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I opened a Society6 store! I’m selling Splatoon weapons shirts at the moment so please take a look!

Current Weapons Shirts available are:

- Tentatek Splattershot

- 52 Gal

- Dynamo Roller

- Eliter 3k Scope

- Custom Range Blaster

Spreading the word would be fully apprecciated, thank you so much!


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Guitars I Want - as requested! 

This is only a selection from an extensively long list!

From top to bottom;
- Fender Custom Road Worn (preferably in Olympic white)
- Hufschmid Custom Made Guitar
- Schecter Blackjack SLS Series 
- Music Man Armada 
- Gretsch Silver Falcon 
- Ovation Elite 
- Gibson Explorer (preferably in wine red, I really loved the vintage 1970s wine red explorer I saw at Vintage and Rare Guitars in Bath) 
- Suhr Modern 
- Zemaitis Metal Flower Front 
- PRS Private Stock 

If you want to see a part 2 of this post, just let me know. 

Destiny 2

You know how in Halo 3 there was the option to customize your own Elite and play as them in certain online game modes? That’s something I’d like to see in Destiny.

I got to thinking after reading this post (by @alpha-lupi-comics​), that since we know (from headshots) that the Fallen could quite possibly also be beings of light, that it would be awesome to play as one. Not just in PVP either.

Imagine there being a firefight between a guardian and a bunch of Fallen in some previously unexplored part of Earth (somewhere resembling Widow’s Court or another part of the dead zone) when the Cabal finally arrive on the Planet. Just as we’ve seen countless times, the two alien races start shooting at each other.

This would be a secluded level (like the first mission or the beginning of TTK) It’s a very ending-of Halo Reach style level, where it’s impossible to win. The Fallen are being slaughtered along with you and the other guardians. As you die, a Fallen Vandal shoots the Cabal about to finish you off, and helps you up.

You and this Vandal fight off a wave of enemies, and the obligatory mini-boss as a two man team. You walk up to the corpse with the Vandal, when you both suddenly turn your weapons on each other; you are enemies after-all, right? You both stand motionless until your ghost speaks up and says something along the lines of “We need to tell the Vanguard that the Cabal are on Earth.” A quick “Let’s go” is all it takes before you teleport out while keeping your gun trained on the Vandal.

He/she let’s out a deep breath and takes off their mask as a bunch of Fallen reinforcements show up and your new pal walks towards the ship.

I don’t have a full story, but I imagine that this Fallen would work with your guardian and the Vanguard (during cut-scenes) and the new dead zone area (Ireland?) would be a map where you play as your Vandal against Hive and Cabal. The Tower-like base would be a Ketch, with a servitor Cryptarch, and Captains representing the different houses (experience would be linked to its corresponding guardian faction via colour pallet). Although there would be no face customization, you would have full control over armour and shaders. Current PVE teams would no longer be just Alpha and Bravo, but rather guardians vs Fallen (excluding Iron Banner) and you’d chose your preferred race for Rumble.

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The guy who has that shop in the Hissing Wastes must have been a Ferelden. Just saying. Who else would leave their Mabari behind to take care of the shop (and make change no less!) to do some quick errands?

Just in time for Halloween! This “Gold Circuit” custom Xbox one elite controller is shipping from TCS headquarters today! Don’t forget, use code “FearTheShop” for 10% off your purchase!

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Trump University Customer: 'Gold Elite' Program Nothing But Fool's Gold
At a campaign event, Donald Trump said Bob Guillo gave his Trump University program the highest rating possible. Guillo says he paid $35,000 only to be taught to use Trulia and other common websites.

A lot of famous and important people have felt the sting of Donald Trump’s invective in recent months, including former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, British Prime Minister David Cameron and even the pope.

And then there’s Bob Guillo, of Manhasset, N.Y.

The 76-year-old Long Island retiree found himself singled out by Trump in a speech on May 27 because he had criticized Trump University, one of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee’s most controversial business ventures.