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Marriage Drabble With Kylo Ren

Hey look I did a writes! It’s been on my mind for awhile and even though my own writing will never be what my mind creates, I still took a shot at it anyways! Oops!

Words: 2200

Rating: E

Warnings: I mean if you hate fluff then you should probably not read this at all.

Draped. Gathered. White. Flowing. Clean.  

The words you’d used to describe garment customized and created to your frame.  The fabrics flanged around the chest and hugged just below your shoulders.  It wasn’t the first time this design had been created. Many years before this, long before you were conceived, pictograms and holoprojections proudly displayed the attire as historic remnants of their former glory and monarchy.  The elegance undulated from the woman who donned the style before you.  So used to an audience, so used to attention and such a natural grace to her posture.

Yet you—you were simple.

You grappled with the cuffs adhering the fabric to your arms.  This wasn’t your choice; it was of his own accord that he requested you wear it. Curious considering you’d only discovered her existence from your fiance’s library within his quarters.  Royal garbs of a queen from decades before—and now you wore them as an exhibition for those paying witness.  For those paying who pledged allegiance to the First Order.  Your eyes finally met the reflection in the mirror, for a moment you couldn’t even recognize yourself as though a second personality settled within your skin.  Would others notice the same falsehood? They’d hardly seen your face in the entire span of your relationship with their Commander, yet you were certain each emotion would protrude through this façade and call on their mockery.

What made matters worse was the staggering head count expected to attend.  Similar events usually boast several hundred onlookers. Your own would boast hundreds of thousands.  It’s common for a couple to reserve a humble venue, not an entire Star Destroyer.

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gif cr: @qweentae

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader, Taehyung x Reader

Summary: You’ve been dreaming about prom your whole life. When that day finally comes, you have the perfect venue, the perfect theme, the perfect dress, and the perfect date. But when your boyfriend, Yoongi, can’t go with you, he sends his friend Taehyung instead and things get kind of weird…

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Word Count: 9.5k

Content: This is pretty PG-13 so there’s not much to warn you about. A little bit of swearing but that’s pretty much it.

A/N: This was originally supposed to be a Tae fic but it ended up having a lot of Yoongi. Turns out I don’t know how to write a non-Yoongi fic lmao. I’m telling you now this fic takes place in May 2015 (the year I went to prom) but most of the songs are ones that came out after that so don’t yell at me for the inaccuracies. Also shout out to @qweentae and @jungkookbunbun for helping me through my writer’s block and helping me choose the right words

Playlist of the songs mentioned (which I highly recommend you check out to get the full experience)

Sneak Peak:


It may be just a minor infatuation, but you don’t love him.

Not the way you love Yoongi.

You will never love him the way you love Yoongi. 

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Cullen and Arian headcanons <3

@inquizies and @ohsoang inspired me to make this (really long) list xD brace yourselves for floof!

  • Whenever Arian returns to Skyhold the first thing she does is go to Cullen’s office to give him an “I’m home and I missed you” kiss :D
  • Cullen’s the one that gave her the halla statuette in her quarters, so she has a piece of her culture and clan with her always :)
  • When Cullen starts sharing her quarters with her, Arian orders a bed that’s Ferelden in every aspect - and also purchases the comfiest mattress possible so Cullen can get a well-rested sleep.
  • Arian - with Cullen’s permission, eventually crafts the coin he gave her into a necklace, so she can keep it close to her heart always.
  • Arian helps Cullen through his withdrawals in any way she can - from staying up with him through the night and holding him close to personally making something simple and sweet for him to munch on during the day.
  • Cullen eventually has a tailor in Val Royeaux make a custom furred garment similar to his for Arian (but in blue, her favorite color x3) because she enjoys stealing his so much.
  • Arian and Cullen will randomly steal away from Skyhold for a week or two to go exploring or simply be together for the time being. Their favorite area is Ferelden, near the forest. (Which is where they end up living after Trespasser :D)
  • When they start their family post-Trespasser they combine their traditions and cultures so their babies can appreciate both sides of their heritage ^^ (they actually refer to Cullen as “Daddy” and Arian as “Mamae” :3)
  • While we’re on the topic of kids, all of them end up with Cullen’s hair xD
  • When she’s expecting the twins (their first two children), Cullen goes full mother-goose and gets Arian every little thing she needs, even if she doesn’t ask for it.
  • When Arian becomes stressed or anxious, Cullen will request that everyone, Leliana and Josie included, leave her alone for the day. If she asks for his company, he’ll sit on her bed with her, wrap her in blankets, and talk of his childhood in Honnleath and his family. It always relaxes her and makes her smile.
  • Cullen took Arian to visit his family after the main game, and within two days they were all pressuring him to propose.
  • Cullen became interested in Arian just days after they initially met. He fell in love with her when he carried her nearly-frozen body to the camp after the fall of Haven.
  • Arian likes buying trinkets and knickknacks for Cullen to keep around his office. It’s one of her ways of saying “I love you”. (She also believes it to be a normal human custom)
  • Cullen likes picking Arian up in his arms, and does it by surprise quite often. She gets used to it after a while, but will still react with a giggle because she loves seeing the smile on Cullen’s face.
  • Arian loves singing to Cullen while his head is resting in her lap and her fingers run through his hair. It’s a nightly routine for them after some time.
  • Arian names her hart “Stanton”, because she believes humans name their animals after people they care for. Oddly enough Cullen and Stanton don’t get along very well.
  • They take a walk together around the hold every day, which was something they did initially when they started dating as an excuse for people not to get suspicious, but once everyone found out it just stuck xD
  • Arian is a heat hog and will either a) be practically fused into Cullen’s side when he wakes, or b) steal all the blankets in her sleep and leave Cullen freezing come morning. He’d steal them back but he doesn’t want her getting cold x3
  • Cullen attempts to learn the Elven language and studies Elven history for Arian, which leaves her near tears and her heart full to bursting.
  • On that note, whenever Cullen gives Arian a gift she starts crying in happiness lol
  • They have a game between them in the morning where one will pull the other back into bed if they attempt to get up before they need to and smother them in kisses (or initiate other things >w>).
  • Josephine finds out about Cullen’s plan to propose through Leliana and insists on an elaborate wedding - which Cullen persuades her against, knowing he nor Arian want all of the fuss and attention.
  • Arian’s the one that actually insists on the small ceremony in Halamshiral, saying it’s very much “them” - spontaneous and meaningful. And really, she simply wanted to be his wife then and there.
  • Often after they have war table meetings, they’ll wait till Josie and Leliana leave and just be all over each other - especially when they haven’t seen one another for a while lol
  • When Arian’s out in the field, they write to each other every morning and night until she returns. Cullen keeps her letters next to him while he attempts sleep, and Arian has a special pouch where she keeps his so she can read through them whenever she’d like. Leliana eventually chides them for excessively using her birds, but it makes her happy to see them both so mushy.
  • They spar for fun every now and then, which gets a rise out of bystanders watching. Cullen almost always lets Arian win (which he thinks he’s being discreet about). Same applies to chess.
  • Arian actually uses their chess games as a means of spending more time with Cullen before they start dating. She’s not terrible at the game, but she pretends to be so Cullen will teach her x3

Kay I think that’s enough for now xD Lemme know if you guys wanna see any more!! :D

Girl’s Day #squad (Part 2) - (Reader x Claudia Auditore + Evie Frye + Élise de le Serre + ??????)

What is this? Reader Insert series about living in an apartment building full of the characters from Assassin’s Creed in a modern setting. A guilty pleasure series tbh. Not gonna lie.

A/N: You get caught buying some things by tall dark and handsome. Whoops! Your girls are the best~ <3


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“It’s so good so finally meet you!”

You weren’t sure what to say in response as the vibrant redhead hugged you in greeting. At first glance she didn’t seem like the type to affectionate. As you had approached her with Evie and Claudia leading the way, she stood tall, with shoulders back and squared. She seemed the kind of woman to take charge and wait for no one. However as soon as Claudia called out, her hard edges dissolved with a brilliant smile.

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Commissioning and cost

I feel like this is a necessary post. This happens a lot but recently I’ve had a significant influx of people who do not expect to pay more than cost of materials for a costume, or don’t see why there should be any sort of markup past base costs. 

Regardless of who your commissioner is, they are not running a charity. Even for my close friends, I get paid - whether it is a trade off of goods/art, money, food, etc. There is overhead to commissioning, no matter your level of professionalism, and that weighs into pricing. The cosplay community especially has pretty unrealistic expectations of quality vs. cost. 

And like any form of art for hire, do not do anything for “exposure.”

Custom commissioned garments are not going to be H&M prices. This is your breakdown:

Fabric + notions + equipment + overhead + wage + markup = consumer price.

Presume you are commissioning a sewn costume.

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Julian: W-what?

Garak: Does this holiday often involve assault of the eyes?

Julian: What? The sweater? No, I found it in some old holo-vids of the holiday. I had it replicated. Isn’t it great?

Garak: I was under the impression that this was a holiday of joy. Is there a ritual where one burns the offending garment?

*random customer walks into the shop* Hey! I like the tunic! Did you make it, Mr Garak?

Garak: *so offended, he’s speechless*

*Random customer asks for one. By the end of the day, half the non-humans on the station want one*

*Garak murders everyone on the station*

*When Starfleet or Bajor comes to investigate, he insists it was a mercy killing*


I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist! (let’s be clear, though; I’m not sorry I drew it, only that I drew it this early. It’s not even Thanksgiving!) The sweater design I found (and altered just a little) by typing “Ugly Christmas Sweater” into Google. It’s, like, the fifth image that popped up.
This Designer Is Making Gender-Nonconforming Clothes For All Abilities
Rebirth Garments is a cool AF inclusive queer fashion line.
By Julie Gerstein

Please say hello to Sky Cubacub of Chicago. Cubacub is the genius behind Rebirth Garments, a custom clothing collection for people across the full spectrum of gender, size, and ability.

Guys I just got this really sad AU idea

What if Thanos somehow managed to take the mind stone from Vision, and what if Vision survived it?

He’d be a mess. His body would shut down right away and he would nearly die because he’s never had to operate under his own energy, the mind stone has always powered him. But now he has to eat and sleep and he can’t fly or control his density anymore. He’s just a regular human, albeit infused with vibranium and synthetically created. So while the rest of the team scrambles to figure out how to find Thanos and take he stone back, Vision has to learn how to live all over again.

He starts to act more like Jarvis. He gets more emotional, acts less aloof and transcendent.

He thinks he’s dying the first time he gets hungry.

He thinks he’s dying the first time he is tired.

Generally, any normal human discomfort is misinterpreted as impending death.

It takes him a long time to fall asleep, because the sensation is not unlike what he remembers as Jarvis of being torn apart by Ultron.

He has nightmares of his powerlessness.

The others take turns watching over him at night to make him feel safer. Wanda volunteers most often.

The avengers finally realize that their fellow friend is actually human, not an otherworldly being.

He cries for the first time.

He can still pick up Thor’s hammer, but is afraid to use it because he might hurt himself.

He can’t simulate his own clothes without the mind stone and is forced to wear actual clothes. Because real fabrics are far more restraining and uncomfortable than custom simulated garments, he becomes fond of t shirts and sweatpants, and steals half a dozen band shirts from Tony’s closet.

In his new need for sustenance, he develops the appetite of a teenaged boy, and is eating almost constantly. He proves his worth as a cook.

He falls asleep most easily when Wanda curls up with him. She finds that she sleeps easier with him, as well, so never complains. Clint once awoke to find the two sprawled out on a couch together, Vision hugging Wanda’s waist, her hand holding his head against her stomach. He never asked them about it, but began to watch them and gossip about them with his wife later.

In trying to get the mind stone back, Vision is able to discover his own identity apart from the stone, which, despite being a painful process, makes him stronger when he ultimately regains the stone and his powers.

Word Association: Making Linguistic Connections

This is going to be a very interesting list of vocab. Basically, it’ll start off with a basic word that many people know, and then go into words that are derived from that word.

Meaning, there’s a good chance that this is going to be a, “Hey, that word looks familiar!” vocabulary exercise, designed to help increase your vocab by starting with words you probably know already.

La boca = mouth OR entrance (as in “the mouth of a river”)

el bocado - mouthful

el bocadillo

  • sandwich (also el sándwich or bocata)
  • snack time
  • thought bubble / balloon / speech bubble [in a comic strip]

la bocaza - pie-hole, cake-hole, big mouth, [as in “shut your pie-hole!”]

la bocallave - keyhole (lit. “mouth-key”; synonymous with el ojo (de la cerradura) "eye (of the lock)“)

la bocacalle - side-street / the turn into a street when driving [lit. "mouth-street”]

boca arriba - upside down / lying on one’s back [lit. “mouth upwards”; synonymous with al revés “upside down / to the reverse”]

ser un/una bocazas - to be a blabbermouth

la bocacha - bigmouth/blabbermouth (Cono Sur); also means “a blunderbuss” type of cannon

ser un boquerón / boquerona - to be a blabbermouth [Spain; lit. “big mouth”]

*Note: el boquerón is also “anchovy”; as is la anchoa

el calcetín = socks [sometimes synonymous with las medias which can mean “socks”, but in older terms means “hosiery” or “pantyhose”]

la calza - breeches

calzar - to put on (the feet; shoes, socks, pantyhose etc.)

descalzado/a - barefoot


  • knickers / bloomers / drawers / underwear
  • shorts (in older terms; similar to rugby shorts)
  • calzone (Italian food which just happens to look like underwear)

calzoncillos - underwear (usually men) / boxers / briefs

la calzoneta - swimming trunks (Central America)

calzonazos, calzonudo/a - wimp / wuss / pantywaist / weakling / someone with an Omega personality

la madre = mother

la madrastra - stepmother

la madraza - doting mother

la Madre Superiora - Mother Superior

materno/a - of or relating to the mother

maternal - maternal / motherly

la matriz - matrix OR womb

matricular - to matriculate / to enroll (in a school) OR “to put into a matrix”

el matrimonio - wedlock / matrimony OR a married couple

la matrona - matron OR midwife

la matriarca - matriarch (lit. “Arch-mother” or “Highest Mother/Woman”)

la hada madrina - fairy godmother

la madrina - godmother OR maid/matron of honor (synonymous with dama de honor) OR female benefactor / patroness

la comadre - close female friend of another woman [lit. “mother together”; the feminine version of compadre] OR midwife OR godmother

comadrear - to gossip [an antiquated, now sexist word, meaning “when women get together and gossip”]

el comadreo / la comadrería - chit-chat / small talk

la comadrona - midwife

la comadreja - a weasel [related to the idea that women are sneaky]

la madriguera - den / lair 


  • (literally) to take from one’s mother
  • desmadrarse - to go wild / to play hard / to have a wild party

el desmadre

  • a rave
  • absolute chaos
  • a disaster area
  • an utter failure
  • a big mess

el padre = father

el padrastro - stepfather

el padrazo - father who spoils his children

el padrino / Padrino - godfather / Godfather (Italian mafia)

el padrino de bodas / los padrinos - the best man (at a wedding) / the groomsmen

el patriarca - patriarch

paterno/a - of or relating to the father

paternal - paternal / fatherly

el padre / Padre - priest / Father (in a Catholic setting)

el padrenuestro - the Our Father (prayer)

el padrinazgo - the state of being a godfather / protection / sponsorship

el padrón - indulgent father OR stallion (male horse; often for breeding)

el padrote - pimp / sugar daddy 

el patrón - patron 

el compadre - buddy / friend [lit. “fathers with”]

el patrimonio - heritage / estate (in terms of money)

la patria - (home) country / fatherland

patrio/a - belonging to a country / native

el orgullo patrio - pride for the country / patriotism

el patriotismo - patriotism

el/la patriota / patriótico - patriot / patriotic

patriotería - chauvinism OR negative nationalistic pride (which verges on violence)

patriotero/a - chauvinist / male-centered OR jingoist / warlike nationalism

patrocinar / patrocinado - to sponsor / sponsored

patrono/a - master / employer OR santo patrono / santa patrona “patron saint”

patronizar - to patronize [lit. “to act as if you were someone’s father” / “to treat like a child”]

traer = to bring OR to wear

trajear(se) - to get dressed up / to dress-up (something) OR to give someone clothing

el traje - suit / garment

el traje (de baño) - swimsuit / bathingsuit

traje-sastre - custom-made / tailored garment

trajeado/a - well-dressed

el trajín - hustle and bustle [lit. “the state of people bringing things back and forth”]

ser trajinista - to be a busybody

trainjero/a - porter / delivery person (antiquated)

duro/a = hard

durable / duradero/a = durable / long-lasting

la duración - duration

durar - to endure / to last / to be in existence

perdurar - to endure / to persevere / to linger / to last

endurecer - to harden OR to become a veteran

el endurecimiento - hardening OR strengthening (of forces/fortifications etc.)

la cabeza = head

la cabecera - headboard OR headline

cabizbajo/a - downcast / crestfallen / humbled [lit. “head-down”]


  • to lead
  • to direct
  • to head
  • to headline
  • to address a letter

encabezarse - to be headed for

la cabezada - headbutt OR nod of the head

cabezón / cabezona - stubborn / pig-headed / arrogant

cabezudo/a - big-headed / a figure with a comically large head

el cabezazo - header (football) [when a soccer player hits the ball with his head] / headbutt

el cabo - cape / head

el capo - boss

el capó - bonnet

la capucha - hood

la capa / el capote - cloak

la caperuza - hood / cap (of a pen)

La Caperucita Roja - Little Red Riding Hood

la cabecilla - boss / the one who calls the shots / ringleader (circus, or euphemistically)

el fuego = fire

el hogar - home OR hearth

hogareño/a - domestic OR cozy / comfortable

la hoguera - bonfire / campfire

la fogata - bonfire

el fogaje - blaze / hot weather

la fiebre - fever

el fogón - fireplace / stove OR burner

el fogonazo - flash / explosion / bang

fogoso/a - fiery / passionate

el arma de fogueo - flare gun

el arma de fuego - firearm

el foco - spotlight / strobelight OR focus

enfocar - to focus on

el apagafuegos - fire extinguisher [lit. “extinguishes-fires”]

el agua = water

aguar - to water down

desaguar - to drain [lit. “to pull out water”]

el desagüe - the drain OR storm drain / drainage pipe

el aguacero - downpour / rainstorm

acuoso/a - watery / juicy

aguanoso/a - water-logged / drenched

aguardentoso/a - alcoholic / strong alcohol OR gruff (voice) [lit. “water-burning” or “fire-water”]

aguado/a - watered-down / weak / tame

la (pinta) aguada - watercolor (paint)

hacer una aguadilla - to duck down / to submerge oneself under water / to dunk

el aguaje - water supply / wave / surge of water

ser un(a) aguafiestas - to be a spoilsport / to rain on someone’s parade [lit. “water-party” or “rain on a party”]

el aguanieve - sleet / wet snow / slush [lit. “water-snow”]

el aguardiente - liqueur [lit. “water-burning” or “fire-water”]

el aguamiel - mead [lit. “honey-water”; alcohol made by fermenting honey] OR sugar-water

el paraguas - umbrella [lit. “for-water”]

el agualotal - swamp / marshland (Caribbean) [lit. “water for a lotus pond” / “lilypad-water”]

el aguamar / la aguamuerta / la aguaviva - jellyfish [la aguamuerta = “dead-water”; aguaviva “living-water”]

la aguamala -  jellyfish / Portuguese man-of-war [lit. “bad/evil water”, the most common for a jellyfish]

el aguamanil - basin / sink [lit. “water for hands”]

el rayo = thunderbolt

el rayo

  • beam
  • lightning strike
  • streak of lightning
  • spoke of a wheel

la raya

  • line
  • dotted line
  • part (hair)
  • stripe

rayar - to scratch OR to draw a line OR to border / be next to

subrayar - to underline

rayado/a - striped

de rayas - striped

jugar a la rayuela - to play hopscotch

el bosque = forest / woodlands

el guardabosque - (forest) ranger

el bosque pluvial - rain forest

el bosque tropical - tropical forest / rain forest

boscoso/a - wooded / forested

bosquejar - to sketch / to outline

el bosquejo - an outline

el boscaje - grove OR nature scene / landscape scene

bosquimán, bosquimano/a - bushman, someone who lives in the wilderness

la emboscada - ambush

emboscar - to place an ambush / to ambush someone


  • to hide in the woods
  • to be on the lam / to go into hiding
  • to lie in wait
  • to lie in ambush

la tierra = earth OR land

la tierra - soil

La Tierra - Earth (the planet)

terreno/a - playing field OR plot of land OR “earthling” [someone from the planet Earth in sci-fi]

terráqueo/a - earthling / terrestrial / earth-dwelling

la vida terrestre - life on Earth

el terremoto - earthquake

la Terranova - Newfoundland / el perro terranova "Newfoundland dog"

Tierra del Fuego - Tierra del Fuego (Argentina; lit. “Land of Fire”]

el terraplén - embankment

subterráneo/a - subterranean / underground

aterrar - to fill in with dirt OR to make landfall

aterrizar - to land (planes or birds) [lit. “to come to earth”]

el aterrizaje - landing / coming to the ground

enterrar - to bury [lit. “to put into earth”]

desenterrar - to unearth [lit. “to take out of burial”]

desterrar - to exile / to banish [lit. “to take land away”]

la hormiga = ant

la hormiga - hard-worker (euphemistically)

la hormiguita - hard-worker / thrifty person / frugal person

el hormiguero - anthill / mass of people

el hormigón - concrete / cement

la hormigonera - cement mixer

hormiguear - to tickle / to tingle / to have pins and needles OR when ant’s swarm

el hormigueo

  • tingling sensation / pins and needles sensation
  • people coming and going
  • daily routines
  • the feeling of anxiety or panic
  • butterflies in the stomach

Judith Thurman on the world’s oldest trousers:

“The three-thousand-year-old trousers were in amazing shape. They were lying with the remains of two herders/warriors, both about forty. Experts surmise that the garments were custom sized for the wearer by the tailor who made them. (No cutting was involved; he or she loomed the wool in three pieces—two straight legs and a roomy crotch that were stitched together with thread that matched the yarn. Decorative stripes, zigzags, and a meander were woven into the cloth.)”

A quick little something I wrote after I kept thinking of that little au/fic idea I posted earlier. All knowing Tomoyo is all knowing.

Kurogane pulled at the collar around his neck, grimacing around at the guests around him that were all also wearing traditionally formal Celesian garments. Custom made suits for the men, with high neck collars and ties that felt more like nooses and jackets that didn’t allow for as much movement as Kurogane would like. The women were in extravagant gowns, some with plunging necklines and corsets that looked so tight, Kurogane assumed they must not be able to eat anything, lest their dress burst open.

Tomoyo was in a simpler version of one of these dresses, a light purple to match her eyes and a skirt that only flared ever so slightly, keeping her from looking like one of the many pastries Celes loved to serve their guests. Her hair, which normally hung straight down her back in a heavy curtain of black, was braided and twisted this way and that, and while it looked lovely, Kurogane thought that hair should not be that complicated.

“Kurogane, stop fussing with your clothes,” Tomoyo scolded, swatting at Kurogane’s hand. Kurogane dropped his hand with a defiant tch and crossed his arms instead. 

“I don’t know why I have to be here with you,” Kurogane muttered, snatching a glass of wine from a tray a servant was carrying.

“Because, you’re one of Nihon’s ambassadors as well as a faithful bodyguard,” Tomoyo reminded. “It’s your duty to attend these events. I would assume you’d grown used to it with the many places you’ve travelled to.”

Kurogane would never grow used to it though. He had been dragged to more countries he could remember by the royal family of Nihon due to his ability to protect, so much so that he had been granted the title of ambassador because of the many foreign leaders that had met him.

Celes, though, he had been to the most. And despite the clothes and extravagance, it was not the worst country to be in.

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Hooray!  More charts!  These are seamstress measurement charts.  Google-fu brings up a ton of them with varying levels of complexity for both genders and adults and children.  

If you really want the perfect fit to whatever it is you want to make, a combination of these and understanding your gauge is what you need.  What’s more, these allow for those little quirks each of us have in our bodies.  For example, I have a short torso.  I factor that into everything I make for myself.

I know how annoying it is to take all these measurements.  Part of the challenge of custom fit garments is genuinely being comfortable with your body and the way that it really is.  However, it’s that simple idea that gets us the most flattering results.  See the above note about my torso.  If I don’t watch it, a waist length sweater hits me entirely wrong and just makes me look hippy as hell.  I already look hippy.  I don’t need help there.  

Yes, for some of these measurements, you might need some help to take them.  Get a bottle of wine and turn it into something that’s stupid fun.