custom skis

Have some Skyfix + Camera mod + custom skylines + custom skies magic :D

I have about 1/3rd of my usual cc installed on here and my graphics settings aren’t up to the max, yet these four mods alone (plus some custom walls, but those weren’t even 100% necessary) are still more than enough to get pretty awesome neighborhood shots :D

anonymous asked:

Hello hi, I’m looking for a job as a field medic and my grandmother knits black ski masks, do you know where we can submit our resumes?

Feel free to submit your resumes to Greg in HR or directly to Natasha ( @officialantifaceo ).

Does your grandmother knit custom “ski” masks? I know that some comrades were eager to get reversible masks that have one side black and the other rainbow so they can be warm both during Antifa company outings AND while working for the advancement of the Gay Agenda.


Ryder’s Skis. Redone Rossignol Storms.

The last picture shows what the skis looked like before all of the paint even came near them. The skis were completely repainted with the bindings left intact, using spraypaint, Sharpie permanent markers, and Sharpie paint markers. 

And if anyone wants any custom graphics, let me know!! I would love to paint more haha.