custom tee


Veranka’s “Lala Crop Tee” Recolored

I’m smitten with the adorable animal graphics that came with the full body outfit in City Living, but I needed more versatility and decided to transfer them to Veranka’s amazing little crop tops. There’s twelve swatches (with both the puppy and kitty designs) but you need to grab the mesh here for them to show up!


I added 13 new designs from various EA textures for a total of 25 swatches.

Hi! Long time, no see. I’ve been working on this for an embarrassingly long time, because I couldn’t find the perfect graphics to use. Well, now we have 30 swatches of goodness.

  • 30 Prints (9 Of them Have Simlish, look under the cut to know what they say.)
  • Created with @sims4studioofficial​ and Photoshop
  • TOU
  • Disabled For Random
  • Enabled for All Genders


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Band Merch

I got a request to do some Arctic Monkeys shirts, but I figured ‘why not throw some other bands in as well’ Oh well, I had fun :) Including band merch from Panic at the disco! , Fall Out Boy, Queen and Muse :) Hope you like them.

  • You will be needing the MESH by the lovely @puresims
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Comes in 16 swatches
  • Please don’t claim as your own/re-upload elsewhere and if you use them feel free to tag me #mxfsims or @mxfsims 

DOWNLOAD > simfileshare

Credit to: @puresims, @cleotopia, @missparaply & @stealthic 


I can’t tell if I’m a funny or sick person for making this shirt.

*Edit: Oh dear. People seem to really like this post. This is actually part of a project I’m doing where I am making shirts for each of the main characters. I’ll just update this post with pictures of the other shirts I have made and will make in the future.

To do List:

  1. Rin - Jelly Fish quote *
  2. Hanako - Gotta go do something quote *
  3. Emi - Lemons *
  4. Lilly
  5. Shizune
  6. Misha - Stop being stupid Misha quote
  7. Hisao - Master of Romance
  8. Kenji - Manly Picnic?

If anyone has any suggestions for design ideas I will gladly take them. (Just keep it PG-13)




One cannot just attend the closing night of Heathers the Musical without dressing up. Complete with my blue blazer and grey shorts, I added a custom T to add my own touch!


  1. Buy Shirt. This one was from Kohls for $8.99
  2. Buy Fabric Spray Paint.
  3. Create a stencil in word. This font was size 100 and the text was “Color Of Autumn”
  4. Print stencil on heavy duty paper. Use exacto knife to cut out black letters.
  5. Lay on shirt, and COVER ENTIRE SHIRT WITH PAPER (The spray will go everywhere and ruin the shirt and trust me this happened it was awful)
  6. Let sit for 10 mins.
  7. Peel up stencil.
  8. Let sit for 2 hours.
  9. Rock the fuck out at Heathers The Musical Closing NIGHT!