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―Tom is f l o o r e d when he first meets Janna; he’s this stammering, blushing dorky mess because humans are supposed to be average and dumb, not so damn pretty and funny???

―Janna didn’t steal his wallet or house keys. She stole his phone… so she could program her number into it and take a bunch of selfies for him to find in his gallery.

―You think Tom was ridiculous and aloof when he tried to impress Star??? He spoils the shit out of Janna. He does anything he can to woo her, even though Janna tries to get Tom to stop spoiling her (because secretly, she wants to get to know the real him).

―Although, Tom does buy Janna her dream car: a pink hearse. With customized license plates that say ‘H0CUS P0CUS’.

―They share custody of pets: a three-headed puppy named Mephistopheles, they call him Missy for short, and a black cat named Ripley.

―Default date night is the drive-in movie theater, back row.

―Janna has legit skipped school to spend time with Tom. Her excuse?

“I don’t need a high school diploma to get my dream job.”

“Which is?”

“Queen of the Underworld.”

―Double dates with Star and Marco. They’re usually pretty lit. In fact, the four of them have been banned from the following places in Echo Creek: the water park, the arcade and three nightclubs.

―Janna tries to buy gifts for Tom and while they’re not lavish like his, they actually mean a lot?? Like she pays attention??? She’s gotten him things like a Love Sentence: The Greatest Hits CD, flawless liquid eyeliner, a giant stuffed bunny??? Spoiler alert: Janna can be really sweet.

―(She also bought him a beanie, so they could sorta match. His is black, though, and she cut holes in it for his horns.)

―Puberty hits Tom like a truck and he skyrockets in height. He ends up being 6′6″ (don’t make a joke, Star learned that one the hard way), so Janna often has to yank Tom down by the horns when she wants to smooch him.

―When Tom brought Janna home to meet his parents, their instant response was “WHEN’S THE WEDDING???” which kinda amused Janna. She and Queen Wrathmelior have tea on Tuesdays too.