custom gloves

Edward Nygma appears in the game and his William Westmancott ultimate bespoke suit in basil green with matching hood and contrasting mauve silk shirt are so well complimented by the $400 Chanel leather gloves and custom Tiffany & Co. question mark brooch that the sheer power of his #look™️ will burn the eyes out of anyone foolish enough to gaze fully at it. Riddle him that, he is the true Fashion King of Gotham and Bruce Wayne is left weeping with despair…

Things you find in the Batfamily closets


  • That suit (We all know the one)
  • Old clothes that barely fit him
  • The old dad sweat shirt (It’s covered in coffee stains and smells like fall)
  • Hockey jerseys, just so many hockey jerseys; one from each town that he’s ever visited that has a hockey team
  • A pair of white tennis shoes from ten years ago
  • Tons and tons of ties that everyone gets him for his birthday


  • Every horrible shirt he wore (polka-dots, everything)
  • Gymnast leotards
  • Awful green tights
  • Baseball caps with terrible one liners printed on them
  • Khaki pants and shorts
  • Collector edition shoes from when he was little that he doesn’t even realize are special
  • His costume


  • A purple track suit Steph got her
  • A trench coat from her dad
  • A black t-shirt that says “In a hacker voice” on the front and “I’m in” on the back
  • Tons of nice blouses and cardigans (her and Kate the only grown adult in the batfamily that dresses like it)
  • Old clothes from her youth that she’s embarrassed about (”It’s like staring at every neon sign in Vegas in a box”) 


  • A variety of custom motorcycle riding gloves 
  • Old Red Hood Helmets 
  • Worn out, beaten up denim jeans that make him think about retiring to the countryside after he kills the Joker
  • (He also keeps fashion magazines hidden in it)


  • Every single bit of Tony Hawk brand clothing he could get his hands on
  • Converse sneakers
  • The rich kid sweater album
  • Too many polo shirts 
  • A terrible purple suit Steph got him
  • Stale meme shirts he wears ironically

Jean Paul

  • Hot pink socks
  • Crocs
  • Old sweaters he gets at thrift shops
  • A pimp hat, but he doesn’t even realize it’s a pimp hat (he also got this a thrift shop)
  • Band t-shirts for the most obscure shit ever
  • Hand sewed capes and cloaks he makes for the batfamily for their D&D nights
  • His costume


  • Leg warmers she stole from Barbara
  • One of Jason’s favorite leather jackets (Which she stole)
  • A pair of Tim’s sneakers
  • Jean Paul’s cape that he made for her
  • Five of Bruce’s ties
  • One of Harper’s flannel button ups
  • One of Jason’s motorcycle helmets
  • Her black dress



  • A nice variety of formal wear that isn’t just one suit/dress or just one color
  • A good variety of shoes that aren’t old or something she obsessively collects
  • Comfortable robes and pajamas
  • Her wigs
  • (Other women’s lingerie)


  • The most amount of suits in the Batfamily
  • Uniforms from every private school he’s been kicked out of
  • Alfred the Cat’s cat bed
  • The swords that Bruce won’t allow him to keep out in the open
  • A safe with a duffel bag that has the supplies he needs if he has to go on the run


  • Signed band/singer/rapper t-shirts that he would never wear
  • A Batman hoodie (He says if he ever becomes Batman that’s what his costume is going to be)
  • His costume(s; he keeps his Robin one for nostalgia sakes)
  • Power Rangers, Tokusatsu, and anime cosplays he’s made and wore
  • Cool sunglasses (He stole some of them from other heroes and villains)


  • Ripped up jeans
  • Very nice leather jackets (Jason asks her where she gets them from every time they meet)
  • Bisexual pride shirts
  • Flannel button ups
  • Tons of boots
  • A gross ass jumpsuit that she wears for when she has to do electric work in the sewers


  • Some very nice suits, which are the only nice clothes he has
  • Jorts
  • Tank tops
  • Basketball jerseys
  • Lab coats
  • Sandals that he wears with socks
The NASA Village

Today in the NASA Village… A Hand in Everything.

Our spacesuits are built up from various piece parts, torso, arms with sizing rings, legs with sizing rings, boots, helmet, and gloves. The variation of the different pieces allows the engineers to construct a suit from generic hardware that fits, or at least come as close as they can make it. One of the most important elements of a spacesuit are our gloves. They are the only piece tailored specifically for us. Spacewalking is a bit of a misnomer on the International Space Station, since we don’t do any walking. We are floating and have to use our hands as the means for moving ourselves from place to place. This sped up example of one of my pool runs demonstrates this form of space “walking.”

With the increased pressure of the suit (to protect our bodies from the vacuum of space) and all the operations with our hands, it can be very fatiguing. Hence, the custom gloves allow us to work for longer periods of time, with much more dexterity for repairs.  

How do you make custom gloves?

Bobby Jones literally had a hand in everything, because his work included making my space suit gloves. He noted that “as part of the process, we traveled to Houston to make casts of the astronaut’s hands for use in the design process. The hand casts are very life like.  When I had these hands all over my office it looked like a zombie movie, where the dead are coming back to life and digging their way out of the ground.”

This scary looking hand looks familiar! Using the hand molds, the engineers make the design requirements for each aspect of the glove. They determine the EXACT dimensions that are required in order to have the knuckles bend in just the right places, with just enough spacing to allow the hands to flex more easily, but snug enough to provide the needed dexterity.

Then with those very precise patterns, the fingers and palm are hand-sewn within tenths of millimeters of margin!

Olga Bustos is shown sewing the fingers of a glove. She has been sewing gloves since the Apollo days and even participated in the construction of Apollo era space suits.  

The space suit has to be pressure-tight. In other words, while working in the vacuum of space, we don’t want any leaks! The inner lining of the suit is cut according to a very specific pattern and then the pieces are heat sealed together to form the barrier that protects us from the vacuum. You can see the yellow inner bladder being heat sealed by Whitney Lowery. You might be surprised that her degree is in fashion design!

There are other layers of protective material over the inner bladder, which is why you see the white fabric on the outer surface.

Fun facts you may not have known about spacesuits: The space suit weights 250 lbs with the backpack. 

The suit components come in sizes like medium, large and extra-large. (Females have to work that much harder in a spacesuit because of all the extra room).

The suits are all hand sewn on old sewing machines.

The gloves take 14 months to design and build.

Engineering is a good start, but they don’t teach space suit design in college. Get exposed to as many things as possible if you want to work on spacesuits someday.

Do you want more stories? Find our NASA Villagers here!

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So what if the sugar daddies start buying Jeremy ridiculous, extravagant items and convince Jeremy to wear the fancy clothes they buy him. Except they sugar daddies don’t really coordinate and Jeremy ends up trying to make all the pieces work and suddenly he’s in a cowboy hat, a purple blazer, a... oh.

the rimmy tim origin story that we all needed

It starts with a custom pair of leather gloves, racing gloves with the half fingers, Velcro straps, and the most comfortable interior that Jeremy doesn’t even know he’s wearing them.

Ryan got them for him because Jeremy recently bought a motorbike so he and Ryan can go on that long awaited bike trip up into the country sometime in the fall. Ryan gives these to him when they’re in bed one night. Jeremy immediately pulls them on because he wants to and flexes his fingers.

“These,” he says. “Are so damn comfortable. I don’t want to ever take them off.”

Ryan laughs. “What are you going to do? Wear them to bed?”

“Don’t tell me that these don’t do something for you.” To emphasize his point, he straddles Ryan’s waist and runs his hands over his chest, along his pectorals and up to his neck. It’s the slightest pupil dilation that gives Ryan away.


“What about these?”

They’re in the middle of a heist a jewelry store when Gavin decides to try on expensive aviators. He’s preening like the damn peacock he is in front of the mirrors, asking Jeremy for his opinion every so often.

Now, Gavin already has several pairs of aviators, one with a $6,000 price tag. But he’s always looking for something because no one will tell him no.

“Eh,” Jeremy says. “I’ve seen better on you.”

“Same. But you on the other hand.” Gavin perches the sunglasses on his nose delicately and has him look himself in the mirror. “I think they suit you.” Gavin holds him from behind. “Yeah. We’re definitely taking these with us.”

The cowboy hat comes from a fair. It’s not particularly expensive or name brand or anything, but it’s a memorable night of stupid fair games and a fucking trip on the Ferris wheel because Michael can be cheesy as shit sometimes.

He wins the hat in a sharpshooter game and perches it on top of Jeremy’s head. “I was gonna go for the giant teddy bear, but this seemed less conspicuous. Plus you can actually carry this home.”

They ride the Ferris wheel to the top, and it stops for a while so they can see the pier and the beach, awash in the setting’s sun oranges and pinks. Michael throws his arm around his shoulder, and Jeremy unabashedly snuggles into his side.

“That hat,” Michael says. “Didn’t know you could pull off the mid-west look.”

Howdy, partner. Wanna hitch a ride on my stud?” It’s a terrible Texan accent, but it has Michael laughing, and Jeremy laughs, too, and soon they’re kissing and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Every once in a while, Geoff and Jack will take the boys shopping for suits. They often ruin their tailored suits as soon as they get them, but what’s the use of limitless wealth if you’re not going to spend it? So Geoff puts in a call for Jeremy at his personal tailors and hauls him along with Jack so they can drink champagne and talk about what shade of blue is better.

Jeremy stands in front of a mirror and has himself measured at all angles.

“I was thinking something dark,” Geoff says with a catalogue spread open on his lap that he and Jack are looking at. “Like a deep navy blue.”

“Or a nice dark gray,” Jack muses. “What do you think Jeremy?”

“Well …”



“Well. As long as you’re happy with it.”

“I am.”

“Pay the tailor, Geoff.”

“The most expensive damn eye sore if you’re telling me.”

Everyone has their look. When they get together to pull off some crazy stunt and have their faces splashed over social media, they each go with something striking so that no one will forget them. Jack likes her Hawaiian shirts. Gavin is glittering in gold. Ryan has his creepy fucking mask. And Michael has his patented leather jacket.

Now it’s Jeremy’s time to show the people what he’s made of.

He steps out into the garage decked out in his new outfit.

It’s purple. It’s garish. It’s topped with a cowboy hat and aviator sunglasses. He tugs on his half gloves as he approaches the gang.

They’re all looking at him, wide eyed and smirking.

“What the fuck, Jeremy?” Michael says.

Jeremy struts towards them, does a little spin and tucks his hands into the pockets of his suit. “Well, what do you think?”

“What are the cowboy boots for?” Gavin asks.

“To go with the hat. Obviously.”

“Fucking purple,” Geoff moans. “All right. Everybody in. It’s not like he’s taking tips from fucking Greene, Jesus fucking Christ.”

It’s garish and it’s purple, but Ryan winks at him from under the mask.

Go big or go home. As is the Fake motto.

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How did George Washington look like as a young man?

George Washington’s mother, Mary Washington drilled habits of “thrift and industry” into her children, including rising early with sun, “a strict farmer’s habit that George retained of the rest of his life.” At the time of his father’s death he was described as exhibiting a “willful personality” and was dutiful but seldom a loving son. He treated his mother with frigid deference. His mother produced a son who was overly sensitive to criticism and suffered from a “lifelong need of approval.” In dealing with his mother he developed an overly controlled personality and learned to master a quick temper and tongue. 

“It was the extreme self control of a deeply emotional young man who feared the fatal vehemence of his own feelings, if left unchecked”, said Ron Chernow in his biography Washington. He was never able to express he feelings of rage and learned to quester himself into solitude and strength. His mother most likely formed the structure of his stoical personality which later defined him in life. Both himself and his mother were “vigorous, enterprising, and exacting in their demands.” Mary Washington taught her son to gain a deep moral perception. 

At school he applied himself to math and remained tied to his studies. Writing in 1807, the biographer David Ramsey said of young Washington that “he was grave, silent, and thoughtful, diligent and methodical in business, dignified in his appearance, strictly honorable in his deportment.” W.W. Abot expressed that “More than most, Washington’s biography is the story of a man constructing himself.” As an adolescent, he dabbled in fiction, history, philosophy, and geography. He was never an intellectual who relished “ideas for their own sake”, but read books for their practical wisdom. He studied closely his social betters and tried to imitate their behavior in society. 

All his life he followed closely with The Rules of Civility, a book listing specific important items in public (Number twelve: “Bedew no man’s face with your spittle by approaching too near him when you speak.”). The Rules produced a cool, pragmatic and very controlled young man. He was never bookish and excelled at physical activity. He was an unusually sober and purposeful young man. 

Portraits of his time beginning a surveyor at fifteen show Washington as a “shrewd, worldly man with a jowly face and intelligent eyes.” He was still rather social in public–a “very bashful young man”, “I used to often wish that he would talk more”. He had an imposing face and a “virile” form. His most delicate feature was his complexion which was fair and pale enough that he was sunburnt easily. He was mild with deep-seat eyes of a pale grayish blue. His hair was a reddish brown and he never wore a wig. His powdered his hair and tied it with a long black ribbon which dangled into a queue which did not hide his “broad forehead”. “When he clenched his jaw, his cheek and jaw muscles seemed to ripple right through his skin”, he was muscular, a height of 6′2 with narrow shoulders, wide hips and his hands were so large he had to wear custom-made glove (Chernow 30). The pleurisy he suffered young caused his chest to be hollow and had a weak, breathy voice. 

His head was small in proportion with the rest of his body, his features were “strong, blunt and handsome.” His nose was thick and flat. George Mercer captured him: “His features are regular and placid with all the muscles of his face under perfect control, though flexible and expressive of deep feeling when moved by emotions. In conversation, he looks you full in the face, in deliberate, deferential and engaging. His demeanor at all times [is] composed and dignified. His movement and gestures are graceful, his walk majestic, and he is a splendid horseman.” His posture was perfect but Mercer noted, “His mouth is large and generally firmly closed, but which from time to time discloses some defective tooth.”

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I had an idea for richie x will (I'm not sure if it has a ship name?) Anyway, Richie knows Will has a crush on Mike, so he has an idea. Basically it's to make Mike jealous by pretending they're dating which works (ot it's just Mike being upset 'cause he doesn't trust Richie won't hurt his friend, you choose!). The problem is that now Richie sort of has a crush on Will? So he's like "you know, Wheeler isn't that great..."

Holy fuck, let the prompts begin:


It’s supposed to be a pretend, a game of sorts, if you will. Richie was just being nice when he playfully offered to lend Will a hand. “Why don’t we go out? I mean, not for real, you know. Just pretend. See if it makes Mike jealous.”

“I don’t know, Richie… Mike, he- he doesn’t see me that way. It’s never gonna work.”

“There you go again. Stop underestimating yourself. You’re cute, who wouldn’t like you?”

Will looks at him incredulously but Richie simply shrugs.

Since then, Richie takes every opportunity imaginable to perform in front of Mike, and even when a chance doesn’t happen, he makes one anyway. Because only then can he hold Will’s hand naturally, lacing their fingers perfectly like a custom glove.

Only then can he look Will in the eye and hold their gaze like nobody else is around, bring their faces closer together until his mouth catches that soft gasp that escapes Will’s lips until the gap disappears altogether.

Only then can he forget that all this is just pretend, that when he puts his glasses back on, no longer is he an image of Mike Wheeler. That when he puts his glasses back on, he sees a reality much more blurry than the one he wants to see.

That the boy he thought he was helping may need to save him from himself, after all.

“Can’t it be me, Byers?” he whispers softly into Will’s soft lips, his own breath fogging his thick rimmed glasses. “Fall for me instead. I can make you happy too, you know.”

He knows he has no chance. He’s painfully aware how ridiculous he sounds even to his own ears. So he lets out a bitter chuckle and begins to remove his glasses once again.

Instead, he feels Will’s smooth fingers stopping his hands and placing his glasses back on where they belong.

“I know.” Will runs his fingers all over Richie’s face as if committing every detail to memory. “You’ve made me happier than I think I deserve. So please keep your glasses on. I’ve always liked them on you.”

And maybe their little pretend game worked, maybe it didn’t. But whether or not Mike finally realizes his true feelings for Will, he’s far too late. Because there’s simply no way in hell that Richie will ever give up the hands he worked so damn hard to own. Because he’s simply not about to let Will go back to someone who can’t make up their goddamn mind until somebody else steals what they think should belong to them.

Richie is a fucking work in progress, but only just so. Only if Will remains by his side, otherwise he’ll simply go back to being a fucking piece of work that watches the world through his sarcastic tinted glasses.

All the While, Part 5

You were not the most graceful girl at Hogwarts. You had been known to stub your toe, burn yourself brewing potions or simply trip over your own feet and fall. You were the only 6th year that still regularly had skinned knees. You were a klutz.

So when Sirius heard you squeak behind him on the stairs, he automatically reached for you to grab your hand, but it was too late. You tumbled down a rather long and very hard flight of marble stairs, landing in an inelegant pile at the bottom of the steps.

Sirius rushed to your side and attempted to wake you, gently tapping your cheeks and calling your name. When your eyes didn’t even flutter, Sirius picked you up bridal style and rushed you to the hospital wing.

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One of our customers was wearing latex gloves (I'm highly allergic) so I explained I couldn't put their money in their hand, without risking a reaction, and instead placed it on the counter. Still, they looked displeased and I overheard the woman say to her husband that I shouldn't work there.

Hey Guys, Whatcha Doin’?

A summary of the week of June 26 - July 2, 2017

June hit me link a truck - or at least a surprisingly heavy bicycle. And now it’s over and the workshop looks like it exploded some, but I think I’m starting to get my feet under me again. During May and early June, both of my helpers (my husband and my mom) suddenly/accidentally started a thriving gardening business - it was exciting, but it meant that I alone had to suddenly shoulder the workload of three people. Messes were made. Projects fell behind schedule. Email answering went completely out the window. Luckily, planting season ended in mid June, so I have help again! I feel like the workflow is starting to return to normal as of this past week - including a concerted effort on my part to get caught up on emails. I am not caught up yet, though, so that effort will continue this week.

As for the costume projects we’re working on: the black demon wolf is our current big task. This guy will be a fully NFT suit with muscle suit, and an articulated tail, and some massive claws. He is set to premiere at the San Diego Comic con which is in about 2 weeks! We’ve made some good progress, but there is still a lot of work left.

Last week we finished all of the muscles for the muscle suit and started attaching them to the suit base. We also built the feet, and started furring them (they are not trimmed and they look hilarious) - and the tail is finished! 

We also finished this custom tail and gloves for the Tiger Rahier head we sold back in April:

Head Cannon (the mostly-NDA group of 13 animal heads) is still in progress, but is very temporarily set aside while we finish the wolf demon. Very early this past week we had a project review and got some ideas/suggestions that will hopefully speed up the project - so I am excited to get back to those heads and put some new ideas into action! Hopefully that will happen in a week or two.

Camp Get-Away

So it was all arranged… I would drive down and she would have an excuse to leave for a bit. I drove the park as expected at the prearranged time and immediately made a loop around the camp area so she could see that I was there. As she saw me her eyes lit up and immediately she had a huge grin…. as though she wasn’t sure I would come and now seeing me gave her confidence to make her move.

She grabbed a few things for what was suppose to be her hike alone and then headed along a trail near the road. I parked and sat watching her as she kept turning to check on the camp and her family but also to glance up at me in my car… her smile and blushing was getting hard to hide and the pace she walked quickened.

As soon as she disappeared in the woods I checked on her family once again to ensure it was going to be safe and then I pulled away to meet her at our designated safe spot.
Driving along the road I now began to get excited as well. A happiness and mix of passion began to build up. It had been far too long since we last saw each other.. or last touched and we needed each other again.

I found a spot away from eyesight but where she could see me from the trail and parked….and then there she was emerging from the forest. She had been camping but as expected she looked incredible and I wanted so badly to get out of the car and give her a hug while walking her to the car but that wouldn’t be safe.
She opened the door and we both said hello at the same time and she made that funny grunt slash giggle I love hearing.

I immediately grabbed her hand as I drove away safely …oh that touch again! To feel her touching me is all I wanted again and now I was holding her hand. We both smiled and laughed nervously, not because of being together but because time was short and we knew we needed to get away first. Small conversation of the camp, her kids, my drive was discussed but mostly it was just good for both of us to see each others eyes and our smiles again.
Finally as we stopped the car before pulling up a secluded mountain road and I leaned over and with one hand behind her head I kissed her deeply.. …. tasting all of her mouth and lips and the turning my head so I could feel her lips and breath on my ear and I began to kiss down her neck and shoulder. She gasped as we stopped kissing and told me how much she missed me and how good we both kiss together. I agreed and drove up the road a little quicker now. Telling her how much I wanted her and she replied the same but I said “No ….. I really want you right now!” And I reached for her hand and pulled it towards me and placed it on my already bulging cock. She gasped again and blushed with that sexy smile of hers. She could feel it pulsing through my pants, she began to bite her lip and I could nearly read her mind as she thought in anticipation “it’s hard and it’s all for me” She closed her eyes remembering what it felt like to have my cock press through and in to her …. driving deep into her pussy.
I finally found a spot that we feel is safe and I pull off the road to where we can’t be seen. As I shut off the car we make the same move to kiss again and also let our hands begin to wander. There was no pattern to what we were doing just pure passion and joy as we kiss and touch. Finally we stop and I quickly get out of the car and take a thick sleeping bag out of the trunk and lay it on the ground behind the car. We both hurry to our knees kneeling in front of one another and begin kissing, caressing and undressing one another. First her shirt, then mine then she unbuttons my pants and I reach to unbutton hers taking my hand reaching inside to feel her hot and very wet pussy.. she shutters as I touch her clit with my fingers rubbing for a moment and then continue down to penetrated her wetness.

I bring her in close to me so as I make her shake and squirm in pleasure I can hold her tight. As I do this she is unbuttoning my pants and soon has my cock in her soft hands. I want so bad to please her and make her cum again in my hand but there isn’t time. She is already nearly there again and the wetness and her flexing has me so turned on. We hurriedly take our pants off and without request she lays on her back and I move between her legs. I take my hand and dip it inside her gorgeous pussy and rub her wetness around and put it on my cock to help lubricate it. And then I bend over and kissed her as she guides my cock with both of her hands inside her… slowly as it tips in tightly. It had been since last time that she had a cock in her .. slightly pulling but feeling so good as it goes deeper in to her until finally my cock was as deep as I could go. It felt incredible, it was as though it was a custom glove and I could feel all of her tightness around my cock. Taking her legs and placing them wide and on top of my arms I began to glide in and out .. in and out again enjoying watching her face as she threw her head back in pleasure and uttered “oh fuck you feel so good”.
Going slowly and holding it deeply I keep going.. so turned on by our naked bodies coming together I began to fondle her breasts and nipples with each stroke.. lightly pinching her nipples as I drive deeper in her.
My pace begins to increase and my balls begin to slap on her ass each time and now I can hear her juices slurping as she is moaning and yelling my name and now she grabs my ass and pulls me in tight to her with each stroke. Now I take her legs and bring them together and bring them straight over my head, this is a new sensation of being deeper in to her has she is nearly screaming… she is now covering her mouth with her arm as I fuck her fast and hard lifting her ass off the ground. I think we are both going to cum.. but she stops me and begs me to finish in her from behind. I agree and slowly let my cock slide out as I lower her legs.

She turns over and I crawl between her legs and sink my cock in to her very wet pussy.. it is nearly dripping now. I know I am not going to last so I begin to pump deep and fast holding her sexy hips in my hands pulling her in roughly. Again my balls slap along her naked and wet body with each stroke and I am feeling us both about to cum when she reaches between her legs and begins to fondle and cup my balls in her hand.. this is incredible and I am now about to explode inside her.. driving deep and holding as my cock pulses with my first cum in her. And then another couple of strokes and then holding deep as I pulse and cum again in her, she is moaning too and she is cumming as I do.

I take my hands and run them down her wet back from the passionate sweat we are causing together .. I pump deep in her those last few times until I can no longer cum.. I then hold deep in her as I soften and slowly slide out of her warm and full pussy. My cock tickles across her sensitive clit as it falls out. I am breathing heavy but still holding her sides, I bend over and kiss her back and then we both fall to the ground and recover.

We lay there holding each other, her back to me but my wet cock touching her soping wet legs and cheeks. Finally we catch our breath and she turns around and we kiss again.. nothing is said but both knowing it’s time to go soon and we won’t see each other for a while.
After a short while we have to get up to dress and we hurry back in the car… as I drive we are still catching our breath.. not many words but lots of smiles at each other. Sadly, we now come to the same spot where I picked her up and there are nearly tears in both our eyes because we don’t want to say goodbye again but we quickly kiss again and with that she steps out of the car.. straightens up her clothing again and disappears in to the woods

The end


Halloween costume fitting #2 with Winnie the Pooh:  Pooh says his costume has no bottom half.  Someone get that bear some pants!

This will be our last costume progress post.  Mom says showing anything else would ruin the surprise of what my costume is!