.

  • Customer: *buying tobacco and alcohol*
  • Me: when's your birthday?
  • Customer: *looks at me shocked, but eventually tells me his birthdate*
  • Me: ok thanks
  • Customer: when's yours?
  • Me: you don't need to know that
  • Customer: well you asked me about mine
  • Me: that's because you're buying tobacco and alcohol, I have to
  • Customer: who made up that rule?
  • Me: corporate
  • Customer: are you in a bad mood? You're not very cheerful
  • Me: nope
  • Customer: you're in a good mood?
  • Me: yep
  • Customer: til I came up right?
  • Me: no, it's not you (it was totally him)
  • Why do people talk to cashiers like this?