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Cadena + Asociados’ il Mercato Gentiloni blends Mexican design with Italian cuisine 

The concept for Cadena + Asociados’ ‘il Mercato Gentiloni’ project is defined from the connecting threads between Mexico and Italy, Rome and Saltillo, Gentiloni – Arizpe, always appealing to this cultural encounter and personalities, highlighting the humor and authenticity that has accompanied the family. For this culinary space located in Saltillo, Mexico, aspects of the culture, architecture, flora and gastronomy of both countries are merged with the lifestyle, customs and personality of the Gentiloni – Arizpe family. a concept that transports users to a multi-sensory experience that has always been in the creators’ lives, one that narrates the millennial tradition, the exchange, the community and a moment through the flavors and aromas from the countryside and the world.