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Here’s a giant #camp #knife #forged out of #1095 #highcarbonsteel with a #stabilized #maple #burl handle and #custom #leather sheath.
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So here’s that hawk mask that I recently finished off , its a basic friction fit sheath .

Made from 4.5 mm wet formed veg tan leather which was then distressed on the workshop floor .

 Old copper was then shaped and hammered into place , then drilled and  riveted with copper saddlery rivets before being aged with brass black .

 The leather was then double dyed dark brown and then light for an aged effect before being rubbed back with wire wool for a scuffed effect.

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Some of today’s work and the start of this weeks camp machetes!! These will be available when completed. I am accepting preorders for these blades now at $50 down. Then end price will be $250. That’s with a custom sheath, handle material of your choice and carved runes a long the side of the blade. Message me here or visit my website.

Thanks everyone!!


I’m loving the spalted flame box elder from @outbacktimbers on this pair of production tantos. The horizontal carry piggy back sheath is designed for left hip carry, for a right hand cross body draw.

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Copper bush.

A slim bushie style blade perhaps a take on a full tang’d Puukko in 4mm 01 tool steel etched in ferric with a hint of copper .

Scales are Bocote (Mexican Rosewood ) over copper clad G-10 liners with copper and brass Loveless bolts and copper lanyard tube .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Rustic wet formed veg- tan leather sheath for my Compact Clip point knife .

 Distressed on the workshop floor , double brown sponge dyed for an aged effect and then fully stonewashed . Hammered copper saddlery rivets and brass kydex eyelets . 

Sheath can be carried vertical or horizontal scout carry via a tek -lock or by belt loop extender .

 Available now .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from


Fed-Ex’s big sale.

I find myself in need of money badly so I am gonna sell some things. If interested you can PM me for more pics too. Prices are open to negotiations.

G2 Spatha - made from high carbon steel its beautiful and very functional. Comes with original plain black leather sheath - $100 shipped

Trench Spike - Abomination made from a cheap bud k replica trench knife and a hardened and sharpened bolt. Punches and stabs very well. Custom made scrap leather sheath with it. - $50 shipped

Grenade Flail - made from a tire thumper handle and screw carabiners to adjust chain length. Empty pineapple grenade shell, crushes things very well. - $40 shipped

Siminov Spike - SKS Spike bayonet sharpened to a point and JB welded to a .50 BMG case then wrapped in the finger from a baseball glove to give it grip. Comes with a sheath made from a belt. Real wasteland looking dagger that’s strongnenough to snap arms too. - $60 shipped

SKS-D with rail, bipod and Tasco Scope. Decently accurate and takes AK magazines. Must be shipped through FFL unless you are in southern Utah - $600

SKS-M with custom Thumbhole stock. Takes AK magazines. Must be shipped through FFL unless you are in southern Utah - $600

Red Cactus Jelly - have a couple jars left. Gonna be a bit at $10 a jar but that also covers shipping.

PM me with any questions.


Wharnie sheathed .

Wet formed veg- tan leather , distressed double dyed and stonewashed sheath with hammered copper saddlery rivets for my wenge wood handled wharncliffe.

 Available now to over 18′s only , please contact at the email below .

Custom knives , sheaths and gear from

Three Gifts For The Birthday Boy

Fic Request: Lydia is over reacting at school infront of Allison because it’s stiles 18th birthday and she doesn’t know what to get him. When stiles is around her she gets nervous because of the present. Whenever she is freaking out to Allison about it she just smiles at Lydia trying not to laugh:) Malia and stiles aren’t together.

Rating: K

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Canon Divergence 

Author: itsmylifeonfilm

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Things commonly found on my person; beyond my wallet and keys (V) For the days I’m in a savage mood.

Dakota pocket watch with fob.(fob commemorates 1916 Mexican Boarder service) The ministers companion, 8deco pipe tool, Savage 1907 automatic c.1911, Missouri Meerschaum Diplomat, Solingen edge bowie with stag grips, Customized Solingen sheath to fit horizontal in small of back.


Copper Opi.

Made up some time ago for a customer if I recall it was a high carbon Opinel 10 blade etched and stonewashed in a hammer hardened  copper higonokami style .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from