custom glass

today I went to a used tools store and bought 20ft of rope, a book on the history of fighting, and then took shots of brandy with an old man who lived in his self proclaimed “ebay dungeon” how is everyone else’s day going?

@HeyTommyChong was definitely enthusiastic about how many could be cured with the cannabinoids in the bowl he was holding. For those of you that are unaware, #TommyChong has beaten cancer with a regiment of #CannabisOil, he continues to keep it in remission with continued dosages. It reaffirms our dedication to our passion and the plant. We hope one day that the properties of #cannabis will eradicate #cancer from the planet. #Farmaceutical #RealMedicine @theclearconcentrate @theclearscientist #CancerKiller #NaturalRemedy #PowerOfThePlant #RefineSeattle #RefineTheWorld #CannabinoidsCure #YearOfXcellence by @x_tracted

Special custom heavy blue stardust bubble wand, featuring a cane rim by zzvspecial and a custom green color pull by yours truly, rabbitte.
Aka @rabbitteglass on Instagram.