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The stage door (Lin Manuel Miranda x reader)

Prompt: from @unlazilyfreshrebel: Lin meets reader at stage door ⚠ warning ⚠: cursing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “(y/n)!” Your best friend Caitlin called from downstairs “come on, we’re gonna be late!” you and your friend were going to see Hamilton the play that you were absolutely obsessed with. You had worn your custom Hamilton hoodie with all the names of he cast members on he back and the Hamilton star In he middle with pictured of your favorite cast members that included Jasmine, Anthony, oak, Lin, and Daveed and hen spotted some ripped jeans.You sort of had a crush on Lin Manuel.“(Y/N)!” “I’M COMING CALM YOUR TITS!” you yelled putting your favorite pink lipstick on to complement your winged eyeliner. You never usually wore makeup but today was special. You left your room practically jumping down the stairs almost breaking your skull open. Caitlin smirked “you never change” she said referencing how you always jumped down the last few stairs scince you were a kid.“shut up” you shoved her playfully “damn what’s your special occasion?” She said studying your face that was currently covered in makeup.“ “We are going to see Hamilton!” “True, don’t forget your playbill” she said walking out towards the car. “I didn’t” you say holding it up for her to see while you got into the car. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Time skip) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

“I’m so excited!” Caitlin said bouncing up and down in her seat next to you. You laughed. “so am I” you said. “And these seats are amazing!” You said. “I have connections” she stated simply puffing her chest out importantly. You laughed once more before the lights dimmed. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Another time skip because I’m lazy 😛) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “That was amazing!” You raved as you and your friend stood at the stage door waiting for the cast to come out. “I know!” Suddenly you were drowned in the screams of the millions people around you as the cast members pored out of the stage door. “Hello, Hello, Hello!” You smiled at the familiar line said by Lin who. “Their here!” Caitlin bounced. “Noooo, really?!” You said sarcasm filling your voice as the cast started greeting the fans and signing their things. You didn’t notice Lin came over to you as you were laughing at the “seriously?” Look on her face. You turned to face him “Hi! What’s your name?” He said with his Signature smile that warmed your heart. “My names (y/n) and this is my friend Caitlin” you pointed to your friend who was gaping at Lin. He laughed as you handed him your playbill to sign. “Nice hoodie!” He said handing you back your playbill and taking Caitlins. “Thanks” you blushed. “Say, why don’t you and Caitlin come backstage for a tour?” “For real!? Caitlin said as he handed her back her playbill. “Sure, why not” he said “wait for me by the stage door” he said. “OK” you and Caitlin said as he moved to meet more fans. “YES!” Caitlin screamed jumping up and down. She hugged you tightly. You were finnaly going to see backstage! Even better you were asked by THE Lin-Manuel Miranda! Not to mention he was your crush. You and Caitlin waited by the stage door just as Lin had directed and waited till all the people had cleared. He and the cast waved goodbye and went back through the door except for Lin. He walked over to you “hey, um I have to go cut my hair so would you mind if you had to sit in my dressing room?” He asked scratching his neck. “No, not at all!” Caitlin said. “OK, great!” He bounced up which made you giggle. He stared at you for a fee seconds before he realized what he was doing and he blushed turning his head so you couldn’t see. “Let’s go” he said leading you and your friend to his dressing room. “I’ll be back in mabey, 5 minutes?” He said “ok” you said and you and Caitlin sat on his couch. “Make yourselves comfortable till I back” he said kindly before leaving. Caitlin grabbed your arm “OH MY GOD, HE TOTALLY LIKES YOU (Y/N)!” she whisper yelled shaking your arm. “Me?” You gushed. “Yes! Have you SEEN the way he looks at you?” She bounced excitedly. You thought about this for a second. Then your eyes clicked around the room. There were countless pictures of Lin on the wall. Suddenly Lin came back in with Leslie and Daveed trailing behind him. Caitlin liked like she would explode right then and there as the three men sat down across from you. Leslie was the first to speak up “I heard you two are big fans” he beamed. “You bet!” Caitlin said. You talked for awhile with the cast members who were very friendly. You could see in he corner of your vision Lin was staring at you. You looked at Him but his gaze never wavered. Whoah. Was I just you or was he even hotter with short hair. He quickly moved his gaze away down to his shoes. You saw Daveed and Leslie pass each other a knowing glance. “Hey Lin, why don’t you and (y/n) talk for a little more. We’re gonna take Caitlin here for a walk around set then you can come meet us.” Daveed said standing up. “Sure” he said glancing at you for permission. “Yah, I would love that!” You said. As Caitlin left she gave you a thumbs up and flashed you a toothy grin. Once you were Alone with Lin you looked at him and sat back. “Hey, I really appreciate you letting me and Caitlin come backstage” you said. “No problem, I never really let fans in but you two seemed special” he said running a hand through his short hair. “You, know you look good with short hair” you said as casual as you could be without being creepy. He blushed “oh, thanks”. “So, do you usually come to see Broadway shows?” He asked. “No, not really but Hamilton really got me into the theater world”. He smiled “I’m glad to hear that”. “Hey, you want to see the piano?” He said. “Sure” you said and he led you to the piano where he sat down and you sat next to him. “ can you play?” you asked. “Yup” he said and started to play a price that was on the stand. After he was finished you asked “can you teach me?” “Sure, why not?” He said and leaned closer to you. He taught you the keys and notes until you could play them perfect. So you played the same price as him. “That was great!” He said you could feel his warm breath against your neck as he sat close to you. Your spine tingled. You turned to face him. “Thanks for that” out said rubbing your neck. “No problem, anything for a pretty fan” he said then realizing his mistake he facepalmed himself “did I really just say that out loud?” He said blushing. You giggled and he turned his face to meet you. You got lost in each others eyes not realizing you were slowly leaning in. His eyes flicked to your lips and you kissed him. It was the best kiss you had ever had in your entire life. You broke the kiss to get air and tiu continued to stare into each others eyes. “Wow” he breathed out. *ahem* you heard and whipped your head around to see Daveed , Caitlin, and Leslie behind you. You blushed. “Umm, I guess we should leave now” you said getting up from the piano bench. “Umm, on” lin said. You heard the cast members and Caitlin stifle a laugh and you and Lin shot them a deathstare. They all laughed and Lin said “let me walk you two out”. As you were leaving Lin asked you for your number very aquwardly and you giggled and laughed writing it down then you handed it to him and quickly kissed him on the cheek and walked over to the smiling Caitlin. When you glanced back you saw his mouth agape and you laughed waving goodbye as your car speeded away. __________________________________________ *sighs* whew, hope you enjoyed that even tho I thought it wasn’t my Best. I hope this fulfilled your request!


Lazy Guy lookbook is out :D

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hair // hoodie // flannel // sweatpants // shoes

20+ Listings for Off Sweatshirts will go live on my [Etsy] at TUESDAY NOON (12:00 PM) PST

Every single order will come with a free Flaming Crown patch on the hood!

these are the very very last ones of this iteration, its been a good long run and we need to retire our manual screen press, so if I do ever do one again it will be completely different!

thank you all so much for the support and love for this hoodie, it was a really fun project!

This is one of my first clothing recolors, so it’s probably not perfect. (sorry for the cruddy preview btw)

  •  Requires City Living
  • 14 pastel colors + 5 7!!! extra multicolored swatches (no idea why I put 5 in the preview, please forgive me!!!) all swatches have a black hoodie.
  • Custom Thumbnail

If you find any problems please let me know!!!



 Jacket pocket knives part two .

 Following on from this thread last year 

where I showed a few kiridashi designs I’d made designed to fit specifically in the pen pocket of TAD Gear jackets  here’s a few new prototype designs I’ve been working on including a drop point and wharncliffe style .

 Please note that these knives are not endorsed by TAD at all just designed to fit in their jacket pen pockets  .

I will be finalizing the handle design soon and will then make specific drop point , tanto and  wharncliffe models with the same handle  in the standard jacket colors .

 Custom knives , sheaths and gear from 

Elysia probably got a custom hoodie with a bigger hood than usual so she can put up her hood even with her headwings! This backfires when she gets overly excited or flustered and her wings poof up, but it’s still useful for cold days nonetheless.