custom legos

Ok guys, what you think of these? My custom minifigs are now on t-shirts! :D Give me a reblog & a follow & you could win one!

Whichever shirt you like, whichever colour & whatever country you’re from - sizes are XS - XXL & available in different colours. Click the link below to find out all the relevant shirt details :) 

I’ll be running this for a few days and will then pick a winner at random :) You can check out my tee’s and everything else I make here. Just navigate to one of my t-shirts to find out about size/colour and everything else you need to know :)


My Lego Johnny 5 is finally done, here are some photos, it is based on the version from the 2nd movie, I studied some lego designs online and decided to do my own version in lego digital designer, trying to match closely to the robots design from the movie. The hardest part was most likely finding proper parts for the “eyelids” which ended up being two black “cabinet doors”

The robot is roughly 30 cm tall, and yes falls apart pretty much as soon as you touch it, hahahah jk lolol!

Short video of it

More minifigures from my rampage.
I’ve finally built all the current Bat Ladies (to my knowledge). Every single one of these is custom.
From left to right: Spoiler, Batwoman, Batgirl, Bluebird, and Orphan.
I really like the new Batgirl mask. The detachable hair piece is great.


Somebody just got some new masks!!!! @cyber-hand‘s PHENOMENAL Mask of Time (pedastal) version is easily my favorite of the two, evoking a Glatorian “mouth” shaping with the g2 faceplate. His Mask of Fire is SO classic! It looks ten thousand times better on him than the original mask! I couldn’t be happier with these products, and look foward to buying more in the future!

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