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I just recently finished the last piece of this four piece Disneyland Custom Vinylmation set I have had in the works for one of my collectors. Represented are Pirates of the Caribbean, The Enchanted Tiki Room, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and The Haunted Mansion.


To the kind anon who requested the Winnie the Pooh villagers, I felt that there was still a lot of untapped potential there that I didn’t quite meet, so I decided to step up my game. And so, here they are, a gathering of Winnie the Pooh characters spending a quiet afternoon in the Hundred Acre Wood.


Once Upon a Time Mulan Custom Funko

Or the point when I went absolutely insane in the middle of making armor.  Her body is an Elise from Assassin’s Creed and her head is a Laureline from Valerian painted black.  She’s got a ton of apoxie clay added in the form of armor panels and a cape.  I replaced her hand which on the original funko was holding a gun.  And then I went slowly mad painting details.

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.  


Tonight Im looking back at some of my favorite Haunted Mansion designs Ive made in the past. The Haunted Mansion is one of my favorite rides at Disneyland, and each time I get to make a custom Vinylmation based upon it, its always a treat. 


This has been in the works for a long long time, and I am so excited to release them. Firstly, thank you so much @sul–sul for the original suggestion and for testing them out and building the hype :p

Option 1: Deco only: All 20 meshes appear under one thumbnail, $30 each under sculptures or simply search “Tsum”. Each mesh appears as a different swatch, to save cluttering the catalog. You are welcome. Each one has 2 slots to allow for stacking, start at the bottom left corner. It is easiest to stack them on the ground first and then move the first one to lift the whole stack. They do not have a footprint so that they can be placed easier. Of course you don’t need to stack them, and your sims can still play with them.

Option 2: Mysims Trophy Overrides: All the same meshes as above, you can find them by digging up time capsules and you complete the collection as normal. All the original prices as their overrided originals, and each character has a little description. The box itself even has a new mesh to look like the premium box from the game c: Again, stackable, but your sims cannot play with them. Oh and they have the emotional aura still.

Important info
- Yes, you can have both files in your game. No, buying the deco version does not complete the collection.
- No, they are not recolourable. Well I mean you can try but the way it’s set up so all meshes parent one single mesh… it’s tricky and I can’t help you out with that, sorry.
- Don’t edit the meshes, but I will take suggestions as I am in the process of making a second set!
- Don’t claim as your own or re-upload. Give credit where credit is due.
- Please enjoy and let me know if there are problems <3

I am not sure why however I am working on fixing them <3


Bipper Custom Vinylmation //

It’s been a few years since I picked up this paint-your-own template, and almost a year since I sketched my original Bipper design. Finally took some time to paint this creepy, body-snatched boy. Quite pleased with how he turned out, so I think I’ll tackle Grunkle Ford next (when I get the chance)!

You can see work-in-progress shots on my Instagram—go to my blog and check out the “sites” tab.


I repainted this Hasbro Rapunzel to look like the animated version of Rapunzel from the new Tangled series!

I’ll take better photos tomorrow, but I wanted to share this now because I’m really happy with how she turned out!

Thank God for Spring Break!! I’m going to be as creative and productive as possible this week!

Tomorrow I’m planning to stop at Toysrus get a Hasbro Snow White to turn into Cassandra. I’m still contemplating how I’m going to make a Eugene to go with Rapunzel…

I just can’t wait for the official merch to come out so I’m just creating my own lol


The Evil Queen Custom Funko (Silver Coat)

Okay this might be my favorite Regina I’ve ever made.  She uses of all people Amy Winehouse for a head.  She had a bow on that I took off and filled with apoxie clay.  Her body comes from Maeve on Westward with a bit of carving and a tiny bit of clay (on the shoulders which you can’t see because of her glorious head).

I find it a minor miracle that she stands on her own.  I’ve no idea if she’ll fit in an insert even the Winehouse one…

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.


This is the custom LE Style 16-17″ Alice in Wonderland OOAK doll we made a few weeks ago.

She has one difficult gown to recreate! So far, we’ve made it 4 times (2x 16″, 1x 11″ and 1x 16″ with gold instead of blue lace) She also has pantalettes/bloomers on underneath her petticoat.

She came out so cute and wistfully pretty. :)

@love-disney-dolls @disneylimitededitiondolls @arianbutlerart @disneyledolls @jg-omniaart


Custom Funko Tinkerbell

So @standbackufools who I have dubbed Queen of the Fairies because she’s figured out how to do so many of them originated this design.  She and I have this conversation about how our style of making means that we can start with the same pops and end up with finished products that look quite different.

As with all my fairies now she’s covered head to toe in glitter.  Her dress and headband with lime green glitter and gold in her hair.  She has a little pixie dust pouch made out of clay.  She was originally a Queenie Goldstein from Fantastic Beasts and a Jane Bennett from Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

I will take commissions to replicate this funko, please contact privately to discuss price as the market for the figures in which I make these out of can change wildly.  Ask me about my etsy shop.  


So happy to show you guys my Vanessa Ooak doll. I have been working on this doll for so long and I’m so happy she is complete and I LOVE how she turned out.
She was originally a Belle doll and @arianbutlerart did an AMAZING repaint job!
I did a sketch of what I wanted the outfit to look like and the incredible @stardustdolls made it even better than what I asked for lol. I then added rhinestones and to the bodice and skirt.
I gave her a full re-root with darker brown hair and styled her hair, which was so hard lol
Hope you guys like her 💜