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bagog  asked:

Ben Shepard is a little disconnected, but is trying really hard. He's always watching and trying to figure out what people are REALLY saying. Physically, he's got a thick neck, big nose, and wide lips, and his resting face looks a little like he might cry. My blog url + /tagged/pictures-of-ben-shepard if you want to look? THIS IS COOL!

Woo! I literally didn`t sleep several days just to make it right. The most fave Shepard for my the most fav writer, @bagog ! You know, you beautiful son needs some flowers and lots of love.


So, third go on the Citadel DLC, dumb thing I noticed that’s probably not worth bringing up, but here we go anyway because any excuse to show off my Shepards and justify my buying game capture devices.

For reference: 

Top Row, Bastian (Sentinel, Renegon)

Middle Row, Selene (Infiltrator, Paragon)

Bottom Row, Sloane (Vanguard, Paragade)

Err, that is, that’s who they’re clones of, anyway.

The Infiltrator is the one I’m playing as right now. So, having played the other two first, I figured it doesn’t matter what weapons use, the clone is always going to have that same N7 armor and a shotgun. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see Selene’s clone not only using a sniper rifle, but N7 armor with a slight adjustment.

I just thought it curious since I would have assumed Paragons=Blue N7 armor and Renegades=Red N7 armor, but Sloane is (mostly) a Paragon as well, as implicated by saying “Well, that’s just creepy,” against the Renegade, “Unacceptable!”.

So I guess… red armor indicates biotics? Blue indicates tech or… simply lack of biotics? Anyone else notice this?

Anyway, just thought it was nice that there was some variation. 

And yes, I do realize there’s a difference in size and quality. I’m…between capture boxes.

What To Tag Custom OCs As

I’m just dropping by to say something that’s been happening a lot, both with custom Sheps as well as custom Hawkes in the DA fandom.

  • Jane Shepard is the default female red head & only refers to her (unless someone really named their Shepard-Jane)
  • Jane Shepard is not someones custom Shepard.
  • John Shepard or the abbreviation, Sheploois the default male Shepard, modeled after Mark Vanderloo (unless someone really named their Shepard-John)
  • John Shepard/Sheploo is not someones custom Shepard.
  • Do not use Sheploo for custom male Shepards.
  • Femshep is for any female Shepards, maleshep is for any male Shepards, Commander Shepard or Shepard are good for any regardless of gender. All of these are acceptable for default & custom Shepards.
  • Marian Hawke is the default pale short black haired female Hawke.
  • Garrett Hawke is the default pale black haired grizzled male Hawke.
  • Do not use “Marian Hawke”, “Garrett Hawke”, “Default Hawke” for custom Hawkes, regardless if they use the same hairstyle.
  • Hawke is an acceptable tag for those who you are unsure of their first name & are good for any regardless of gender & regardless if they are custom or default

Please, out of courtesy for the original poster do not misname/tag their OCs, especially for POC characters (that’s white washing, eeek!). This is why I conveniently have two separate tags for default Jane & custom Shepards that I do not know the names of off the top of my head.

In the future if you reblog a custom Shepard from me & incorrectly name them, I will ask you to fix it. It takes two seconds to look in the tags for their name, but it means a lot to the OP. 

Thank you