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TalesFromRetail: Broken towel.

Hello, guys! I loved reading your stories so much I thought I would share one of mine.

Me: Hello mam! How are you today?

Customer: Thanks

Me: How may I help you today?

Customer: I would like to return my towel because I think it’s broken.

Me: What do you mean it’s broken?

Customer: Well, It’s not getting the water off my body! I think the fabric might be faulty.

(At this point I’m trying to keep myself from laughing)

Customer: I bought 4 of them and 2 of them are working but the other 2 are broken.

Me: Ok I’ll just call over the supervisor.

(Supervisor walks over)

Me: This customer said that her towel is broken and it’s not getting the water off.

Supervisor: Broken? Uhh. Have you tried putting it through the washing machine?

Customer: No but it’s because the fabric is faulty and it wouldn’t matter if it went through the wash.

(Supervisor gives her a refund and she was on her way)

By: disasterbenz


Dodge Tradesman A-100 Barris Supervan, 1966. Originally designed by George Barris as “The Love Machine” and reincarnated for the 1977 movie “SuperVan.” It appeared in a number of movies and TV shows, such as “Back to the Future II,” “Sea Quest” and “Solar Crisis.” It sold at auction in 2016 for $62,700

Life in the fast lanessss

Working at a grocery stores self-check outs (fast lanes as we call them, ironically). I hate working these things because I know I could check all of these people out faster than they could do it on these machines themselves, but at the same time I usually only ever use them myself when I’m shopping. I have no personal opinions on if the machines ‘steal jobs’ or not, but every once in a while the customers let me know their opinion the rise of the robots.
This customer took the cake though.

Customer finishes his purchase at the self-check out machine and comes over to me.

*Customer*: “These machines are stealing jobs you know! They’re taking jobs from people who could be cashiers!”
(Even if we did have actual lanes there, management would be too stingy to schedule more than one person there anyways…)
*Me* : “Really?? That’s weird… I seem to have a job?? Standing here… Watching the fast lanes :)))))))))”

*Customer*: “Well… Well ya! But, you know what I mean!!”

*Me*: “I don’t?? Besides, I didn’t put these here, someone had a job making them… And installing them… And maintains them… :)))))”

Exist hypocrite customer stage left.