custom sheath


My take on a Strider knives SLCC .

3.5 mm thick old high carbon saw blade steel etched and stonewashed .

Bone linen micarta scales over double copper clad G-10 liners with copper hardware .

 from this post here

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Custom kydex for a SOG SEAL Pup knife .

The customer requested scout carry via a tek lock with inline fire -steel holder to carry a modded LMF army fire steel with gutted 550 fire-cord tinder over wrap sealed in heatshrink .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


I’m loving the spalted flame box elder from @outbacktimbers on this pair of production tantos. The horizontal carry piggy back sheath is designed for left hip carry, for a right hand cross body draw.

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Fed-Ex’s big sale.

I find myself in need of money badly so I am gonna sell some things. If interested you can PM me for more pics too. Prices are open to negotiations.

G2 Spatha - made from high carbon steel its beautiful and very functional. Comes with original plain black leather sheath - $100 shipped

Trench Spike - Abomination made from a cheap bud k replica trench knife and a hardened and sharpened bolt. Punches and stabs very well. Custom made scrap leather sheath with it. - $50 shipped

Grenade Flail - made from a tire thumper handle and screw carabiners to adjust chain length. Empty pineapple grenade shell, crushes things very well. - $40 shipped

Siminov Spike - SKS Spike bayonet sharpened to a point and JB welded to a .50 BMG case then wrapped in the finger from a baseball glove to give it grip. Comes with a sheath made from a belt. Real wasteland looking dagger that’s strongnenough to snap arms too. - $60 shipped

SKS-D with rail, bipod and Tasco Scope. Decently accurate and takes AK magazines. Must be shipped through FFL unless you are in southern Utah - $600

SKS-M with custom Thumbhole stock. Takes AK magazines. Must be shipped through FFL unless you are in southern Utah - $600

Red Cactus Jelly - have a couple jars left. Gonna be a bit at $10 a jar but that also covers shipping.

PM me with any questions.


Ulu Dawn .

 A Neo-tribal style Ulu knife I made up for a very good customer in the US who had grown up in Alaska .

 The blade is recycled high carbon saw blade steel with forge finish and has a Nessmuk style tip one end and a more pointed drop point at the other .

The handle is Red deer stag antler from the herd I used to look after , the cut ends have been sealed with copper dust / epoxy mix .

The pins are square head copper boat nails , scavenged from an old wreck on the Jurassic coast and the tang has been wrapped in 3 strand braided sinew .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Rustic wet formed veg- tan leather sheath for my Compact Clip point knife .

 Distressed on the workshop floor , double brown sponge dyed for an aged effect and then fully stonewashed . Hammered copper saddlery rivets and brass kydex eyelets . 

Sheath can be carried vertical or horizontal scout carry via a tek -lock or by belt loop extender .

 Available now .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Wharnie sheathed .

Wet formed veg- tan leather , distressed double dyed and stonewashed sheath with hammered copper saddlery rivets for my wenge wood handled wharncliffe.

 Available now to over 18′s only , please contact at the email below .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


For most of the summer I was carrying and testing out my Nessmuk cleaver in a factory made CB molle sheath until I got around to making up a kydex sheath for it .

I added a molle kifaru GPS pouch to the front which held a basic FAK , LM multi tool ,  main and back up torch / batteries , CF Go tube , technora cord ,whistle and fire-steel / tungsten striker .

Or could add x2 single stack pouch’s to the front to carry a larger x2 CRI23 torch and my Spyderco Manix .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from