custom mtg


Well everyone, it happened. 

As one usually does, I will be celebrating this mile marker with a giveaway! 

Here are the Rules:

  1. Reblog this post to enter. One entry per person. Multiple reblogs will not help your chances.
  2.  A follow will count as another entry. Following is completely optional, of course. I wouldn’t want to force anyone to follow me. Having two entries will definitely increase your odds of winning though.
  3. There will be 3 winners..
    • First place winner will get the Amonkhet Invocation Worship. You heard that right, an invocation as first place prize. 
    • Second Place will receive these copies of Sign in Blood and Mana Leak, signed by the artist.
    • Finally, Third Place will receive 3 proxies. These proxies can be tokens, tricked out commander card, or even a custom card you may have made and would like a physical copy.

I am more than happy to send anywhere in the world, though, if the winners live somewhere that will cost an extreme amount to send, we may want to work something out. 

This giveaway ends on June 1st. If the winner does not come forward to claim their prize within 2 days of the announcement, they forfit their prize and whoever is in 2nd wil 1st, whoever is 3rd will become 2nd, and a new 3rd place will be chosen.


THE BOX IS DONE 🔥🔥🔥 a custom deck box for a very patient and awesome person, decked out with wood-burned card art. Juicy Jace, Umezawa’s Jitte. The back is Tolarian Academy, Griselbrand, and Thalia. The front is Birds of Paradise, Karn, and Sensei’s Divining Top (which was extra spicy to burn). The bottom is a promo art of Hypnotic Spectre vs Serra Angel.


Magicwatch Anniversary!

I thought it’d be fun to celebrate the game’s birthday by making promos of my Magicwatch cards. Look at that pretty art.

Honestly this game has meant a lot to me and has been a great comfort in an otherwise rough year. Honestly it’s so nice for there to finally be a Blizz game I can bond with other’s over, and I feel like it’s made me closer to my friends in general. The characters are wonderful and it’s the first ever game to really bring out the competitive streak in me. Thanks Blizz, you really hit it out of the park with this one. So then, here’s to another year!

A Black Lotus, artwork done by @isharton I believe? I found the proxy on a Google plus group and I just wanted a soothing art project for my Saturday night.

I definitely don’t take any credit in any way for the artwork or border or anything. I only printed it out and foiled it.

You can also see up at the top there is a mistake. Still fun to make though! Thought I’d share!

Thoughts? :)


Awesome art by @zhjake 

While making these, I followed a very strict set of rules:
First, each card will be a two hybrid mana 2/2.
Second, each card will have three activated abilities (one of each color and one of both colors) with a mana cost of two.
Third, the final ability effects only the creature itself.

I also tried my best to have the abilities work well with each other without being the same ability as another card. Of course, this got harder as I got closer to finishing the cycle.

One last note is that some of these might be pretty strong as my brain fried while making them, so if you have any ideas that would help balance them while sticking to the rules, it would be most appreciated.


Desgined by thehuw on the Magic Set Editor website.

Hmm this is interesting… I like how many options this card has. If you need the mana, you can use it to help ramp you (probably slightly later on when you have more permenants in graveyard), if you need some tiny extra damage in you can swing normally, or you can block with this and then turn it into a land to stop it from dying, making it a very effective blocker.