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Rainbow Sherbert

This pretty girl was modified from the pony Sherbert from the Sundae best line of G1 ponies. She came to me with a short hair cut and rubbed symbols. I decided to brighter up her drab color scheme for the restoration and repainted her symbol to be more than one color and also repainted her eyes and put glitter in the sealant.

I don’t remember all of the colors I used for the rehair. I think, firebird, sea nymph, sour apple martini, and cherry? I’m not one hundred percent on it though. The hair is secured through the loop and knot method and no glue was used. Hair is very secure and stands up to tough play and brushing as well as any store bought pony.

I love this girl <3        

More restoration than custom, this incredible 1968 Benelli 250 has just been sold at the @classicdriver auction in Zurich. At first glimpse you’d figure it would command a pretty penny—it is an absolute stunner—but you’d be wrong. The hammer dropped for a very reasonable US$13,000.
That baby blue color is so irresistible, we’ve made it one of our Bikes Of The Week. Hit the link in our bio to see the rest.
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faith in customers restored: at the bakery where I work there's a regular who comes in and makes every effort to learn each server's name. we all love him. we would probably give him discounts if we could.


Animated card of the day – 05/11/2015

Death Wind (Avacyn Restored)
Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Tomorrow’s animated card features a scene from The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. Can you guess which card will it be?

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So this vintage Ken was probably one of my last vintage purchases before I completely felt bluh at getting more a few months ago. Like he came to me practically *new* feeling cuz his head hasn’t shrunk, his limbs were tight and his remaining paint was perfect. But he was completely missing an eye and eyebrow and I really felt trapped, custom/restoring wise.

Because if both his eyes were damaged I would have comfortable about either repainting or restoring him. But since I would have needed to start from scratch on one eye to match the perfect eye, or wipe a perfectly good eye paint.

So he’s just been sitting around, a representation of my feelings for vintage dolls being burnt out and how creatively burnt out I was.

But I’ve been trying to approach the hobby a bit differently and trying not to pressure myself so much so I decided to have a bit of fun while keeping his original paint intact.

It’s not a *perfect* custom but if it was it’d never be done.



If anyone was wondering “how can I decide if a pony is okay to bait?” here’s a “how to” guide; namely, “how NOT to decide which pony is okay to bait.” XD

“Your pony, your choice” applies when it comes to customizing/restoring ponies, but I cringed when I saw the above photos and discussion taking place!! In this lot (if you can’t tell), we have a handful of truly baity ponies, and a great-condition Wigwam and deflocked Angel, both HTF ponies!! YIKES!! 

Please, please customize with care, everyone! For G1 ponies especially, they are getting less and less common, and if you carelessly bait ponies that someone might like to have in their collection, not only are you taking one more rare pony out of circulation, but you also make a bad name for other customizers. 

Goofus baits ponies irresponsibly and brags about how he’s going to turn a rare pony into a $250.00 custom in collector’s forums; Gallant chooses ponies with care and only baits those that cannot be restored any other way! 

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omg I'm sure curious bc a while ago u commented on like a post of mine about Cas having his own makeup line and I was so curious about ur headcannons can u share a few please ❤️❤️❤️


ok so. here’s just a few

  • cas would be a very hard worker, sometimes to the point of overworking and exhausting himself. this comes from his fear that people won’t take him seriously due to his young age, so he works extra hard to compensate
  • cas is, of course, quite popular on youtube because he makes sure to do frequent makeup video tutorials, “read ready with me”s, etc
  • cas takes pride in being a feminine male in the makeup industry
  • cas is sometimes his own product/swatch model on his sites and ads (his customers definitely do not mind)
  • cas wears makeup casually, not just for professional industry reasons
  • cas’s makeup line is vegan and cruelty-free
  • all the money he earns from his makeup industry success lands him a very fancy apartment, and his neighbor happens to be dean winchester, who owns a very successful business customizing cars and restoring classic cars
  • they meet because one time the mailman accidentally delivers about 30 lipsticks, glosses, highlighters, and eyeshadows to dean’s mailbox instead of cas’s