custom glass


I copped this adorably dope lil shredder from @justdewitglass on Instagram!!😁
I am so happy! It truly shreds!
After teetering between Littlefoot and Ducky, I have decided to name it Ducky after the character in The Land Before Time!

Also, sour diesel crumble!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻

#GlueDream (#GorillaGlue4 x #BlueDream) #LoudResin™🔊🔊🔊 from the fortified gardens of @Moe_Lasses. Unique in aroma and flavor, this will definitely register in your brains terpene registers. It’s uplifting properties are prevalent, but not racy. Heavy dosages will evoke the #Glue side of the strain and leave you stuck in time. #TempsDown #TerpsUp #FlavorSavior #SugarFactory #GetGlued #RefineSeattle #RefineTheWorld #TastesGreatLessFilling by @x_tracted

Special custom heavy blue stardust bubble wand, featuring a cane rim by zzvspecial and a custom green color pull by yours truly, rabbitte.
Aka @rabbitteglass on Instagram.