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I think what annoys me the most about the tipping system is the general idea that servers should make less money because they’re having an off day. I mean, it makes sense at first glance, but it’s actually not how any other job works.

I work as a customer service rep. If I put someone’s order in wrong, they call me up and complain, and I apologize and fix it. And I don’t lose any money in the process because I’m a human being and I make mistakes.

If a server does this exact same thing, the customer can just decide not to tip. Whether the server gets paid for the job they just did is completely up to the customer. And lots of people think they’re justified in not tipping–the server inconvenienced you, so why should you pay them for it?

I’d like to ask these people if they get their paychecks docked every time they make a mistake at work. Does your boss frequently call you into their office and say, “you forgot to sign off on these forms, so we’re docking your pay by $20 today”? Probably not. Because you’re a human, and if your income was threatened every time you made a mistake, you wouldn’t tolerate it.

There’s any number of reasons why a server may have messed up your order. Maybe the place is understaffed and they’re overwhelmed. Maybe their dad died that morning and they had to put on a brave face and come to work anyway so they could pay their bills. Or maybe they actually just are a lousy server–in which case, they will eventually lose their job. But until then, they deserve to earn a steady wage, just like anyone else who’s bad at their job. So stop being such a critical asshole and leave 20%.

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Hi. I was the one who asked about the tradition thing with Agni and Soma wearing white at a funeral, but, I made a mistake. I said they wore white at the funeral, but they actually wore black. I was confused about that for a while, so I decided to point that out.

Oh. Then either they took the effort to follow local English custom… or Yana-san left out a major detail.

Considering how much research she does, and particularly how much attention she pays to different cultural customs, I should think that Agni and Soma asked what to wear to the funeral… or they planned on wearing white, but someone else informed them that black is customary.

Well! Since they actually wore black to Sebastian’s funeral, perhaps Sebastian really will put up with wearing white clothing in respect for Agni….

I meant to go look up those funeral scenes, but I never got around to it. I’m glad you went back to check.

Yeah, I think they wore black just out of respect for western funerary customs….

So, hopefully, Sebastian will wear white for Agni?

lil usnavi is a very good helper 

We finished 0.2 today with @zyloa and well, it was something else… Now it’s time to achieved the 100% 

Also this piece finally completed the wayfinder trio portraits ! 

Terra and Ventus

So I was at a coffee shop downtown earlier and the girl working the register was visibly not having a good day but still managed to smile and be friendly to everyone.

The girl in front of me stepped up to the till and as soon as she opened her mouth it was obvious she’s one of those kind and bubbly people who just radiates actual sunshine everywhere they go. Before she ordered she made small talk with the barista, asked how her day was going etc.

The barista got around to asking what she’d like and the girl asked if the barista likes tea. The barista was a bit confused but said yes and was asked for a recommendation. The barista told the girl she loves the new orange pekoe they recently started selling and the girl ordered two.

When the girl received her tea, she took both, put one back down on the counter and said “this is for you”, smiled and walked out.

The barista smiled all through my transaction, and still was when I left.

I spent a few minutes internally gushing about it before thinking Imagine Your OTP

shinee goes grocery shopping


  • picked up a package of dubu and carried it around (”don’t talk to me or my son ever again”)
  • rotisserie chicken 
  • fried chicken tenders 
  • takes a sample, waits five minutes to casually walk by and take another one 
  • buys a pineapple to remember his boy pinee 
  • if lost can find him watching the crabs in the tanks 


  • smells candles until everything is just one indistinguishable strong scent and he has a huge headache 
  • pls no more chicken breast 
  • stress bought a whole chocolate mousse cake 
  • reenacting risky business in the aisles 
  • people are staring but what is shame???
  • uses most of his time choosing a body wash (”we are going to leave you here if you don’t pick one in the next three minutes”) 


  • buying fruit for juice cleanse and jam 
  • wallet is full of receipts and coupons 
  • actual coupon master. his total goes from $56.35 to $24.70
  • buys french baguettes and cheese to feel fancy 
  • another trip to the store, another pair of house slippers (he has too many for a person who has only two feet but this one is pink and has bunny ears so) 
  • ketchup 


  • avocados + bananas + protein powder 
  • buys all the practical shit like toilet paper and garbage bags 
  • helpful bagger 
  • lines up the shopping carts so well people keep asking him if he works there
  • doesn’t have the heart to tell them no so he helps customers get things from high shelves and stuff 


  • waits until he’s surviving off cup ramen to even go
  • puts random shit in the cart 
  • buys a jackfruit bc “it looks cool” but doesn’t know how to eat it so it’s just there… in the fridge… mocking him 
  • also never knows which groceries are his??? 
  • rides the shopping cart like a scooter (push, push, weeeeee)
  • makes direct eye contact with all the video cameras and doesn’t. look. away. security is v uncomfortable 
  • Me: All right, that comes to $18.27.
  • Customer Probably Named Sharon: *opens wallet*
  • Customer Probably Named Carol: No no no no no no. You are not paying. I'M paying.
  • Sharon: Oh hush, I've got it. *holds out credit card*
  • Me: *reaches out to take credit card*
  • Carol: Nonononononono! *blocks me from taking credit card* You are NOT PAYING for this! {to me} Do NOT let her pay. Hold on, let me just-- *fumbles with wallet*
  • Sharon: *rolls eyes* *holds out credit card again* Here, just take mine.
  • Me: *reaches out to take credit card*
  • Carol: *waves a twenty dollar bill at me* Don't you dare! Don't you dare take her card! Sharon, I told you, I'm the one paying!
  • Me: *hesitantly starts to reach for twenty*
  • Sharon: *glares at me* Don't listen to her. I'm paying!
  • Me: *hesitantly starts to reach for credit card*
  • Carol: Sharon, please! *swats credit card with twenty*
  • Sharon: *gasp* Carol, stop! *reaches over Carol with credit card*
  • Carol and Sharon: *scuffle madly for seven minutes*
  • Me: *backs away slowly*
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Me: ...

I decorated some brand new (never been used) pacis and decided to sell them! This is my first time doing anything like this so please be nice lol

🌟White & pink teddy bear paci: $20 + shipping

🌟Purple with daisy and glitter: $13 + shipping
*price decrease because I broke a small piece while decorating. Still fully functional*

I will accept payments through PayPal. If you are interested or have any questions please message me! 😊


Sooo. Iv been doing a thing!
I bought a Hujoo Freya head and put it on a Catrine Demew Monster Hugh body! And I would say it came out awesome! I’m very happy with the results!
I carved the neck with a knife. Since if i didnt the neck would look way to long and out of proportion to the body. I found there’s a small pre-made bar in the neck that I used for my elastic cord.
I then got a decent sized washer and used that to kept my elastic cord on and boom. Heads on.
I did also use some hot glue on the neck joint to help the head stay in position and allow it better movement.
After that I went ahead and did a face up and made her a wig. I’m super happy with her and thought I’d share my hybrid!

If you decide to make your own monster high hybrid like this. Totally tag me or something. I would love to see! :3

Preliminary sketch poses of a wetlander custom Aequis for @rosedelsol! I realized the first two I came up with were too similar, so I threw in a third. 

Hoping to find some time to make real progress on all of these and the eagle illustrations these next few weeks, fingers crossed?

my mc for the arcana game!! the art is SO GOOD the bgs are so pretty and also i cry every time i see asra