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Poltergeist at Jimmy’s World Grill Luton

A customer in the Luton restaurant told management that they saw another customer’s plate fly off their table. They checked the CCTV footage and saw the following. 

Me: This grill cover will fit

Customer: (doesn’t even touch or look at grill cover) No it won’t, I’ve had a grill that big and I can already tell that it won’t fit

Me:I’m sorry but these are the only grill covers we have

Customer: (grabs item) you know I think it’ll fit


Any Love For Nick Dabbundo’s 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 Custom Truck? “Custom two toned paint, 2/4 drop, color matched 22x9 and 20x8 kmc ss wheels, Vararam intake, Spintech prostreet 6000 center exit exhaust,  color matched interior trim, full audio, roll pan, mopar front lip, color matched headlights, tinted tails, custom grill.” #trucktuesday

Squated on the ground, Suga held the piece of meat strongly in his hand. He was almost there, just a little bit more. Heavily breathing he started rapping. The meat in his hand slowly started to get hotter. His veins were visible and sweat dripping down his face. Suga started spitting fire, and the meat started sissing. All of a sudden it became quiet… not a single sound was made. Suga stood up from the ground and turned around to his customers. “Here is your grilled pork belly!!”. The customers amazed by his skill started clapping and screaming “Bravo!!!”. Suga was delighted. Another successful day in his Korean BBQ restaurant.

West Virginia Restaurant Responds Brilliantly to Request That Servers 'Show More Skin'

When one Atomic Grill customer requested that the servers there “show more skin," the restaurant’s owner Daniel McCawley was offended. "It was brutish,” he said.

But rather than rise to the bait, McCawley decided to acquiesce to the customer’s request – in a manner of speaking.

That’s why, through Memorial Day, Atomic Grill will be offering an extra potato skin special for $7. The best part? 100 percent of the proceeds will go to the West Virginia Foundation for Rape Information Services.

Source: People Magazine, image by Atomic Grill

Today I imagined the voice of NBC's Brian Williams in my head and felt like crying

I feel a little bit like living in New York is ruining my life.

In other places you watch the news and Brian Williams tells you important things in his Brian Williams voice, he says “Brian Williams here at Rockefeller Center,” and behind him everything is beautifully lit up with happy people ice skating around, and you think, “this is where Important Things are happening.” The happy ice skaters are important people ice skating in the most important place in the world.

You sit on your couch behind your tv on the other side of the country and feel comforted by the important things happening in New York, and think maybe one day you will be there and be important too. And then maybe one day you’ve had enough of dreaming and you decide to go be important in New York City, and you start putting money away. Now you have a goal, and you think maybe dreams can come true, you think maybe when your parents said you can be anything you want to be they meant it, they really meant it. 

Your heart sinks when you learn that no matter how much money you save you’ll never live in Manhattan. Your income has to be 25x the price of rent? Who even makes that kind of money? But it’s okay! Brooklyn is cool now too, maybe even cooler. You can afford Brooklyn, if you just buy less things, if you eat more rice and beans and less sushi. This is doable, you say. So you do it. 

And at first, god, there you are, you did it. You find a job and it’s horrible but you don’t care, as long as you can stay. Every time you ride the subway you try your hardest to sit by the map and pick out different places you can’t wait to go see. What’s that patch of green all the way at the top of Manhattan? You want to go there. What’s the deal with Far Rockaway? Next day off is a field trip to Far Rockaway, you tell yourself. You look up the free days for all the museums in the city. You can go see Starry Night up close and personal. Starry Night! The brush strokes!

Weekends pass, you’re tired. The weather sucks. You work long hours and just want to sleep. You sleep. You don’t go to Far Rockaway. You’re too tired to go to MoMA. You want to sleep. You want a new job.

At work you find yourself caring more than you should about whether or not your co-worker remembered to clean the grill between customers, you feel angry at this person who shouldn’t give a fuck and realize you shouldn’t give a fuck. Your superiors feel important because they are in a high-level position at this company and you can’t wrap your head around why. A customer reeking of Chanel 5 perfume talks to you like an idiot because they think they are important because they can afford expensive perfume but you know that money doesn’t make you better than anyone else and you don’t give a fuck. They don’t know how much your feet hurt. They are not better than you because your feet hurt and theirs don’t.

Later, on the subway, you realize you’ve lived here for a year exactly. You’ve seen three celebrities over the course of the year. You pass by hundreds of people a day, and they all look tired and disenchanted. They look at the Manhattan skyline while passing over the Williamsburg bridge on the J train and think, I hate my job, but at least I get to see this every day. You remember the woman with the expensive perfume and wonder if maybe she actually is more important. Maybe she goes ice skating at Rockefeller Center while Brian Williams reports the news. How much does ice skating cost anyway? $40? You can’t even spend $40 on a decent winter coat. Living in New York doesn’t make you important, you think. Living in New York makes you realize how unimportant you actually are.