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Dragon Kin Chapter 1

Levy had a plan for her future and had worked hard to get to where she was and continues to do so to reach her goal, but though she grew up reading fairy tales she never expected her plans to change when she met and fell in love with a real fairy tale creature. AU. Mainly Gajevy but other Fairy Tail characters will appear as the story progresses. T for now for language, may change later.

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“Levy! I need you at the register!” Levy jerked, nearly knocking into a bookshelf in the process, at Zekua’s voice. 

“I’ll be right there Mr. Melon!” Levy replied as she hurried over behind the counter where a line was starting to form.

“I told you just Zekua is fine,” Zekua muttered, but Levy saw the kind smile as she took position at the register. As she dealt with the customers, Levy’s mind couldn’t help but wander back to a certain book she’d been looking forward to reading for sometime now.

‘It sucks I couldn’t get it when I first laid eyes on it, not when I had to pay for rent and um… my last book purchases. But I’ll finally be able to get it for myself today!’

A movement out of the corner of her eye shifted her attention to it to see that it was a man browsing the shelves and if she was honest he looked out of place in the bookstore. The man had long, spiky, black hair that went down his entire back, and though his back was facing her he wore a sleeveless shirt that exposed thick, tanned, muscular arms, she couldn’t tell if by exposure to lots of sun or if that was his natural skin tone. It also exposed two other things on his right arm that was in the midst of reaching up for a book that peeked her attention.

‘Whoa, those are nasty scars. How does someone get scars like that? And… are those piercings?’ 

“Um, miss.”

“Wha!” Levy jumped back from the waving hand that appeared inches from her face, only to blush when she realized she had zone out while holding the customer’s book and cash at hand. “Oh, I’m so sorry! Here you go!”

Once the customer left, she spared a glance back at the man but to her surprise he was gone.

‘Where did he… Focus Levy! You’re on the job! No time to think about some random guy. Focus on getting that book after work instead!’ Levy mentally scolded herself along with a headshake and launched herself back into her work with only a passing thought of the man that seemed familiar somehow.

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Eren trying to get his Jewish boyfriend Levi through Christmas with the Jaeger’s. Like, Levi subtly leaning over and asking out of the corner of his mouth what this was fried in, fingers crossed impossibly tight hoping that it wouldn’t be in that fucking pig lard that was mentioned earlier. Or skillfully avoiding the sweet potato casserole because of the candied marshmallow topping. And not drinking any eggnog until way after dinner.


Hey guys!

Above are some of my pieces for reference, I would like to try art commissioning because I have been getting a handful of asks regarding this. Would anyone be interested? (You can send me an ask, write in the tags if you are interested etc)

I will plan out the pricing and stuff if I do get some interests (I’ll be working with below market rates because it’s my first time commissioning btw).

Pieces will be laminated. Depending on shipping rates, you may need to cover them if it reaches a certain price ;3;)~

I can only work with black and white drawings as of now (sorry!) Also, i heavily ref my artworks because I haven’t developed a drawing style (yet), so excuse my works if they resemble another artwork (though I make it a point to change as much as possible to deviate from the art piece I ref'ed from)


Introducing custom villager #2, Levi the black panther! He’s perfect I love him I don’t need to make any changes at all ahhh precious bby;;

He’s based of Rolf so he’s a cranky lil fella. He has subtle black spots that look really cool in-game, but I wasn’t able to get a decent shot of them! Boo. :c

Souvenirs (Rivamika Week, Day Six)

Rating: T, not quite M
Length: 1,559 words
Prompt: Varekai - Recuperation from injury
RMW: Day One | Day Two | Day Three | Day Four | Day Five | Day Seven | Day Eight
Summary: Canonverse. After an expedition, they catalog their injuries. Approaching smut, but not quite. Clean smut, I guess.

The latest expedition is a success, in that only a tenth of the Survey Corps comes back broken and bloodied, stacked like firewood on a horse-drawn cart to be shipped back to their parents or, for most of them, burned over an anonymous pyre. As seems to be custom these days, Squad Levi trudges on horseback behind the corpse cart as it rolls through the gates of Karanes. This time, five years after the disastrous 57th Expedition, no one save a few clustered fanatics and vagrants greets them as they wend their way back to base.

The squad has a routine, almost a tradition at this point, that they check one another for injuries upon their return. Even a secretly fractured finger can spell the difference between life and death: two years earlier, a new recruit couldn’t operate his flare gun and the Aberrant Titan that he had spotted killed him and most of his squad. So upon return to the barracks they all strip to their underwear and pair off, running firm hands over bruised limbs, applying ointments and bandages.

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