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RFA + Saeran (my bby) reaction to an s/o who is really submissive in bed?

Alright Mod Unknown here and bringing my first NSFW HC!! 
Listen, THIS IS SUPER NSFW. (also it’s my first time doing HC so be patient with me) These are basically longish HC scenarios lol
Please read ONLY if you feel comfortable with D/s, major sexual themes, daddy kinks, and other of the good stuff.
p.s I didnt get a chance to do Jaehee but I’ll work with her on a different post. I’m super sleepy and can’t save this as a draft without it messing up! Also with how tired i am, I slacked off with the last two a bit! my apologies. BUT PLEASE ENJOY THESE!! :D

Saeran (He is going first bc he is OUR bby and thats my boo)

  • Holy fuck Saeran was born to be the dominant one fuck me pls

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Maid Marian Queen of the Merry Men Custom Funko (from 4.17)

I fell in love with Christie Laing again after watching her con panel this weekend and decided to do a custom funko for her… and as you’ll see that quickly got out of hand.  This is what I think of as her “Queen of the Merry Men” look designed for blending into the forest.  She’s a Triss body from Witcher III with her fireball very careflly removed.  Her head is Beca from Pitch Perfect.  She got a full face paint and a little apoxie cloak.

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.


Shadow Keaton

Background: (in progress) A custom shadow fox made for Helena, the daughter of Moonbay, by entrepreneur McMann. Due to some bad intel Helena attempted to steal the base shadow fox from McMann but was caught in the act. Rather than turn her over to the authorities, McMann instead made a deal with her, impressed by her capabilities, he enlisted her as advertisement of sorts. He would give her the fox and customize it, in return she would travel to zoids shows to display the new zoid, and send most of her winnings back to McMann to pay off her debt for the zoid and parts. The color scheme came from the legend of the goddess Quetzalcoatl.

Beam Katana x2
35mm pulse laser rifle x2
Electron Bite Fangs
Strike Laser Claw x4

Optic camouflage
3D Radar
Smoke Discharger x4
Ion Booster x4

Crew: 1
Weight: 55 tons
Max Speed: 220 mph

The build:
An hmm shadow fox and the 9 tails conversion kit by Metal Plus. The paint scheme is inspired by Lucoa’s hair from Kobayashi Dragon Maid. The tails are a bit of a pain and like to fall apart or just fall off, but they look very awesome and I’m very happy I bought this kit. Let me know what you think!

u know what’s a really fun nice thing to do when shoe shopping???

cleaning the fuck up after yourself.

different // yoongi

word count // 7.4k

genre // fluff

summary //  in which tattooartist!yoongi meets floral!reader because he needs to practice drawing flowers for his job

a/n // so this was only supposed to be like 3k words??? but i got carried away.  anyways i hope you guys enjoy and the beginning starts out a little slow but i wanted to provide a little background (also theres a prompt for this somewhere on tumblr but i cant find it anymore)

Everything was familiar to you.  After spending your entire life stuck in the same city you born in, everything became routine.  From where you shopped to the people who passed you on the street, nothing in your life changed.  You smiled and greeted the same neighbours you had since you were little when they passed you on your way home from work.  You chatted your way through the same cashiers that were now much older who could remember you from when you couldn’t see above the cash register.  The same people always made your coffee, the same people always delivered the mail, and the same people always walked their dogs next to you while you rushed to get to work.  

You had grown accustomed to the familiarity.  How could you not?  It was comforting and allowed you to find peace in your life.  Nothing necessarily interesting popped out and surprised you at less than desirable moments.  Which is what you found happened when you were forced into family vacations to other cities, and sometimes even other countries.  The entire time you would spend moping around, uncomfortable and uneasy even when you were supposed to be having a fun time.  

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Customers: think about your actions
  • Customer: (drops her empty straw wrapper in front of barista)
  • Barista: (deliberately picks up straw wrapper)
  • Customer: (smiles and laughs) Oh don't worry about it, you're not my maid!

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If possible, would you allow customers to tell/listen to stories about the customer/butler/maid's life?

Everyone: Yes?

Allura: Within reason.

A.N. this was a little too open-ended. Also, a good time to remind people who don’t know. There is a fic that runs side by side with this blog. In fact, the fic came first. IT’s right HERE! VOLTRON CAFE If that’s not what you meant then please ask again. What stories you wanna here!

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Concept: Each cell in Nanba Prison is a cafe. What type of cafe would the cells be?

I was having a small chat with my close friends, so most credit goes to them

Building 3/Cell 6 :

You know those rich ass fancy themed cafès? Thats building 3 for you. Butler Cafè! They are dressed are up in fancy ass clothing, suits, bowties, gloves and so on. Honey and Trois are already quite popular around the ladies, so theres no surprise they are the most popular cafè in Nanba, with cell 13 close behind

Building 4/Cell 10:

A simple and innocent idea that was suggested by Musashi, animal Cafè! Though, Musashi is the only one in his cell, he had to get together with others. They kinda just hopped on his idea since they couldn`t come up with something themself. 

They would all be wearing different types of themed clothing. Musashi would be dressed up as a cat. Ofcourse Musashi would be wearing a long tail with big fluffy cat ears.

Building 5/Cell 8:

A scary haunted house themed cafè suits Cell 8 just perfectly. Upa would be a flying ghost, Qi would mostly be slacking off by just dressing up as a mummy to scare those who pass by and Liang would be dressed up as a zombie. They serve halloween themed food, so get ready for the spooks!

Building 13/Cell 13:

It was Unos idea, so there were no doubt that it wouldn`t happen. They were fighting about the idea for the theme, but Uno settled them down. Maid Cafè! They would wear custom made maid costumes that Mitsuru had bought online. 

Uno would be the most popular and requested maid, with Nico close behind him. Jyugo and Rock would mostly be the side cast, since they aren`t that found of being dressed up like this