custom thermal

My Bioware Children are protective of each other

Lavellan:….and then he leaves me there with a disintegrating hand and has the nerve to say “I will never forget you” I mean, what kind of shit is that.

Shepard: Are you fucking kidding me!? He fed you that bullshit line!?!?: Oh no. We are fixing this. My husband happens to be the best sniper in the galaxy.*looks over to Garrus* Baby, did you bring your rifle?

Garrus: C’mon Shepard. You know I don’t leave home without it.

Shepard:*looks back at Lavellan* He has a Black Widow rifle with an insane recoil dampener and piercing bullet mod that tears right through barriers. Not to mention the customized thermal scope I got him for our anniversary.

Lavellan: I have no idea what any of that is.

Shepard: Neither will Solas sweetie. Neither will Solas.