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Matt Bellamy’s Manson guitar Chrome Bomber was first used live on 13th of May 2006 at Radio 1’s Big Weekend, and is featured in the music video for Knights of Cydonia. It’s similar to Manson Bomber, but with slight adjustments, and it has a different, clearer chrome coating.

Up until the Detroit gig in 2013 during The 2nd Law Tour, the guitar was used live only for Knights of Cydonia and was then reduced to a backup in preference of the Manson Ali Top, but on May 8th 2015 at the Webster theatre gig in New York it was also used during Bliss and Hysteria.


Prince Owned & Worn Custom Made Pants

A pair of purple grosgrain custom-made pants owned and worn circa 1982-1985 by Prince.  These pants are identical in color and fabric to a jacket Prince wore during a photo session with legendary photographer Richard Avedon on December 22, 1982 (which later appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone’s Prince memorial issue.)

As detailed in the accompanying letter of provenance, these pants were part of group of Prince’s clothes dropped off by Prince’s longtime bodyguard, Big Chick Huntsberry, at a Minneaopolis area dry cleaners in 1985.  The letter notes “The articles of clothing were never picked up; many attempts were made to contact Charles (Big Chick) to no avail.  Charles Huntsberry did leave Prince’s employ sometime in 1985.  This may be the reason the clothing was never claimed.”  It notes that the cleaners had a policy that clothing not claimed after one year was to be discarded or donated.  We purchased these pants from a former employee of the cleaners who had kept them since 1986.

The pants are custom made, with a tiny 25″ waist, a 26 1/2″ inseam and an overall length of 38″.  The construction is very detailed, and even the zipper pull was painted purple originally.


Matt Bellamy’s Manson guitar Bomber was used for three years from 2003 to 2006, notably during the 2004 Absolution Tour, and made its last debut at Werchter in 2006. Bomber is also featured in music videos of Hysteria (US version) and Starlight.

Bomber is decorated with airplane rivets (from a scrap yard, presumably from the Second World War) to cover some faults in the chrome plate as the guitar needed to be done incredibly quickly, in only a few weeks time, to use it during touring. Hugh Manson commented on the guitar; “I was trying to make it look like a sort of burnt wing of a B52 bomber, I suppose. Luckily it turned out amazingly and it sounds awesome. It’s funny how something that starts out being a good project, goes through this potential disaster stage and comes round to being a massive success.”