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summary: pebbles tossed against the sidewalk. light streaming through the pale blue glass of the kitchen windows. the sound of tapping keyboards and touchpads filling the room along with the tossed-around orders of coffee. it’s an autumn rush of crisp air and the scent of coffee, and the atmosphere matches him perfectly.
a/n: …pretty sure the fandom doesn’t have the customary “coffee-shop” au yet, and considering Marinette lives in a bakery in the show, eh. i think it fits. hope you all enjoy this one!

For three hours an evening, Marinette’s world consists of polishing veneer worktops until they shine, orders of flavours tossed together and bound by caffeine, and listening to the commotions when pumpkin spice or, god forbid, the cinnamon runs out for any longer than a customer’s attention span. 

People stop in on the run from work, to duck out from prying eyes, or perhaps just to appreciate the novelty of a tucked away coffeeshop on the backwoods side-streets of Paris, and have little time to gaze in wonder at the complexities of the absurd mixtures one is able to put in their coffees.

Everything has flowed into a rhythm for Marinette by now. 

Pebbles tossed against the sidewalk. Light streaming through the pale blue glass of the kitchen windows. The sound of tapping keyboards and touchpads filling the room along with the tossed-around orders of coffee. It’s an autumn rush of crisp air and the scent of coffee.

And as she fills another “to-go” venti, her gaze can’t tear away from the regular.

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Duddde i needed some Loki/Darcy action---Loki cannot seem to compliment Darcy he always tends to insult her and just cant stop doing it

She catches him staring at her from across the table for what must have been the hundredth time and wonders if maybe his eyes are just permanently fixed in that judgmental gaze.

Jane and Thor and the rest of their Asgardian comrades are all seated around them, and everyone is enjoying a banquet in honor of some great festival. Darcy isn’t exactly sure what it was for, all she knows is that she was invited, and the invitation included a trip to Asgard and free alcohol and food.

So far everyone she met had been graciously welcoming - that is, everyone except Thor’s younger brother Loki. From the minute he laid his cool blue eyes on her, she could feel his judgmental stare pierce right through her custom Asgardian dress and sink under her skin. “You wear the gown of royalty decently well - for an unworthy mortal,” had been his comment, and the amount of unnecessary shade he had thrown at her had been outstanding.

Darcy can feel his eyes on her all throughout dinner, and it seems like every attempt she makes at enjoying herself is thwarted by his judgmental stare and unwarranted insults. Thor had warned her that his brother could be sarcastic at best, but this had been unreal. She had done nothing to offend this perfect stranger, yet still felt singled out and personally victimized by that icy blue gaze and relentless backhanded compliments. It’s almost a shame, because Darcy can see how his good looks might have swayed her to hold a different opinion of him.

Darcy excuses herself from dinner a little early, feeling mentally exhausted from indirectly dealing with Loki all night. Luckily, the party continues all weekend, and just as she’s hoping a good night’s sleep will cure everyone’s attitude, she literally runs into him in the darkened hallway.

“Oh my God!” She screeches, clutching her chest in surprise as she takes a few steps back from him, “What’s your problem, dude?”

Loki stands silently in the shadows, breaking eye contact with her to gaze down at the ground. Darcy huffs out a breath in annoyance. Unbelievable.

“Oh, what’s the matter, cat got your tongue?” Darcy prods, finally letting him have it after shrugging off his commentary for hours, “You’ve just spent the whole night dishing up insults, and now that we’re alone in a dark hallway, you’re quiet as a mouse? Where’s that silvertongue now, huh? Well, I don’t know what you’re waiting for - I’m sure you have something to say about my loud mouth or unworthy status or eye color or blood type! Go on, I’m waiting - mmph!”

In an instant Loki has silenced her, pulling her in close to his chest and kissing her with such fervor it makes her head spin. For a moment, she doesn’t register what’s happening - all her senses are in overdrive, and all she knows his the feel of his lean body pushing her up against the wall, the pressure of his lips greedily pursuing her own, and the taste of sweet citrus on his tongue as it slides into her mouth and the moan that accompanies it.

And…oh god, was that her moaning? Her eyes flutter open for the briefest of seconds and she takes note of her arms wrapped around his neck - when did that happen? It takes more effort than she would care to admit to pull away from him, but when she does, their faces are still only millimeters apart. She knows her cheeks are red, and she is breathing heavily as she looks up to him for an explanation.

His eyes are locked on hers as he speaks, his voice low and full of the most sincerity she has heard from him since they met, “I’ve been wanting to do that since I first laid eyes on you.”

As unbelievably hot as that sounded coming out of his mouth, Darcy still scrunches up her face in confusion, “Huh?”

"I hope you’ll forgive me,” Loki continues, his eyes apologetic, “It’s not every day I am in the company of a woman so enrapturing. It’s no excuse, but it seems my words have found a way to betray me in your company.”

“Hold up,” Darcy blinks, a small grin spreading across her face, “Are you saying that I intimidated you?

"Unfortunately,” Loki whispers, his lips ghosting hers once more and making her shiver, “And for the record, I find your eyes to be positively captivating. Though I can’t speak for your blood type.”

Darcy laughs, looping her arms around his neck once more, “I think I like this version of you much, much better.”

The techno music grew a little louder as I went through. The back room of the boutique smelled the way boutiques always do, of various tonsorial chemicals. A dozen styling stations, all in use, stood six on a side, marching up to a rather large and elaborate station on a little raised platform. At the base of the little platform was a pedicure station, and a young woman with a mud mask, and cucumber slices, and a body posture of blissful relaxation was lounging through a pedicure. On the other side, another young woman was under a dryer, reading a magazine, her expression heavy and relaxed with that postcoiffure glow. On the main chair on the platform, a deluxe number that leaned back to a custom shampoo sink, another young woman lay back with a blissful expression while having her hair washed. 

By Thomas. 

He was chatting with her amiably as he worked, and she was in the middle of a little laugh when I came in. He leaned down and said something in her ear, and though I couldn’t hear the substance of it, it came across in an unmistakable just-us-girls kind of tone, and she laughed again, replying in a similar manner.

- Dresden Files, White Night, Jim Butcher

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Jasper walks in when Peridot is taking a bath, cause she's still learning human customs.

peridot sinks lower into the bubbles and jasper’s just asking questions like where’s your head thing, why are you in bubbles, why are your clothes on the floor, it’s really warm in here why is it warm in here