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i have determined that the walmart vest is essentially an invisibility cloak, unless a customer wants something. 

stocking shelves: customer will walk right by you and take items from your cart or just plain go through your items as though you aren’t there

actually, this one time i was zoning and this man asked a random woman going through the table i was standing at where some shirts were. she said she didn’t know and when i told him where they were she turned and looked at me as though i had materialized out of nowhere.


Ms. Somerville | Closed.

Flannel shirt protecting his skin from the hot summer son, carpenter Kellen Ross made his way back and forth from the art room of the old school. A school he had once attended long ago. With him he carried custom shelving he had made himself for the art room. “Where abouts would you like me to set these up for you Ms. Somerville?”


New Year’s Design Resolution #1:

Think about what my spaces need, then organize them. Custom shelving is a great way to turn a smaller laundry room into a functional powerhouse. Don’t quite have this much space at home? That’s why we love customization. Add a few drying bars, shelves for detergent and cleaner and baskets to store odds and ends.

It’s a new year. Get organized.

samstevebucky week day one - tropes - fake dating 

sam and bucky are on an undercover mission with natasha, steve back home because he’s just not meant for undercover work. at all. natasha is playing the owner of a new antiques bookshop, located right across from her mark’s little card shop, and sam’s her cashier. the two of the keep note of who comes in and who comes out. bucky is…sam can guess what he’s doing to scope out the mark, but isn’t positive; bucky’s “official” job at the bookstore is the delivery guy. 

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We love to see our customer’s completed DIY photos. One in California completely redid this wall, starting with the barn door with oil rubbed bronze hardware. He also attached fencing to the wall, sanded and stained to look aged, then took it a step further with custom shelves. He said the entire project took about a week. 

308 Shelf by Vintage Industrial Furniture


Shelf Concept by Vintage Industrial Furniture


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