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CUSTOMER: Which was the first Harry Potter book?
BOOKSELLER: The Philosopher’s Stone.
CUSTOMER: And the second?
BOOKSELLER: The Chamber of Secrets.
CUSTOMER: I’l take The Chamber of Secrets. I don’t want The Philosopher’s Stone.
BOOKSELLER: Have you already read that one?
CUSTOMER: No, but with series of books I always find they take a while to really get going. I don’t want to waste my time with the useless introductory stuff at the beginning.
BOOKSELLER: The story in Harry Potter actually starts right away. Personally, I do recommend that you start with the first book – and it’s very good.
CUSTOMER: Are you working on commission?
CUSTOMER: Right. How many books are there in total?
CUSTOMER: Exactly. I’m not going to waste my money on the first book when there are so many others to buy. I’l take the second one.
BOOKSELLER: … If you’re sure.
(One week later, the customer returns)
BOOKSELLER: Hi, did you want to buy a copy of The Prisoner of Azkaban?
CUSTOMER: What’s that?
BOOKSELLER: It’s the book after The Chamber of Secrets.
CUSTOMER: Oh, no, definitely not. I found that book far too confusing. I ask you, how on earth are children supposed to understand it if I can’t? I mean, who the heck is that Voldemort guy anyway? No. I’m not going to bother with the rest.

Jen Campbell, Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops


(ENDED) 1K Witchy Giveaway!!

I just passed 1,000 followers, so I’ve decided to do a little witchy giveaway! (I may do a Spoonie giveaway soon, when I figure out what to include in it.)

One random winner will receive the following:
 - 1 handmade cone incense holder (as seen in the first picture. Can be customized.)
 - 1 Pentacle + Stone necklace (pictured is Tiger’s Eye, but I have many options to choose from)
 - 1 set of elemental palm stones
 - 1 portable scrying mirror
 - 1 pendulum (I have about 30 stones you’ll be able to choose from)
 - 1 set of Elder Futhark runes (you’ll be able to choose from the many varieties I can make)
 - 1 handmade customized wand (above pictures are for reference)

Two random winners will receive:
 - 1 set of Elder Futhark runes

Three random winners will receive:
 - 1 pendulum

You must be following my blog at the time the winners are chosen
 - No giveaway blogs
 - You must be at least 18 years of age or older, or have explicit consent from your parent or guardian to participate
 - The winners will have to provide me with mailing addresses
 - Shipping is included, and this giveaway is open to everyone!
 - Do not delete/alter the content of this post
 - Winners will be chosen at random on December 31st, and contacted immediately through tumblr. If a winner does not respond within five days, a new winner will be chosen.

Ways to Enter:
  - Rebogs and likes will each count as 1(one) entry. Please reblog no more than once per day. (Spamming WILL get you disqualified.)
  - If you download one of my e-books on Amazon, you will get an additional 5(five) entries per book (please send a screencap of the purchase confirmation(s) through tumblr messenger). Yes, even the FREE BOOK counts. | The Energy Room | The Violet Awakening | Yesterwary | Hellfire Heartbeats
  - A purchase of $5 or more from my Etsy shop will get you an additional 10(ten) entries. Please leave a note upon checkout that you’re part of the giveaway, and don’t forget to include your tumblr name! | |

I think that’s it?? If you have any questions, please let me know!

Hey everyone! So summer is coming up and I was about to get a job (one more interview) and then my mom told me she prohibits me from getting one. No discussion. I tried convincing her but she just won’t let me, which makes a huge difference (some say to go behind her back or get it anyways) because my car has been broken down for three years and she won’t help me get it fixed. So NO TRANSPORTATION. And I’m trying to move out as soon as the opportunity opens so she is making this very very difficult (most likely on purpose). So here’s what you guys could do to help me! Those trees in the picture are wire wrapped necklaces I make by hand. I’m trying to sell as many as I can to get the money I need! Pricing goes as follows:
Bare Tree (right): $20
Tree With Leaves (left): $30
Tree With Moon (not in photo): $25
Tree With Moon and Leaves: (not in photo): $35
Custom Design: add $5 to starting price

I know these seem a little expensive to some people, but the wire is sterling silver, all stones are really nice quality, and it takes a lot of work to make each one.
If you’re interested, please email me @ and we can arrange an order (Most likely through PayPal, may arrange mail payment too)! I have many different stones and different wires to choose from, so custom designs are a lot of fun to set up!
Even if you’re not interested, if you could still share this that would be amazing. Thank you!!


9/16" (14mm) Amethyst Druzy plugs with polished reverse faces. Love, love, LOVE the tonal character in this gorgeous pair!

To order email

I have plenty of that deep purp for all your amethyst dreams!


Shipwreck brass.

 Its been awhile since Ive been down on the beach to find any flotsam &jetsam but did recycle these old marine brass boat fixings into some rustic amulets .

Once the green verdigris had been safely removed  I worked the edges with diamond files and added a bit of filework , all were then etched , blackened and then stone washed . 

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from