custom model kit



this is Bandai’s model kit mega Lucario or poke Plamo Mega Lucario if interested, I dont really recommend if you are a general collector because it does not come assembled and is also unpainted as you can see in some pics, i also filled up some holes it had with putty otherwise it’ll look horrible. 

It is pretty cool and is a good size for a smash collection however, you know how we do.

But if you dont want to paint or are not particularly good at it this is going to suck. otherwise is a pretty good figure. anyways Im just showing up my final result, I had fun painting it and though some of you might appreciate it. I’ll keep posting more random customs and collection pieces soon.


I finished up painting my Gourai a few hours ago! I tried out some different painting and weathering techniques on her and I think it came out pretty good. Though I do think I went a little overboard with the chipping. Over all this was a really fun kit to work on, I’ll definitely look into more things from kotobukiya in the future! 


Human Controlled evolution; living, breathing machines. [Photoset of custom HMM Liger Zero ‘Icarus Zero’]

A companion photoset to my other post about Icarus Zero [here], with a more Deus Ex-flavour. It was a bit of a challenge, photographing a gloss black kit in front of a gloss game package and the Deus Ex artbook but I think they turned out well! The LED lighting is fully integrated into the body of the kit and is designed to simulate overheating/core melt from excess power consumption.

Below the readmore is a bit of Deus Ex flavour text/world building and ‘technical spec sheet’ of Icarus Zero. It’s ‘creation’ places it after the ending of the video game: Deus Ex;Human Revolution.

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