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Hello, I’m @Spoiledmysterymeat, AKA Riotmode! I’m a digital artist with a heavy emphasis on pixelart, as seen in the samples below!

As you can see below, I can do just about anything you’d want!

Pricing and examples below, but even if you can’t afford a commission from me, please pass this around! Reblog it, recommend people my work, spread my post along your friend circle! I really need to get this money together!


Micropixels are very tiny, very CHEAP images like this lil’ gal here!

With a resolution soft-capped at 32x pixels, these guys are almost always going to be tiny caricature drawings, so highly-detailed characters aren’t quite recommended for this if you aren’t comfortable with losing some detail.

These can run from around $15 for static sprites, with animation pricing at $15 for the base sprite and $5 for additional frames past that. 
Nice and cheap!


Full size pixel art is what you’ll be seeing most commonly on my blog. With no real size limit set, they can be any size the commissioner wants. 

However, the bigger they are the more expensive they’ll be!

Pixel art at this scale tend to vary wildly in price depending on complexity, but usually average about $20-$30 dollars at the more basic levels.

Backgrounds usually range from $5 to $10 dollars extra, but it can vary a lot!


Animations are a specialty thing I can do that tack on ten to fifteen dollars and up depending on how complex you want the animation to be.
A rough guide I use for this is as follows: 
~$15 dollars for the first five frames, with an additional 3-5 dollars for each additional frame depending on complexity!


This is pretty self-explanatory, but to put it in words, I’m capable of doing tiled custom blog backgrounds just for you! The one you see above is what I’m currently using as my blog’s bg, so you can see what it looks like in action!

These can run anywhere from $10 on up, and is one of those ones that vary wildly in price with complexity! 

TYPE 5: SMUT (under the readmore)

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anonymous asked:

Love your stuff! Very soothing to look at after a long day! If you don't mind me asking, I get the feeling you use the lasso tool in Photoshop a lot for your work. Am I correct in assuming this or is the very nice soft curvature stuff that pops up in your images some sort of custom brush? Hope you have a nice day!

thank ya!! yeah. i abuse the lasso tool like crazy, lol. i make and customize most of my brushes and a large portion of em have a custom tiled texture i made in them too! or if i wanna add more textures i’ll pop a clippin mask on the layer and use some layer styles on the texture to blend it or whatever

hope you have a great day too!!


7 Stone Walls x 2 - Black Stone - volumes 1 & 2

Black is always a cool idea. So, black walls are definitely a good idea, it will make your place “chicandswell” :)
Oh ! And black walls, are not just for gothic teenagers or emo young adults … Black walls can also be for everyone ! We all want a black and white bathroom or kitchen ( or any room indeed ). Eclectic, simple, minimalist, simply ( almost ) perfect :D

Patterns are seamless in every direction : up, down, left and right… Patterns don’t just stretch to fit, they were made in three different sizes.

made with WallEz :)

Get them in Walls > Masonry –> for 5§

date of release : February 12th 2015

March 17th 2016 : These walls are updated :) Go there to download :


anonymous asked:

Do you think you could post pictures of your leopard gecko enclosure and where you understand heater is? Thank you


Here’s what it looks like without the tile. Intense’s tank is a 20L, and his UTH is an Ultratherm 11″ x 11″. You use metal tape to secure it to the tank bottom.

As you can see, my tank sits on an industrial metal stand. These kinds of stands are very commonly used in the aquarium hobby because they hold a lot of weight. The benefit here is that already plenty of airflow under my tank. If you have your lizard’s tank on a solid surface (or something like carpet!), you’ll need to raise it up so that there is space between your tank and the shelf. You can use various things as long as it’s strong and stable; some people put a tile under each corner, or use large stick-on furniture bumpers. 

The metal probes you see are my thermostat probes. One is on the floor in the center of the tank and is hooked up to the under tank heater. 

The other is stuck to the side on the wall of the tank four inches up, and is hooked up to my ceramic heat bulb in a ceramic dome fixture. (We run the AC in the summer and keep it fairly cool, so the secondary heat source keeps his tank’s air temp warm enough.) 

The other probe (black) is my digital thermometer probe.

This is where the thermostat probe sits on the tile. Intense has to check it out to make sure I put his tile down right. I’m just using tile samples right now. I want to make him custom tile but I’ll probably end up buying him some before that, because it’s going to take forever, haha. 

I don’t use tape to secure it because tape can become unstuck or stick to lizards; instead I use a heavy hide to hold it down. He had to check to make sure I was doing that right, as well.

Intense is very critical.


Here you go, Anon! Hope this is what you wanted ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Also, I forgot to mention this in the original post but, I think that the “carpet” version of the Pocket Mirror Paths are great to customize furniture while the “tile” versions are better to use on the floor. Well, that’s just imo (*´・v・)

business dinner // lust at first sight
  • a short & sweet / lusty


Onika clipped the back of her gold chain, adjusting it. She padded down her dress and stared at her body in the mirror. She needed to look perfect for the business dinner, no hair out of place. She glossed her lips and shaped her eyebrows, and for a girl like Onika, it wasn’t too hard to look flawless.

She hopped out of her aventador, handing her keys to the valet. Her nude heels clicked against the custom made tiles. She walked up to the front desk. 

“Hello, table for one?” The lady with a slick ponytail and long lashes asked. She looked through her purse, in search for her business card.

“Uh, meeting held by a- uh.” Onika stuttered.

“Mr.Graham?” She asked. Onika nodded and was directed to a provate room. Onika had thought she was early, but it seems 10 minutes early was not early enough. Everyone looked Onikas way, some in envy, some in lust.

“Ah yes, Ms. Maraj. Take a seat.” Mr. Graham pointed towards the seat across him. Nicki couldn’t deny how handsome, Mr.Graham was. She had always wanted him, but so did every other woman in the firm. Evidently, they couldn’t stand a chance against Nicki, but that didn’t stop Nicki from letting her fears take over.

The meeting was coming to an end. The whole time, Nicki and Aubrey we’re stealing looks at eachother, and it was apparent to everyone in the room that they wanted eachother right then. The sexual tention between the two was at an all time high, and Nicki couldn’t take it anymore.

“May you excuse me.” Nicki struggled to say. She pushed her seat back and rushed out the room. She walked at a fast pace towards the restroom. After freshening up, She opened the door  and there was Mr.Graham. He pushed her back inside and locked the door. His lips crashed on hers and started caressing her lower back.

“I want you so bad.” She managed to say. Aubrey smirked and inserted a finger into her. Onika moaned into the kiss and begged for him to add another. Fulfilling her wish, he added another finger. Onika slickly removed her dress, allowing Aubrey to bring his lips to her breasts. His tongue gracefully roamed around her nipple. She tried to keep her moans quiet. He sucked and teased her breasts, pumping his fingers quicker. Onika could feel herself coming close to her peak. She lifted her leg up and rested it up against the wall; in a splits position.

Aubrey’s eyebrows raised, astonished by her flexibility. He bent over and brought his mouth near her clit. Her began to blow and tease her.

“Uhhh, fuck. Stop that.” She cried out.

“Beg for it." 

"P-please, Mr. Graham.” She hesitated.

“What’s my name?”

“Au-Aubrey."she was throbbing and dripping.

"Beg, for. it.” He unbuckled his pants, taking himself in his hands.

“Aubrey! Fuck me!” She yelled. He caressed her flower with the tip, slowly entering her. Her mouth opened slow, her eyes rolling back.  He started off slow.

“Fuck me, Aubrey.” She begged. He smirked and started thrusting harder. He brought his hand to her waist, pulling her back on it. her hips rotated. she rode him as she licked her fingers. She put her hand on her clit, and started rubbing it in a circular motion. Her moans filled the restroom. 

“Shit!” She cursed. He had smacked her ass. She smirked and begged for him to go faster. he obliged. Her hands started slipping from the wall and she struggled to keep them up. He gently pulled her hair back, 

“Take it.” she moaned. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. But that didn’t stop them.

“Excuse me,” Someone spoke. Aubrey brought his to Onika’s mouth and covered it. She couldn’t control her moans. The bangs on the door got louder. He continued to quietly fuck her, feeling her juices drip down his shaft. They soon reached their peek together, and Aubrey pulled out. Nicki’s knees gave out and her body headed towards the floor. Aubrey caught her and watched her breathe heavy.

“Sir or Ma'am, I will have to call management!” The worked yelled.

“No need.” Aubrey opened the door, hand in hand with Onika. He slipped a hundred dollar bill in the workers pocket and walked off.

DM Appreciation Month (or 'What happened at the Queen's coronation')

I stress a lot about my home game. 

I’ve been running the world of Generica for my friends in Toronto for over a year now. I’ve made maps and maps and maps and maps, as well as a slew of custom dungeon tiles (HERE, HERE, and HERE). I even went so far as to build little ridable airships that a main villain controlled (knowing my players would want to steal one for themselves).

I write a ton of lore garbage, I do all kinds of NPC voices, and I put a lot of work into my games. 

But I still stress about it. I worry my game isn’t all that good. I worry that my players are getting bored, or that they’re feeling railroaded by my setting, or that I’m not giving them enough concrete choices. I stress about not tracking NPC names (I have over a hundred principle side characters, and I’m lucky if I can remember two dozen of their names on a good day).

It all comes down to “I’m doing all this work for my game…and I don’t know if it’s actually worth it”

The session this past Sunday helped put a few of those worries to rest. 

My birthday was last month, and all my players decided to pitch in and get me something.

This is so rad. I’ve never really owned any monster miniatures (other than ones I’ve made myself), and Tiamat has been looming over my whole campaign for a while now. To actually have a miniature of her now is pretty amazing. I have incredible players. 

So on to the adventure… (Read below for more pictures).

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