custom pocket tank

After sixty hours of playing Mercy, I got fed up with my teammates not noticing I’m even there. They’d scatter to the four winds and leave me alone with pretty much the entire enemy team…

I flipped a table and hissed “You know what?! If no one’s going to protect Mercy, then I WILL.”

I’m pseudo-maining now.

She’s actually?? The perfect bodyguard??? Her entire kit feels custom-made for pocket-tanking for Mercy!!!

I’m escorting my angel up to the safety of high ground every chance I get.

I’m aggressively boosting into the face of any enemy stupid enough to target my Mercy.

90% of my Defense Matrix use is blocking shots aimed at Mercy while I get into position to body block them.

Sometimes, I’ll be deliberately careless and take a !%#$ton of damage, then DM/boost away before I de-mech to give my Mercy loooots of ult charge (having 600 HP is frikkin’ AWESOME). Even when I don’t do it on purpose, I always keep in range of Mercy so she can use me as an ult battery.

There was this one comp game where there was a Genji AND a Tracer making it their mission to make our Mercy’s life hell, but it just. Wasn’t. Happening!! My bodyguard experience culminated in a game where I wrecked their faces every single time they tried!

I asked the guy playing Mercy that match about how many times he died afterwards. It was only TWICE. The first time was when I was still in the process of getting back into my mech, the other time was a suicide rez to save me and our Reinhardt. Both times, I backed up as soon as I could to give Mercy a Guardian Angel boost from spawn.

I have more fun doting on my Mercy than I do actually playing the objective. Kills are always more satisfying when they’re for the sake of defending her!!!