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Received my Haley Strategic D3CR Chest Rig to run with my Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier with AR500 Curved Plate Armor.

Current load-out on the banshee:

Glock 19 Gen 4 inside Special Operations Velcro Holster
Two spare mags with Taran Tactical Innovations +6 base pads
4 Magpul Pmags
Winkler Knives fixed Blade
Will be adding a radio(still deciding on make and model) as well as first aid kit(VOK) from Tactical Response.

Stay tuned as I continue to run, change, and add to my current set-up.

Pictured with Battle Arms Development & Bentwood Gunsmithing Ounces Is Pounds Custom AR-15 with Hex Mag.


My CZ-USA Scorpion EVO 3 S1 with Special Operations Equipment Single Point Bungee Sling, Bushnell TRS-25 Red Dot, Sig P320 Carry 9mm, Benchmade 42 Bali-Song, & Andre De Villiers Mini Butcher from

Stay tuned for more from everydaycivilian

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Behring Made Musk Ox Trout & Bird Knife

-Handmade and hand forged in Missoula, MT

-Premium 01 Tool Steel Blade

-Nickel Silver Guard

-Black / Aluminum / Maroon Spacers

-Musk Ox Handle w Aluminum Pin

-Plain Mosher Leather Pouch Sheath


Ritual Tibetan Sword / Vajra Flaying Knife from Tibet

Circa 15th century

Steel with gold and silver inlays; 22 11/16 x 3 ¼ in. (57.7 x 8.3 cm)

Gift of Alexander Polsky, 1985 (1985.397)

This ritual knife is styled in the Indian manner—with a long hooked steel blade for butchering and flaying. The handle takes the form of a vajra (thunderbolt) that metamorphoses into a wide-jawed sea monster (makara), from which the blade emerges. Workshops in the region of Derge, Kham Province, in eastern Tibet, that excelled in such fine chiseled and damascened metalworking techniques may be responsible for this elaborate knife.

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The new Patina by Alexander Nurulaeff - Dandy Shoe Care for a lucky collector and rafinato gentleman Mr.A.S.

The Absolute Beauties have been created by Mother Nature.

What we can do is to carefully observe everything that surrounds us trying to create works of art that are as close to perfection as possible.


Simple Rustic spear point .

Find a really old Sheffield made file and anneal it ,shape the blade and handle and drill some extra holes to balance .

Get it ground and heat treated with a Japanese style clay edged Hamon , sharpen the top and bottom edges .

Handle with stag antler scales and a dyed natural 3 strand braided sinew  wrap .Add a hammered copper lanyard tube and a antiqued distressed leather belt sheath to finish .