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Sonic Forces Japanese trailer First Thoughts //SPOILERS//

Well I just saw this trailer and I gotta say… I’m super hyped for this game right now. Even more than before just because I saw that Silver seems to have a big role in the story. But let’s leave my fangirl thoughts for later.

First of all I need to say that I’m just going to talk about the story, not the gameplay, since I expect it to be the same as the other recent games,with the exception of the custom character. 

Also sorry if I make mistakes, my language is Spanish, not English.

Okay. Now we have a better explanation of what Infinite is. An experiment made by Eggman to rule the world. I’m pretty sure that triangle thingy is the Phantom Ruby from Sonic Mania.

The thing that really intrigues me is: Infinite was a normal “Mobian” before or Eggman created him from the beginning? From the first images of the trailer it seemed like the doctor tried many times and failed, what leads me to believe that maybe the second option is the correct one. Even tho, the theme for this character tell us otherwise, that he was someone before, I’m really confused.

Why three days? what’s gonna happen in three days? This is bigger than some giant robots destroying a city, he uses the word “dissapear”, is he going to make the entire world explode? Maybe brake the space and time continuity with Infinite’s or the Phantom Ruby’s powers? omg idk

Why is Infinite so mad with everyone, specially the custom character? More proof that they met each other before? 

Just like in the Infinite’s trailer, Shadow’s eyes look weird

But in the Villains Trailer he seemed normal. Maybe Sega thought it was going to be too obvious to show this so early. 

This eyes make me believe that he might be under some mind control, just like in this image with Metal Sonic

Maybe not mind control, but that aura is only related to Infinite’s powers, what if he’s controlling all the villains? Why he isn’t controlling Sonic and the resistance? That would be way too easy, and maybe he want’s to fight him, maybe it’s all just a game for him.

Oh- oh!


Nah really, Sonic appears so suddenly here, and the custom character looks so surprised, and the thing that in the resistance the blue hedgehog is nowhere to be seen

Sonic disappeared, nobody knows what to do and the only people that seem to want to fight are our main characters, not even Tails that later in the trailer we see all scared and with a bunch of random people doing nothing.

Where the hell was Sonic while all this chaos spread in the world? 

Quick note here, this might be the first time we see more mobians like the main characters as citizens of a city, all this time we could only see humans that made no sense. and they kinda look like the people from Sonic Boom

Can we appreciate how beautiful Silver looks when he’s playing hero all serious? 

For real tho, It’s been years since he participated in the main plot of a game, I’m really happy.

This might be like his redemption from Sonic 06, finally he came back from the future knowing what to do and he’s here to help. Yay!

Where is blaze? Is she going to appear?? I really hope so, if his is all about dimensions or time travel stuff she must be here


Also Rouge is there! Finally! But where did she came from? like, she just came one day, saw how everything went to hell while she wasn’t around and decided to help the others?

I wanna re-draw this image with my Galaxy.

Okay, long post. Bye bye