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Please fire me. A customer just tried to convince my manager and I that the policy “opened CDs, DVDs, and Blurays may not be returned…” means that they “may” possibly be returned. She claimed to be an English teacher.

Please fire me. I work in a DVD rental store and recently a (now former) customer and her husband both threw tantrums in front of their kids and blamed me because they could not bring their movie back in on time and owe the store $131.00. The store is open 12 hours a day 364 days a year.

The worst parent ever

I used to work as a cashier/customer service person at Target. One day when I was working the customer service desk this guy came in to return a DVD of Pan’s Labyrinth. No big deal, but we were supposed to ask the reason for the return (was the disc defective, etc.). 

Me: So, was there something wrong with the DVD, sir?

Customer: Yeah, it’s not in English and it doesn’t say that anywhere on the box.

Me: *turns the DVD case around and points at the description* No, sir, see it says right there “in Spanish with English subtitles”. We’re really not supposed to do returns on opened DVDs if there’s nothing actually wrong with the disc.

Customer: Well, I bought this movie for my five-year-old son and he can’t read yet so that doesn’t do him any good. And usually they’ll have an English version on the disc too so I thought this one would have that but it doesn’t. My kid can’t read yet so he can’t watch this and I want my money back!

He went on like that for a while, so I did the return for him to shut him up and had to mark a perfectly fine DVD for destruction, and the whole freaking time I’m thinking You bought Pan’s Labyrinth, an R-rated movie with some seriously fucking disturbing themes and imagery, for your five year old, having never watched it yourself to see if it was appropriate for a fucking kindergartner?! Worst. Parent. Ever. Good damn thing your kid never got to watch the movie. I mean, it’s a great movie, but not for a five year old!

Video Game Shop

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Customer: This Transformers movie doesn’t work. I want to return it.

Me: That’s not a movie, it’s a Nintendo 3DS game.

Customer: It doesn’t even fit in my DVD player!

Me: Well, it wouldn’t, because it’s not a DVD, it’s a 3DS cartridge.

Customer: So how must I watch it? I want my money back.

Me: I’m not refunding you because your game won’t work in your DVD machine.

Customer: *curses* well I’ll just buy movies somewhere else from now on.

Me: Well that’s a good idea ma'am, because we don’t sell movies.

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Kbtbb headcannon on the MC being hospitalized for at least a month by the time of the story

Ooooh interesting~ 
Coming right up! :D 

Eisuke: Because you were being your regular clumsy self, you needed to get your leg treated. It was broken after you fell down the stairs, and some surgery was needed. It was already a month, and Eisuke was getting impatient. He insisted that you deserved only the best of the best doctors in the entire world, and nothing else would be satisfactory. 
You tried to calm him down and convince him that it was okay, he didn’t budge. 
“No woman of mine is going to have a mediocre doctor. You only deserve the best. Leave everything to me.” he said, squeezing your hand in reassurance.

Soryu: It was already 6 weeks since you were admitted to the hospital, and Soryu visited you every single day for as long as he could. He would have Inui and Samejima protect your room until you were able to go back home again. Whenever Soryu insisted it was for your saftey, you just shok your head and smiled. 
“It’s okay, Soryu. I’ll be fine.” you said, squeezing his hand. 
Soryu’s intense gaze softened as he squeezed your hand back. 
“You don’t know what could happen.” he said. 
He tucked your hair behind your ear and looked into your eyes.
“I won’t ever leave you alone.” he whispered, showing off his warm smile.

Baba: Being cooped up in the tiny hospital room was taking away your sanity. Even though the nurses talked to you from time to time and Baba visited, you wanted to go outside. Sighing and taking a look out the window at the healthy people, you slumped down into your bed. Baba soon came bursting through the door, almost jumping on top of you. 
“What is it?!” you asked, surprised at his outburst. 
Baba smirked and pulled you up in bed, sitting you up. 
“I have an idea.” he said, glancing at the door. 
“Let’s hear it.” you muttered, crossing your arms in amusement. 
“I’m stealing you away from here. A pretty lady like yourself shouldn’t be locked up in such a dull place.” he said, his eyes twinkling with excitement.

Ota: Ever since you were admitted to the hospital, Ota would bring something new for you to do every single day. A book, a new movie on DVD, a customized CD, or even a crossword puzzle. 
Although you were miserable in that hospital bed, Ota’s daily gifts made your day so much brighter. 
“How’s this book?” he asked you, pulling out the new novel you’ve been wanting to read. 
You smiled and hugged him gently. He embraced you back and chuckled. 
“Ota, you don’t have to stay here all the time. You probably have plans. I don’t want to keep you away from that.” you said, looking down.
Ota shook his head and tilted your head up to see him. 
“I’ll stay with you for as long as it takes.” Ota said proudly, kissing the top of your head.

Mamoru: No matter what hardship you went through with the surgery, you could rely on Mamoru to be there for you. He never once left your side, and he really supported you with everything you were dealing with. He was impatient and wanted you home as soon as possible, but he was just happy to be with his one and only person that meant the world to him. You just came back from a difficult surgery and were sleeping from the anesthesia. The nurse said that you were going to be in pain for the first hour upon your waking and to page them once you wake up. 
An hour or so later, you woke up to a strange pain in your leg. 
“You okay, sweetheart?” Mamoru asked you, peering into your face. 
You nodded and smiled at him, while Mamoru paged the nurse to come. 
“You’re one strong kid.” he said, smiling at how amazing of a person you were. 

Enjoy! <3 

Much More Than a Slideshow

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Conversation with a customer at work
  • Me: Thank you for calling Verizon. My name's Adel. How can I help you today?
  • Customer: Yes I'm watching a movie on tv and there are so many darn commercials. Can you get rid of them for me?
  • Me: I'm sorry ma'am, but we're not able to do that. Commercials are on every tv channel.
  • Customer: Oh I could've sworn I've seen movies without commercials before.
  • Me: Oh were you maybe watching a DVD?
  • Customer: I don't think...oh oh yeahhhh. That's it. Well sorry to waste your time.
At Work III
  • Customer: I don't have a Blu-Ray player. Will this Blu-Ray Disc play on my DVD player?
  • Me: No. It will not. Blu-Ray discs only play on Blu-Ray players. You would need the DVD version for it to play on your DVD player.
  • Customer: I don't understand. This is so confusing.
  • My Internal Monologue: The round peg goes in the round hole and the square peg goes in the square hole.
Netflix cuts costs by ending Saturday DVD shipments

Netflix has quietly stopped sending Saturday shipments to customers of its DVD subscription service, a move that could save the company 10% annually on shipping costs, one analyst estimates.

Last year the U.S. Postal Service considered ending Saturday mail delivery, leading to a report that said the change could make Netflix more profitable. Ultimately, the USPS backed off its plan to end Saturday deliveries, but Netflix has gone through with it. 

Saturday mail might as well be dead

Call Center

Knoxville, TN, USA

Customer: “Why you guys stop selling DVD players?”

James: “Comcast does not sell DVD players”

Customer: “Well, somebody came in and took my DVD player and said they were from Comcast and I want it back”

James: “Did he have on a Comcast uniform?”

Customer: “No, just some regular clothes”

James: “then, I’d advise you to hang up and call the cops cause you just got robbed”


Love Book “Scholar Who Walks the Night” at Tsutaya (Japan) gift (not sold) to customers who rent DVDs

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