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K’s Sterek Starter Kit

We heard there are new people still coming! Poor souls, that’s gonna be a painful journey, but trust me, I would not change it for anything else!

This list is my personal STEREK STARTER KIT/STEREK MUST READ LIST, so I hope you will enjoy it! (most of the links are to our recs, where you can find more details and notes ;))

The first thing I always recommend new people in fandom is Important Things by suzvoy (which was my first Sterek fic and I love it to bits and pieces) and it works like a charm every time!

Then you just have to read (Sacred) In the Ordinary by idyll because of reasons.

Best Harry Potter AU every fandom needs? I’m sure you will just love Untamed by rosepetals42.

The happy making ones you can read over and over again:

This is not even a fic, but you have to see it - Needs More Sparkly Pens by mm_coconut

Some more serious fics, which I love forever:

The one that will make you love Allison, if you don’t already - You Know What I Mean by stilinskisparkles

And this one make you love Peter for sure - The More Things Change by KouriArashi

The original ones with amazing plots:

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I repainted this Hasbro Rapunzel to look like the animated version of Rapunzel from the new Tangled series!

I’ll take better photos tomorrow, but I wanted to share this now because I’m really happy with how she turned out!

Thank God for Spring Break!! I’m going to be as creative and productive as possible this week!

Tomorrow I’m planning to stop at Toysrus get a Hasbro Snow White to turn into Cassandra. I’m still contemplating how I’m going to make a Eugene to go with Rapunzel…

I just can’t wait for the official merch to come out so I’m just creating my own lol


I thought it was about time to share my Violet Baudelaire doll custom!! Because tomorrow is the big day!!! I can’t wait too watch the Netflix adaptation!!! I’m so happy I finally have my own Violet doll, like, I wanted this since forever!! I hope you like this Very Fancy Doll custom 👀 btw this is the first thing I ever sewed, it’s totally handmade. I hope you like it (and I hope to learn how to sew better in time) 😊

Kane Shepard - War Hero

At some point after the Skyllian Blitz, Kane was offered cosmetic surgery to remove the scars, she declined, she saw the scars as a reminder of the terrible battle and how grateful she’s of surviving it. (boy was she pissed when they were removed by Cerberus)

Stiles gets up from his place on the couch and puts all the albums away. He walks back to where Derek is still sketching and taps his fingers on the counter to get his attention. When Derek looks up at him with those ridiculous light green eyes, Stiles blurts, “I want you to do me.”

Derek looks stricken for a moment before letting his eyebrows climb up almost to his hairline. He doesn’t say anything, and it takes about three seconds for Stiles to realize what he said.

“Oh my God. No. That’s not what I meant,” he sputters, feeling his cheeks redden. It really wasn’t what he meant, expect that he totally did. “I meant I want you to tattoo me. Not do me. I went through your stuff and I’m seriously impressed, and it’d be an honor to have your art somewhere on my body. Yeah. Right.”

How Stiles met Derek and promptly made an idiot out of himself. From Thank You For My Sex Life (first instalment of the Stilinski Custom Cakes series) by wearing_tearing (dylansneck). 

I know that I exaggerated Stiles’ reaction quite a bit but I had lots of fun drawing his embarrassed realisation so there.