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~ Witchy Top ~

This is the top half @nolan-sims witchy dress! Huge thanks to them for letting me do this :)

- Do not claim as your own
- Recolors ARE aloud - just ask first
- Download Mesh Here
- Let me know if there are any problems 

Thank you @bowl-of-plumbobs for helping me fix this :)

UPDATED 10/15/17 -


humans, as a species, need to make better use of the fact that we can custom order t-shirts with whatever we want on them

i know we all love art of genji in cute fashion, its very nice, but also the concept of him wearing just t-shirts is really funny to me

like. acknowledging he’s technically naked, but making a power move by leaving his ass out because he doesn’t actually give a shit

not even cute shirts. like ‘why do you even own these? do you get them custom made???’ shirts


[PR_SS] Simlish Bands (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

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Hello everyone! Today i give you some Simlish Bands! I make this shirts because i need them for the game! And i have some in real life like Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, Green Day American Idiot, Ramones and The Beatles Abbey Road, Meet (With) the Beatles and Yellow Submarine! So i tried to do some i have x)! I hope everyone likes it! Thanks for like my stuff!
( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

Sorry for crappy pictures xDDD

I tried my best for this and i like it a lot <3 I’m gonna take a break for CC making for now, i’m gonna do Lookbooks or share Sims! I’m taking Sim request!  (*≧ω≦*)

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  • Ramones
  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers
  • Joy Division
  • Catfish and the Bottlemen
  • Nirvana
  • Future Generations 
  • Muse
  • Green Day
  • 30 seconds to Mars
  • Pink Floyd 
  • Arctic Monkeys
  • Misfits
  • Sex Pistols
  • Eagles (Hotel California)
  • The Who
  • Siouxsie and the Banshees
  • The Beatles
  • Queen 
  • Rolling Stones
  • Nine Inch Nails
  • Blink 182
  • The Cure
  • Florence and the Machine
  • Freddie Mercury

♥——————————————— ♥  ———————————————–♥ 


♥——————————————— ♥  ———————————————–♥

I think thats all!

Thanks for downloading and Have fun!!

If something wrong with the links or other things, please send me a message :D If you use my cc tag me #PR_Supernovasims or mysims4screenshots and i will like it and reblog the pictures!!!! 

Houses During Pride Month
  • I am a shit who never posts and I'm only posting now because I signed up for a summer class at my new school that starts on Tuesday and I have 40 pages of homework problems. Yes.
  • Gryffindor: They are into everything happening, they're showing up at every fricking event. Would totally punch a punk in the face for making a homophobic comment. Just like a giant party. Pride colors all the way.
  • Ravenclaw: Has made so many signs. Why so many signs? You don't know. They don't know either. Signs everywhere. And stickers, but mostly signs.
  • Slythein: Wearing the most obnoxiously overdone clothing possible just to piss people off. If not, literally doesn't talk about it at all until someone makes a comment to their face that's homophobic and they just smile and stare into their eyes while they reveal their sexual/gender preferences.
  • Hufflepuff: Is hosting all the best house parties, has stickers all over their car. Might do something really cute like make pride cupcakes or wear a custom shirt.

Veranka’s “Lala Crop Tee” Recolored

I’m smitten with the adorable animal graphics that came with the full body outfit in City Living, but I needed more versatility and decided to transfer them to Veranka’s amazing little crop tops. There’s twelve swatches (with both the puppy and kitty designs) but you need to grab the mesh here for them to show up!


I added 13 new designs from various EA textures for a total of 25 swatches.

tuckable t-shirts 01

So, a while ago I wanted to make all those t-shirts tuckable because I never use them otherwise, and first I couldn’t do it, then I could almost do it and after that I ignored that I wanted to do it. Now I did it though.

this is part one of that project - tuckable overrides for all crewneck t-shirts! you can pick specific ones you want, or just download the merged file (”…crewneck.package”). The shirts work perfectly fine on female framed sims, they probably don’t work that nicely on male framed sims.

  • 01: the shirt where the first swatch is that black one with the weird skul-like print
  • 02itsonus: the shirt with the It’s on us print (see preview picture, l.)
  • 03lightblulb: the shirt with the lightbulb on it
  • 04anniversary: the green shirt we got for the sims’ anniversary (see preview picture, r.)
  • 05chicken: the shirt with the first swatch being purple and having a chicken print



I decided to give you guys a gift because I hit my first follower milestone! I just became a member of the S4 Simblr community about 2 weeks ago and I’m glad I did. You guys are sooooo awesome! *inserts crying emoji here*

So, I have a bunch of shirts I’ve made for male sims (don’t worry I have something for da ladies coming soon). It’s a continuation of the “Hypebeast Tees” I made for girls… except this time with a larger variety. All of the tshirts aren’t pictured.

Brands included are: Gosha Rubchinskiy, CDG, BAPE, Thrasher, and more.

I also threw in three sweatshirts from the 2015-2016 CDG x Supreme collab. I want to give credit to @younzoey-sims for their mesh that you will need to download here.

Thank you guys! ♥

DOWNLOAD // SimFileShare

Casual Lookbook!

Thank you to the cc creators

Please leave me a question if you have any style of lookbooks you want me to do!

Please tell me if the links dont work/are wrong, or if i tagged the wrong person!

First look:

Second look:

Third look:

Fourth look:

Fifth look:

Let me know your opinion on these looks! i’d love to know :)

Have a lovley day! x


After a little under 4 years of wearing nothing but black, I’ve decided to establish a new clothing aesthetic for myself! Still mostly black, but I’m gonna start wearing pastels that I’ve decorated myself! Here’s my first two shirts that I’ve done! I’m in love with the phrase “stimming is winning”!

[Description: 4 pictures, the first two have a main focus of a mostly white with a red and purple plaid design, the text reads “scary people normal me” with a picture of a scared face. The second two pictures have a main focus of a red and yellow tie-dyed t shirt with text reading “stimming is winning”, the shirt is being modeled by a white agender teen in the last picture.]


Meellanie Gift 500 followers <3 Thank You !!! <33





Abracadabra! You're pulling the rabbit out of where?!?!

Not really a fuck anybody but a positive story that I really wanted to share with you all. It’s a bit long but worth it. TLDR at the end.

I have 2 rabbits. I was told they were both female. They are not. Now I have 11 baby rabbits. One of the babies is quite a bit smaller than the others and he had squirmed out of the nest so he was really cold and stiff when I checked on him this morning. I was running late for work so I grabbed him and tucked him inside my bra to try and warm him up and then I forgot about him.

I got to work and was talking to my manager when all of a sudden the rabbit woke up. He stopped mid sentence and said “Did your boobs just squeak?” And he just looked so alarmed it was hilarious. So I explained why I had a squeaky baby rabbit stuffed down my shirt and then he called all of my coworkers over to come see the baby and we all had a good laugh.

He said that I could keep the baby with me while I was on register so I bought some kitten formula and a dropper and fed it whenever it got noisy. Animals are allowed in the store so nobody minded.

All day long customers would see my shirt randomly squirm and I’d show them the baby and they’d laugh. One guy saw me pat my boobs and say “Calm down I just fed you, you’re fine.” And he just looked so confused. 😂😂My manager said that if it survives it can be our unofficial store mascot and come to work with me everyday. It was pretty much my best shift ever.

TLDR: I freaked a bunch of people out with my boob rabbit. 🐰🐰