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today I bring to you guys , a special gift for 1000+ followers I hit !

 I am very happy and just wanted to thank all of you who share my content and help me grow here, I greatly appreciate it! 

Create items for the sims has been a very rewarding experience, and see that people really like my content is PRICELESS…

so here it is…


  • new mesh
  • custom thumbnail
  • 12 colors + 4 patterns
  • HQ Compatible


  • new mesh
  • compatible with sliders
  • compatible with HQ mod
  • 4 colors 
  • custom thumbnail

wcif friendly!

I’ll put the link of the folder and you can choose which item you want to download



Cherny and Bely - Monster High Catty Noir and Catrine DeMew

Original dolls: Cherny (black) is Mattel Monster High Catty Noir
                      Bely (white) is Mattel Monster High Catrine DeMew

Wigs: (dyed) raw alpaca fiber
Tails: posable wire with cotton fabric and (dyed) alpaca fiber
Body mods: eyes cut open, heads acetone shrunk
Eyes: selfmade follow-me eyes from polymer clay, acrylic paint and epoxy resin
Faces: chalk pastels, colored pencils, acrylic paint, clear gloss, fake lashes
Dresses: hand sewn from cotton fabric, lace and ribbons
Shoes: selfmade from polymer clay, cotton fabric, ribbon, acrylic paint and matte glaze

Darrow Greylock Elven Mage Custom Voiced Follower (version 1.3)


Custom World Space with Unique Music-
Darrow is a member of the Mage’s College in Winterhold. You can currently find him working and researching in his Study. To find Darrow, enter the Hall of Attainment and go to the stairs leading to the second floor. Look on the floor to your right and there is a trap door that leads down into his study. As of version 1.3 Darrow is compatible with the Immersive College of Winterhold mod.

Custom Voice and Class-
Darrow is custom voiced with around 150 lines of dialog. He utilises a handmade Mage Explorer class, that has bonuses in Conjuration, Destruction, restoration, Onehanded, Light Armor, and Sneak. Currently he is at level 8 with the potential to reach 100 and he auto-levels up with the player. When in battle he currently uses the spells Close Wounds, Fast Healing, Flames, Conjure Dwemer droid, and Conjure Dwemer Ripper. He has several perks in Destruction, Conjuration, Armsman, Stealth, Muffled Movement, as well as the Light Foot Perk for those pesky traps.

Merchant Abilities-
Darrow is also a collector/merchant and will buy Dwemer artifacts from you, he also will sell you parts and Dwemer Conjuration Spells. As of version 1.3 Darrow now correctly displays his merchant gold in his store.

Bonus Items-
In Darrow’s Study there is a currently a bonus follower, a Dwemer Spider named Boltz. He counts as a pet so you can have both him and Darrow travel along with you at the same time.
At any Blacksmith, under the misc. heading you can now craft Dwemer Torches if you have the materials to do so. They will invaluable to you if you do a lot of underground exploring.


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