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So this girl I work with sprained her ankle and her doctor only gave her 4 days off instead of the whole week. So now she has to sit on a stool at the register cause can't call off sick cause no doctors note. Like I don't like the girl but even then. Thats not cool. She should be at home.

She’ll probably get shit for sitting on a stool from customers too.Unfortunately if her doc isn’t willing to do a longer leave excuse then she can’t do anything. Unless, of course, management is lenient and understanding. At least they seem to be willing to let her sit. In retail that’s a pretty big deal. -Abby

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Oooooh, that makes so much more sense than my first thought, which was that she was having "custom" Docs made for him. Don't ask me why that was my first thought. I have no answers for you.

Ha. though the tattoo is a pair of docs surrounded by flowers like the ones on my left shoulder.


Doc Scratch, as he would appear in Soul Calibur. This was the easiest character to replicate of them all, and also the absolute closest thus far considering that his equipment is pretty simple. All I had to do was modify a Ball attachment to cover his head, put him in the tuxedo pack, give him some gloves, make EVERYTHING white except for his shirt and sucks and boom. I’m done.

This game doesn’t have any guns in it per say, but what it does have are gun blades, so I gave him the pirate Cervantes’ fighting style with the dual gun blades and colored them all white with green handles to accent his shirt and bow tie. Coincidentally, something else Cervantes likes to do a lot is teleport around, so now we have a teleporting, gun blade-toting, short, cueball headed scratch doctor flying around Soul Calibur V making quick work of unruly children. Fun stuff.

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Jade Harley (Godtier)

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