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i am in need of US women’s size 17 shoes. That’s US men’s 15. Looking for boots, flats, flat sandals, and other serviceable shoes that a cute, fashionable woman with size 17 feet might wear

THIS SIZE IS REALLY HARD TO FIND. I have done a LOT of research and have not had much luck at all. I’ve gotten a lot of the standard recommendations. For instance, “Long, Tally Sally” is a great store, yes, but their sizes only go up to US women’s 15 and that’s not large enough for what I need. if you can give me any information, please double check before you recommend me a store whose sizes don’t actually go up to the US women’s 17!

other acceptable recommendations are vendors who could make custom shoes to this size requirement, if you know of anything like that

please circulate this even if you don’t have the answer yourself!

New CC coming tomorrow! 5/9/2017

I’ve been in love with tops and sweaters with this cool corset/lace up thing going on so I had to make some for the sims 4. 




I’ve been making these like crazy for friends and family and they’ve been getting compliments so I wanna try selling them!

They are $20 each +shipping!!
Color choices: black, cream, grey, teal, pink, burgundy
Ear choices: cat, bear, rabbit

Fits head sizes 20-24 inch. I can customize the sizing if you need it. You can contact me straight on tumblr. I only accept payments through PayPal!

Reblogs are appreciated!

Ive been made a Select Artist on The Sims Recourse! To celebrate, I made this cute dress that can be worn as casual wear of maybe at your sims next party!

go check it out here:

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Hey do you have any drarry fics where children are involved? Like teddy?

Gah, Teddy is an absolute sweetheart in all of these fics, you’ll definitely fall in love with him! I enjoyed making this rec list so much because I totally forgot how much I enjoyed reading stories about Teddy <33

  • Trust Me As I Trust You - by maschapluis (11k)
    While working on a high profile case, Harry receives full guardianship and custody over Teddy Lupin. He takes some time off to get to know the boy, but when work calls he had to find someone to take care of Teddy.
    Harry finds a babysitter in the one person he never thought would ever want anything to do with him or the small boy, Draco Malfoy.  Teddy trusts Draco instantly and without hesitation, so what’s a wizard to do other than to trust him as well? Even if he can’t be sure to trust himself around the other wizard.
    (I enjoyed reading this so much! Teddy was adorbs in this story, and overall it was just such a cute, funny and heartwarming fic!)

  • Somebody to Love - by khasael (31k)
    Draco’s life after the war is quite different than it used to be. When he finds himself cursed, with little hope for lifting the spell, he sets out to make the most of the time he has left. Getting to know his Aunt Andromeda and his young cousin Teddy feels like a good thing to do, even if it can’t help him in the long run…or can it?
    (A fic where Draco has been cursed so that he would die a premature death, unless someone fell in love with him. The slow build up between our two favourite boys was lovely to watch. A slow, and very tender story!)

  • Where your heart is set - by hazel_wand (13k)
    Draco comes home from school to find that his mother has decided to rebuild their family to include Andromeda, Teddy … and Harry Potter.
    (Narcissa and Andromeda begin to amend things between them; thus forcing Draco and Harry to be in close contact with each other and the love story between them is so amazing and pure)

  • It Was We Who Were The Cliché (But We Carried On Anyway) - by ignatiustrout (31k)
    When the reconciled Black sisters go on holiday together, Andromeda entrusts Draco, rather than Harry, with five year old Teddy Lupin for three weeks. Harry is convinced she made the wrong choice, and he decides the way to fix this is simply to keep turning up at the manor and refusing to leave Draco alone.
    (A delight to read! Everything about this story is utterly spectacular and perfect. I had a blast reading it <3)

  • A Second Chance at First - by Lovetaradiane (28k)
    “… I just wanted you to know that you weren’t the only one who’d had a shitty existence for a time. Maybe I hated that you thought I was someone I wasn’t. Maybe … maybe I hated that I thought you were someone you weren’t, but never realised it until Voldemort gave me those glimpses of your life. Our experiences, they weren’t so different after all.”
    (Harry rushes Teddy to St. Mungos’ after falling sick, and Draco is his healer. Healer!Draco is my favourite type of Draco, it just suits him so well, and a Slytherin!Teddy is absolutely marvellous)

  • A Lesson in Love and Ice Cream - by protegonox (18k)
    The only thing keeping Draco together is his structured routine, which begins and ends with ice cream. Then Potter shows up, godson in tow, and his fragile balance is put to the test.
    (Omg I’m in love with stories where Draco leaves the magical community and instead chooses to live amongst muggles. Draco owns an ice-cream shop in Canada and it’s just gorgeous)

  • Against All Odds - by momatu (53k)
    Beauxbatons is hosting the first ever Quidditch Summer School for children from all over Europe, and Harry has promised to enroll Teddy as his birthday present. Meanwhile, Draco is stuck in his office, putting together the first ever Quidditch Summer School for children from all over Europe during, when he should be enjoying summer holidays.
    (Draco, a Flying Instructor at Beauxbatons, is hosting an international Quidditch training camp. Harry brings Teddy and ends up staying to coach. The scenes where Draco tour Harry around France and takes him to all of his favourite place are all so sweet!)

  • Vulnera Sanentur - by sw33tch3rrypi3 (6k)
    Harry can’t believe what’s on the list of required textbooks Teddy needs for his next year of Hogwarts. For DADA it’s Some Bloody Idiot Might Cast It, So You’d Better Be Able to Counter It by Draco Malfoy. Harry thinks the title refers to him casting Sectumsempra on Draco Malfoy in their sixth year and goes to confront him
    (Teddy is just so precious, so very precious in this story!)

  • Muggle Beasts and Where to Find Them - by ashindk (8k)
    Two single fathers choose the same day to take their children on an outing.
    (This fic left me grinning like a huge fool! Harry and Teddy are at the zoo, and they come across a lost Scorpius. They all set off on a mission to find Draco, and it’s all so very lovely. Kudos for Draco being an A+ dad in this story as well!)

  • Like a Real Family - by Queenie_Mab (11k)
    Harry thought he had all he wanted in life, raising Teddy and being the parent he’s always wanted to be, until he experiences what life with a partner could be like. Now if only Draco wasn’t straight.
    (This was such a charming story! It was truly very sweet and the domestic fluff is fabulous)

  • Sunday, Monday or Always - by blithelybonny (6k)
    While raising Teddy Lupin on his own, Harry discovers that he’s got a little future Slytherin on his hands who knows his way around a scheme – especially when that scheme leads to a happily ever after.
    (Teddy is deviously cunning Slytherin in this fic, it’s adorable!)

  • The Ties that Bind - by phoenix_writing (61k)
    Upon Andromeda’s death, Harry and Draco are given custody of Teddy. Their lives will never be the same again.
    (So Harry and Draco have live together, but only because they’re both the guardians of Teddy. The interactions of H&D are amazing because there’s so much bad blood and history between them, and they’re honestly trying their hardest to be good guardians to Teddy, it’s near impossible for them to get along and agree with each other. The progression of animosity into love was so beautiful to watch and really, it’s just such a wonderful story)

  • Obliviation - by Cheryl Dyson (27k)
    When Harry decides to quit Auror Training in order to care for young Teddy over the summer, he has quite enough to worry about without Pansy Parkinson dumping a mute Draco Malfoy on his doorstep.
    (Cheryl Dyson (aka Dysonrules) is an incredible author who has such a beautiful writing style! It has a perfect combination of fluff and angst, and I really wished it could’ve gone on for longer!)

  • The Tree House - by lotus_lizzy (25k)
    Harry needs the perfect gift for Teddy’s 5th birthday. What could be better than a Custom-Made Life-Size Tree House? If only life were so easy.
    (Cuteeee! Funny moments scattered throughout, and the fluff is superb!)
Poshmark for Cosplayers (a sort-of guide)

I’ve been using Poshmark to buy pieces for some of my cosplays for a while , and since it’s really come through for me, I thought I’d put it on your guys’ radar.

The basics: is one of the many online secondhand clothing sites out there, but they’ve been around for ages. People use it to clean our their closets, find out-of-stock pieces, and make swaps. It’s like eBay, but just for clothes and shoes, with simpler search perimeters that you can set and save to your custom size. Best of all (for me): you can make offers. There’s no guarantee the seller will take your offer, but I always try to knock off a buck or two if I can.

What it’s good for: Finding screen-accurate pieces that have long since sold out. I was trying to find a pair of boots featured in a single episode of a show like three years ago; no one had them. But some chick in TX trying to make a quick buck was selling a pair. Match made.

Most often, I use Poshmark to find pieces for cosplays I’m loathe to make from scratch. Currently, that means Prompto from FFXV. This nugget. More on that under the cut.

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Cat lady? I think not~

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Tailored Dress  ♥  Old ASOS top  ♥  Vintage crossbody bag  ♥  Bonjour Store leather sandals  ♥  Salvaged pin 

It’s been a month since I’ve posted an outfit, would you believe that! Spring has turned to summer in that time, and only the mornings are pleasant now. For summer ‘17, my primary style goal is to make the shift towards ethical, mindful, slow fashion. Coming from the scarcity mindset that the lack of options in plus sizes inevitably steers you towards, I always felt that ethical fashion sounded wonderful in theory but would be impossible to implement. And yes, I’d probably want to make the occasional purchase on ASOS (for example) but for the foreseeable future, I’m taking advantage of India’s dressmaking culture and getting everything I can tailored. 

I went back to tailoring last winter after months of encouragement from Ushshi, for which I’ll be forever grateful because tailoring has fundamentally altered the baseline of how much I can do with clothing. I admit my motivations are rooted in selfishness - more than anything I’m dreaming of finally designing my dream wardrobe - at the same, given my current lifestyle, mindfulness feels natural to who I am. When I’m not working on blog-related stuff, I spend most of my time cooking, gardening, reading, and making things. It would be strange to not at least try to be mindful about the clothes I wear, considering how important they are to me.

Here’s what I’m planning to do this summer (and afterwards!) when it comes to my wardrobe

  • Shop locally and support local artisans.
  • Support independent makers with my wallet instead of big brands.
  • Recycle clothing in my wardrobe, which is to say wear stuff I’ve hardly ever worn instead of buying more. I’m especially guilty of this one because I tend to stick to just 5 or 6 pieces at any given time and then keep on replacing them with new ones.
  • Shop sustainably whenever possible, like vintage or second hand pieces instead of new. This is actually something I’ve been doing since I first started shopping online (I think about…15 years ago?) Some of my all time favourite pieces are second hand scores off eBay like my Brit Stitch satchel and Anthropologie jacket. Buying second hand clothing might not sound as glamorous as buying, say…organic, fairtrade clothing, but it’s a cheap, easy and useful thing you can do towards building a sustainable wardrobe. Whenever I buy second hand or vintage clothing online, it’s almost always from eBay (or Etsy) UK so I can get it delivered to my fiance and he can bring everything over in one go when he comes over. I would feel pretty awful flying over clothes one at a time halfway around the world even if I could afford to.
  • Invest more in quality pieces I can wear over and over again, now that I have a core wardrobe to see me through.

There’s also the fact that I can afford to do this now. There haven’t been a lot of times in the past 5 years that I could. Not to mention the question of access to a good tailor and the time needed to go fabric shopping and basically getting whatever I want to wear designed from scratch. Sometimes it takes a fitting session after the clothes are made to ensure that they sit well on my body. It’s time consuming and more expensive than buying the cheapest stuff on sale online and taking advantage of free shipping. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to afford both the budget and the leisure to do so.

The outfit

I’m so obsessed with smock dresses I rarely wear any other kind these days! This is one of the two midi smocks I’ve gotten tailored recently. Ikat is such a springy and fresh look, and a pattern I’ve always loved. If you’re looking for similar styles in natural fabrics, there might not be a lot of options in retail but Etsy is one place where you’ll find dresses in a similar aesthetic. Sondeflor Shop and OffOn Clothing, both on Etsy, have many bohemian smock styles in custom sizes.

My shoes are also from Etsy, and I’ve gotten quite a few questions about them on Instagram! They’re from a shop called Bonjour Store, who are actually based in Jaipur. Having worn similar pairs in my childhood, I was expecting them to be the hard leather kind that you need to break in. I was pleasantly surprised when these sandals turned out to be really, really soft with padded insoles. I love how they look like clogs but feel so different on my feet. I also got a pair of strappy sandals from Bonjour Store that I’ll planning to style next, and I’m thinking of stocking up on some more styles from them over the summer!

My top is from ASOS, way back in 2011. I’ve styled it more than once on the blog and worn it many more times than that, so it exceeded #30wears a long time ago. The vintage purse has been on everyday rotation in my wardrobe since I got it. The pear pin that isn’t quite visible in photos is still a pretty little addition IRL and is salvaged from a dress I bought in 2007. I’ve linked to similar products on the widget below so you can re-create this look for yourself if you like!

All photos by Taha and Lokesh at Shutter Diaries. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any idea as to where to find good custom sized classic lolita? I've spent a lot of time looking but a lot of custom sized shop lists are outdated unfortunately ; v ; Thank you !

There aren’t a ton of places I can think of right now but if you take a look at Glitzy Wonderland they have a page that shows all the pieces they have available that come in custom sizes. There aren’t a ton but there are definitely some pretty Classic pieces there. FanPlusFriend is another place to take a look at. They don’t as many true Lolita pieces as they once did but a lot of what they do have is Classic and available in custom sizes. There are also some indie brands such as Lady Sloth which someone just reminded me of in the comments. I know there are others but my brain isn’t all here right now so if anyone else thinks of some please follow suit and send over recommendations.

May 23rd excerpt:

Jacob stumbled out of Dean’s grasp, halting where he stood as he took in the scene. To one side, a fork and knife more than twice his body length stretched out on a folded napkin. Jacob could see countless nicks and scratches in the metal from years of use. On the other, the laminated menu with occasional pictures of what the restaurant had to offer filled up plenty of space. The table expanded beyond that, shiny finish on polished wood adding to the atmosphere.

Above, a deer head mounted to the wall watched the rest of the room with glassy eyes from a better vantage point than Jacob had. He could hear other humans chatting, dishes clinking together, the chiming of the bell as yet more customers wandered in.