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here comes along a little 500 follower gift! there are two lovely hairs and they come in “Di Immortales” palette by @inspiredmoodlet.

you will need these meshes: bridesmaid // long wavy classic


  • do not re-upload my CC/Sims.
  • do not claim my CC/Sims as your own.
  • feel free to recolor, but do not include the original mesh.
  • tag me if you use any of my creations. I would love to see them in your game!

download (SimFileShare): 1 // 2 

credits: @rusty-sims // @simduction // @inspiredmoodlet


Awww yeah, this ended up being a productive week after all! And what’s more, I’m actually pretty pleased with the first three custom Aequis layouts. 

Top is a desert type based on a rufous legged owl, second is a mountain type based on a lammergeier, and third is a mountain type based on an osprey.

Next, color studies/last custom layout!

overbirbertaker  asked:

So I've started making the pages for a webcomic I want to do, and I plan to have a semi-regular update schedule for making each chapter. I'm trying to find a good website to post it. The only place I really know is Webtoons, do you know any other sites I could post it at? And would you have any advice about getting your comic more well known if you plan on publishing exclusively online?

Webtoons is lovely! We started out on ComicFury, and we highly recommend them as well— they offer free hosting and have a very active and insightful community, great staff/support, and the ability to create really sleek and easy to customize layouts. They also have built-in community advertising on their front page, and we’ve personally found a lot of the comics we love to read through that feature as well.

As for advertising further, we definitely recommend checking out Project Wonderful and Comic Rocket. Both have really affordable and competitive advertising features that put your comic in front of people who are looking to find more comics. (And again, Comic Rocket is how we found a lot of the comics we love to read, as well – so it’s lovely from a reader’s perspective, too!) Other than that, engaging your audience with social media (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and posting updates is really helpful to let people know when you’ve got new content for them.

thatoneghostlychick  asked:

OK so this is very random, but i wanted to ask, How did you make the separate tab or link thing for your ocs info. Was it a part of the template you used? Sorry if this is a random question, i just wanted to know. Also i love your characters, art and channel, you keep up your great work

When youre customizing your blog on tumblr scroll all the way down in the editing tab or whatever and you’ll see an “ADD PAGE” option.

so add a separate page. on the top there will be a dropdown list and its gonna be on “STANDARD LAYOUT” by default but change it to “CUSTOM LAYOUT”

now you just copy+paste a custom page html code in the main box.


well tons of pple make em here on tumblr just like pple make custom themes!! you just gotta find one you like and grab the code from there! 

HERE IS MY FAV THEME+PAGE BLOG feel free to find everything there:


Making a Navigation Page

hi there, y'all! so I’ve recently gotten a few messages/ asks about how to set up a navigation page so i thought i’d make a post about it in case anyone else needs it? but yeah hope this helps :)

note: im basic at html, like i know my way around to tweak the code & edit it.. but i won’t be able to help anyone with super major coding stuff lols xD

1. go to edit theme then scroll down till you see this & click it.

2. it will then take you here. click on the text that says standard layout & select custom layout.

3. copy paste your desired code for your navigation page into the area provided.

4. change the settings in the code to suit your needs. usually instructions will be given in the code itself. 

5. then edit the place where it says ‘/url/’ to what you’d like the link to be.
You can also give a link to the page by adding a link & then enabling it to show the link.

6. then click update preview & then save.

here are some crazy amazing theme/ page makers who have great navi (& other) pages, check em out if you’re interested:

@alydae , @odeysseus , @sorrism , @pohroro , @neonbikethemes , @acuite

hope this helps y'all! do shoot me an ask if you have any (amateurish) html questions lol 😅 have a great day!

Back to School Shopping Tips

An amazing back to school supply haul is what all the studyblrs out there dream of. Who wouldn’t want those new Muji highlighters or flowing gel pens? But not everyone has the money or space for a huge supply haul. That doesn’t mean you can’t get great supplies and last the whole year, all in a budget!

Shopping Tips:

  • M.A.P. it. Money, area, point. Start by MAPing anything you want to get. Can you afford it? Do you have an area to put it in? Is there a point to getting it? If you answer no, reconsider getting it, or at least wait until you can.
  • Use what you already have. If you’re anything like me, you tend to hoard supplies. Pens, pencils, erasers… Have a couple in your bag, but if you already have some, there’s no need to buy any more.
  • More expensive =/= better. Just because something costs more doesn’t make it better. I’ve had fancy white-out break after one use but have mechanical pencils last years. Store brand/off brands are sometimes even better than name brands. 
  • Get what works for you. Studyblrs always have beautiful bujo layouts and notes, done with the nicest pens and highlighters. You don’t have to have those.This community is about learning, productivity, and reaching goals. If a monthly, customized layout in a bujo isn’t a good planner for you, get a store-bought one, and visa versa. Do what is going to make you successful, not what is going to get you notes.
  • Amazon is a life saver. Not just because you can find anything you want, but it’s super helpful for budgeting. It can be helpful to see how much is in your cart, the total, and how much each thing is all in one place. You don’t have to do manual math to add it up or go back to double check price. They also have a student membership programs for college students! (Sign up here)
  • Shop AFTER school starts. If you shop beforehand, you may end up with things you don’t need, or without things you do. On the first day, teachers will tell you what you need. Just bring a notebook the first day, write it down, and there’s your list. Schools differ, so if you don’t have a predetermined list, wait for your instructors to let you know.

My Recommendations

  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliners These pens are really nice! They write easy, come in lots of colors and packs, and the pack flips into an easel. I use them for my bujo and lineart of drawings. They do bleed through loose leaf paper, but on thicker paper, they are my go to.
  • Hole Punch Reinforcements I don’t use them on every page, but when I retake and organize my notes, they are helpful on final versions, as well as essays. If you color code your notes, you can color them to fit your scheme, which is what I do.
  • These Kind of Cups These cups are really nice for taking to class and are better than using a plastic water bottle and throwing it away every day. I really like the range of colors and styles. I linked to some generic colored ones, but I’ve seen fandom ones, animal ones, and sport ones… whatever you want, really. 
  • Hand Hole Punch Nothing is more annoying than getting a handout or important notes, going to put it in your binder, and realizing it doesn’t have holes. Full size hole punchers are inconvenient and ridiculous to carry around, but a handheld one is compact and useful.

Most of my other supplies is pretty generic, like BIC pens and Shaprie highlighters, so I wouldn’t really “rec” those, but like I said, those generic things can be great too.

anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm planning on starting a bullet journal. Can you give me some tips and advices? Also the advantages and disadvantages of making one. Super thank you in advance, Hermione! Hehe. ♡♡♡

Bullet journaling is a system that you really have to make your own. You can get inspiration and ideas from the lovely bullet journal posts on Instagram/Tumblr/YouTube/etc. but don’t be afraid to make changes based on what works or doesn’t work for you!


  • completely customized layouts (!!!)
  • unlimited space for task lists
  • can be more aesthetically pleasing than a planner


  • takes a while to set up layouts
  • harder to plan far in advance
  • the bujo community is fairly aesthetic based so you may feel pressure to decorate a certain way

min theme

preview // code


  • when you install this theme, you agree to the tos
  • like / reblog if you’re going to use this or thinking about it.


  • All Post Types, Custom Colours, Font Options, Custom Images, Hi-Res, Localization, Pagination, Pages support, Day pages support, Disqus comments, Google Analytics, Social media sharing, Responsive layout, suits all sizes big and small + more

★ ★  hi! my name is alder, i’m between jobs and i love to do web design so i’m opening up theme, general web design, & icon commissions ! ★ ★ 

i mostly do work similar to tumblr pages & i am not comfortable doing a full-blown Website as such, but anything like a blog layout, a custom page design, a forum skin– i can hook you up. if you’re not sure, ask!

                    ★  basic can-do / price breakdown  ★

  • themes - around $20 and up. same for jcink/invisionfree skins or similar major page-level work.
  • custom pages - around $10 and up (depending on complexity)
    • this includes: about pages; link & tag pages; character/kin/etc pages; more creative things! see my codes tag for a few i did for general use.
  • icons - $5-10 for 10-ish icons (depending on complexity)
    • comics, anime, live action television, photoshoots, etc.
    • i do not draw these but i CAN photoshop out text bubbles, change colors to a fair extent, add background patterns, etc.
  • mix covers, image banners, text edits, etc - $10-ish
    • similar to icons, i can heavily edit one image, mash together a bunch of images, add a lot of textures, etc. see my nicer 8tracks covers or some of the graphic resources above.

(these prices are a little wiggly because this is a general guideline– all prices are clearly quoted and agreed on after the ideas & work are discussed and decided. :>)

generally: if you have an idea or something you want or need, ask me about it! i can quote you a price and/or help you nail down what you have in mind. either way there’s no pressure.

                       ★ ★ ★  signal boosts are appreciated!   ★ ★ ★

CONTACT INFO & any updates can be found below:

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vast theme

preview // code


  • when you install this theme, you agree to the tos
  • like / reblog if you’re going to use this or thinking about it.


  • All Post Types, Custom Colours, Font Options, Feature post, Custom Images, Hi-Res, Localization, Pages support, Disqus comments, Google Analytics, Social media sharing, Responsive layout, suits all sizes big and small + more

anonymous asked:

really random and stupid question but how do you customize the layout of your blog? yours looks so freaking nice and mines is just set as the default lol

Hi! Uhmmm… Thank you for thinking my blog looks nice. 

You can search for different tumblr themes to suit your taste :)

I got mine from HERE! I search for a base theme and edit it as I want, but you have to make sure that the original designer allows edits. 

Once you find a design you want, copy all of the html code for the theme… they look like this…

Once you have that, you can start applying the theme to your blog :)


1 Open your blog theme editor at the top right corner of your site.

2 It will open this tab and you need to click edit html

3 It will lead you to your theme’s html codes. You could copy your current theme’s html code and save it on your notepad just to be safe. But there is also a way to revert to previous settings if things go wrong.

4 Copy the html codes of the theme you want and click update preview and save. :)  If your themes are editable with meta codes, you would have edit options after you click save. Time to personalize :) 

5. For the headers and icons… i use PicMonkey and Canva

I learned about html coding by playing with the basic codes and adding things I want to change. Slowly building my codes to make my site look the way I want it to, which in my opinion looks pretty simple. But I like it simple :) 


     okay so this is the only piece i’m gonna submit into the drama train but - if you have a hard time reading someone’s blog, find it difficult to zoom in on the page or whatever here is a tip: you do not need to see the blog to view it’s content. sounds like some weird spiritual shit BUT. 

     if you are struggling to read something on a blog, add /mobile to the end of the url. the text that way is nice & big, you can read all the posts and you don’t need to complain!! of course this won’t work if you are on a blog and viewing a page that uses a custom layout, but it will work for just about anything else. also it makes gif hunts load faster and you don’t see a blog to complain about!! iconic. oh and it takes up the whole of your screen so you’re not squinting at one little box.

    also if you have a blog and wish for it to have bigger font, the trick is to go to your html, search for the body and possibly the entries, adjust the font-size accordingly and then check the font-size (if any) for the pre, h1, h2 and blockquote classes (the size on these are most commonly changed to fit the rest of the coding). simples.


Yes indeed (and it ain’t the first time either).

Design that I did for my female Shan Yu cosplay (first OFFICIAL cosplay ever). I gave the local professional fashion designer these design layouts so she can tailor me the costumes (I can draw/design, but I sure as hell CAN’T sew).

I based Nergui’s main outfit off of this female Shan Yu outfit design that I made for my cosplay.

I’ll be wearing this to Youmacon this year, I can’t wait to see the actual finished costume.

Shan Yu/Mulan © Disney

Female Shan Yu cosplay outfit design © me

P.S. If you’re interested in having me design a custom cosplay costume LAYOUT (in case you need to give it to the seamstress/tailor), feel free to contact me <3